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Restrict which groups admins can assign members/other admins


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Hi, I would like to put forward the suggestion of being able to restrict the groups an admin account is able to set on other members?

For example hierarchy of Member > Mod > Admin > Leader > Director > Founder. The Leader should not be able to add anyone to Director but should be able to add people to Member, Mod and Admin. Thanks

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We generally operate on the premise that if you allow someone access to your AdminCP and you allow them to manage members, you should trust them. I don't think it's necessary to get complex and assign levels with those members not being able to make other members above their level. 

With that said, we will be introducing an "owner level" permission that can be permanently or temporarily assigned and would restrict certain functions like installing plugins, system level functions, etc. You would need to be an existing "owner" to set designate this flag. 

I don't think we have much interest in extending beyond that. If someone is in your AdminCP, there's many different ways they can manipulate their or your account. Pages, SQL toolbox, plugins, etc. Treat ACP access like the key to your house. 

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