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  1. Member Map

    This would be a good feature - at the moment I have put those in manually
  2. Feedback on Social Promotions / Our Picks

    you have the following options: Schedule now Promotions are sent in batches every few minutes. Auto schedule - Uses your scheduled time slots from the admin cp. The next auto scheduled spot is August 17, 2017 12:00 PM (using Europe/London timezone). Custom schedule Specify a time using London timezone
  3. Weekly digest summary?

    This is one of the better discourse features out there. Is there any possibility of something like this being added to core? With todays world - this is a great feature in order to retain membership and participation. I know there is the newsletter mod but thats not what I am after.
  4. Announcement on board index

    Under the forum config in the admin area - under display settings use the Rules box - thats what I do for the support forum. I believe thats what invison does also.
  5. Who Was Online

    Happy to test also @Pete T Did you by chance see my message before about storing the value in the DB rather than in cache?
  6. First Post in Thread as Wiki

    Is there any chance of this being added or a modification to do So? It's a default feature in another forum software I use and is such a great feature. I don't gave the need at the moment for a full pages rollout so spending the $100 Is not viable currently.
  7. Set default schedule action for Promote feature

    Agree with this I would also like to change it to Auto Schedule based on the times given.
  8. The ability to @tag groups

    its something I use on another through I admin on which uses discourse and must admit its a great feature with the right permissions behind it!
  9. Our Social Media Promotion is linked to our Facebook page rather than my profile?
  10. You link it to your personal account but then you can select to promote content to a page rather than your own individual timeline.
  11. Clubs Enhancements

    @Adriano Faria I think @Unlucky was referring to removing the club location from the directory page as per below:
  12. Who Was Online

    @Theme Tent UK Would this be possible please to have it store the record in the database so that it does not keep resetting every time something is changed. Thanks
  13. More Clubs stuff!

    Appreciate the work you have put into this however a lot of the things implemented I think should be key things within clubs as a standard feature. Do the devs here at invision take things from plugins and implement into core as standard features as concerned now that its built into a plugin that it will not be added and don't have the funds available to be able to pay for plugins constantly on top of the licence fees. Don't get me wrong I know that it all takes time and money in order to develop it and don't want to take that away from you guys it just ends up being a large cost for each thing added on.
  14. Anyone know if this is possible - I cannot find anything about it anywhere or if there is a mod etc. Thanks
  15. Who Was Online

    Wouldnt it be worth storing the value in the database somewhere so? So that it cannot be overwritten. Seems kind of pointless it saying most members ever online - when technically its not.