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  1. https://simpletractors.com/collections/ Here's my implementation, with about 1200 records. You'll need to log in to view. User: Josh PW: tester
  2. Let me set some context, before I explain. My site is a 19 year old virtual club for enthusiasts and collectors of a specific brand of antique garden tractors. It includes a significant online library of contributed resources of all types, plus an active Classifieds ads (free) that allows them to buy, sell or trade for free with real folks avoiding Craigslist scammers and hassles ( we have always required users to provide their real name, city, state) or eBay costs. It also supports an aftermarket of reproduction parts. In addition to researching and finding things or asking questions, users c
  3. We use Sharing to our corresponding Facebook.Group as a method of getting new members. It drives a lot of traffic to the site, and many then Sign Up for broader access. The last snapshot I took, 12% of our new traffic was coming from Facebook. That is why I was so disappointed not to be able to Promote to a Facebook Group....
  4. Good suggestion, so that one moderator action could accomplish two things.
  5. For #3, how about a setting where the Admin can set the default scope of the Quick Search? That would allow a bit.more tailoring for unique sites, without becoming overly complex. I like how it currently lets you change scope in Quick Search Otherwise, I am loving your thoughts about enhancements.
    I used this as the foundation to migrate a custom registry application for antique garden tractors with about 1200 records. Though I did not use the.built in make/model structures used to import Garages data, having all the blocks, feeds, and GUI already created made this conversion far, far easier than developing a custom Pages application. Now I have an app that is being maintained and enhanced in the marketplace, such as adding the new v4.2.5 IPS features. My users love it, especially the ability to use the Mods function to document the build or restoration of a vehicle. Mike offers first r
  6. No, I am not. I am talking about searching for short or hyphenated terms (model number) within the suite and in titles or tags on the items indexed or catalogued in the suite. Charles gave me the answer that I have been waiting a year on...
  7. Yay! I just upgraded to v4.2.5 a few days ago -- after waiting for the dust to settle on the ~25 plug-ins/apps I run, and hadn't seen this. I can now finally shut down my old site that I've kept live, yet locked, for a year waiting on this... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! When will this be released, since it isn't in v4.2.5?
  8. PLEASE fix Search as promised. I have members now mobilized to upload thousands of PDF files to our Downloads section. But, if we can't search and find them by the short model numbers of the equipment involved (B-210, 3314, etc.) then they are of limited value. Finish up the new social promotion by allowing us to Promote to a FB Group instead of just a FB page. Finally, make the FB Share reliably pull an image from the body of a Topic being shared. It works fine in some parts of the suite, but not in the forums.
  9. Couple presales questions: 1. Can I use this to create different custom notifications for specific forums? I have a few forums that I would like to alert the Moderators that there is a new topic, so they can respond quickly. 2. I assume it also supports email notifications, but just want to confirm... Thanks!
  10. Also note that his Featured Content slider works well with Pages content. I am using it to pull images from an extensive database and display it on my index page.
  11. I use a News and Announcements forum that only Moderators and Admins can post new topics in. Every topic posted in that specific forum is worthy of promotion. I am not suggesting that anyone have the capability to "flood" Facebook or Twitter with every topic or reply posted -- and it seems that if IPS is concerned about that, that a "throttle" could be implemented in the promotion schedule... similar to "flood control" on posting of topics.
  12. In a response to a Support Request, it was suggested that I provide my request here: 1. I would like to be able to promote content to either a Facebook Group or a Facebook Page -- not just to a Page. Our club (not to be confused with an IPS Club feature) has both a FB Page and FB Group. They are interlinked on Facebook, but the vast majority of the traffic is on the FB Group. Note that if I do a Facebook Share (instead of an IPS Promote) that I can select to share to either a page or a group. 2. I would like to be able to Auto Promote content from specific areas of my site. For
  13. Could you let US decide what areas we would like to automatically promote, instead of requiring us to manually promote? That "curation" is a factor of what we choose to promote... Exactly....
  14. Being able to automatically Promote content from specific areas or forums would be incredibly valuable. For example, most forums use some kind of a News & Announcements forum. Automatically promoting new topics from that specific forum (not all the forums) would be incredibly valuable.
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