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  1. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    You'll likely need to run the conversion script for Radical Tags on 4.4 (before upgrading) as I believe 4.5 introduces changes that break ATP completely If you can send me a PM, I can send you the latest 4.4 compatible release to use for this. Regarding the blank / empty tags, I can send you a query to fix this as soon as I'm at my desktop This has indeed been implemented! You should see options for managing tags and prefixes when creating a new saved multi-moderstion action in the ACP
  2. I do not believe they are, no. You can activate it on your account, but it won't apply to transactions unless they use the new Stripe checkout process. Someone from IPS would have to chime in here in regards to whether or not this is on the roadmap.
  3. My apartment recently suffered some flooding damage over the last week and I am just now able to start getting caught up on work that has been missed.

    Apologies ahead of time for any delayed responses recently.

  4. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Thanks for the report; I'll get this fixed in the next release!
  5. Hi @DreamOn, Can you send me a PM here and provide me with a temporary AdminCP account on your forum so that I may investigate the e-mailing issues?
  6. While I can't guarantee the mod will work on all third-party themes, it should work without issue on most themes that do not significantly modify the core layout of the forum index, and it is fully compatible with the latest IPS release. Any themes that drastically alter the way templates are structured risk breaking compatibility with not only my plugin but others as well. That's unfortunately not something I can control. Regarding support for newer versions of Font Awesome, the reason it only supports FA4 is because that is the version currently bundled with IPS. Generally, I'd prefer waiting for IPS to update this library themselves, but I can look into providing an option to replace FA4 with newer versions.
  7. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Hello! I sent a reply to your personal message here asking for more information. Please respond there and I'll be happy to assist you. When using the basic editor, you should see an option to change the text color in the latest version. Just make sure you're using the latest release! If you don't see it, let me know and I'll be happy to help!
  8. As JS continues to modernize and become more usable as a core scripting language, I feel like we'll see jQuery at the very least become superseded by something lighter and more powerful. But there's never likely a time where we'll move to just raw JS for complex applications. Some type of library will always be needed for the reasons Matt said. Those libraries will likely become lighter and faster, but they'll still exist.
  9. Anything that requires doing registry edits means it's not something that's accessible to the common user is my point. Until it just works out of the box, without needing you to manually enable anything, it's still a problem, and why you should work to avoid having users download files in WebP format to begin with. Me personally, I use Directory Opus as a drop-in replacement for Windows Explorer, which has its own photo viewer that is vastly superior to Windows', so the issue doesn't apply to me personally, I'm just thinking in regards to the average end user. This is not at all an argument against supporting WebP as an uploadable image format, just an observation.
  10. FWIW if your users download images as WebP, they probably can't open/view them on their desktop either. Windows, at the very least, does not recognize WebP as an image format. You should avoid having your users download images in WebP format. Serving them in-browser is fine, but the original downloads should always be PNG, JPEG, GIF or so on until this changes.
  11. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Unfortunately there's no way to add tags or prefixes to categories at the moment, I'm not sure if/when this would ever be possible either I'm afraid, as categories are simply not designed to work with the core tagging system.
  12. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Hey @z929669, Sorry for missing your message. I do indeed have a 4.4 compatible release, though it doesn't receive feature updates anymore. I can either provide you with this version that you can install manually or I can have a refund processed for you if you prefer.
  13. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Hey z9! In this situation, you'd need to add your tags in manually after upgrading, as the likely difference in database structure would mean Radical Tags cannot properly convert over any more. If you have a very large number of customized tags and really want them migrated over instead, I'd be happy to help you convert them for a small one-time fee! (The only reason I'd have to charge here is at this level it becomes more of a conversion service)
  14. Thanks for the report! This issue has been addressed in the next release that is currently pending marketplace review.
  15. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    You might need to contact IPS support in that case, you should be able to renew no matter how long ago you purchased. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!
  16. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Hey abobader! Do you see an option to renew at the original renewal price on the following page: Manage Purchases - Invision Community
  17. You can migrate over from Advanced Tags and Prefixes to Radical Tags for IPS 4.5:
  18. Awesome, glad you like it @xdrox! If you ever have the time to leave a review, I really appreciate it (and it helps a lot!)
  19. It is indeed compatible with 4.5! I'll update the plugin to reflect its compatibility soon, but you can manually install it for now without issue.
  20. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Ah, for sure I agree. I didn't realize it didn't display renewal notices for applications in the ACP. I'd definitely make a feature request topic for that to be changed.
  21. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Can you send me the same information requested above? It looks like for the above user, there was an issue with their marketplace link, as when attempting to update Invision's API server was returning a forbidden/access denied error (meaning the issue isn't with Radical Tags itself) You could try logging into the marketplace section of your AdminCP and see if you need to sign in / link your IPS account again, which may resolve the issue. There was also a recent patch released by IPS that addressed some upgrade issues for applications, but the changelog says it only applies to applications which are disabled.
  22. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Can you set up a temporary AdminCP account for me and send me a message here? I'll look into what's causing this error for you.
  23. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Sorry for the delay, I'm able to reproduce this issue on IPS 4.5 and will have an update addressing the issue by tomorrow (approval may take an additional 24-48 hours however).
  24. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    No problem! Let me know if you have any other questions.
  25. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Haha, I do, I just tend to do most of my work at night. I think you've partially got it. When you enable the Require a prefix setting, it will force the user to select a prefix when submitting the topic, but they can still provide other tags. When you enable Prefix: Users can only choose from a specified set of prefixes, this means users can only add a prefix to the topic, not any regular tags. When both of these settings are enabled, the user must select a prefix. When only the latter is enabled, adding a prefix is optional, but still the only option available. If you want the user to be able to use both tags and prefixes, you'll want to use Open: Users can use whatever tags they like instead. You can still require the user provide a prefix along with this, and define a list of what prefixes they can use if you wish. Does that make sense?
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