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Better logging methods in IPS4.2?

KT Walrus

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I'd like to see better logging in 4.2. Right now, logs are maintained in multiple tables in the database and only really viewable by the admin in the ACP.

I suggest you incorporate a logging framework like Monolog which would be used to send a log message each time IPS4 updates a log table in the database. 

I'm running my website in Docker and send my logs (for nginx and other services) over the network to a logging server where they can be monitored. IPS4 logging hasn't really fit into this deployment really well because it doesn't support syslog or other methods for capturing admin logs for monitoring/alerting purposes and you have to "poll" the database for updates which isn't a very good solution.

Monolog seems to be very flexible and you can configure the ACP to support several standard logging methods right out of the box (like sending to syslog or sending to a file or sending over a network connection).

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