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  1. I bought this thinking it worked the other way...Discord Roles to sync into IPS... Heres why I really need this solution. We use Patreon as our support platform. Patreon<>IPS integrations are poop at best. However Patreon<>Discord integration is tight, and live, and rock solid. My cleanest most up to date data of supporter tiers is on Discord, I was hoping to sync their Discord roles to the matching roles I have existing on IPS. Doable? Perhaps future update? +1
  2. It did it again, it seems the "REFRESH TOKEN" changes on Patreon and that breaks the integration. Thoughts?
  3. Got this all set up and running, but people mysteriously lose their tier thru ought the day. They are synced one minute, later in the day they arent. Causing a bit of chaos, can you assist on what could be happening? -e
  4. I mean while its posted... so the user selects SUBMIT NEW TOPIC and then they get a box where a redirect URL can be entered, and when they submit it's a redirect and people can comment on it.
  5. @Faqole MY FRIEND! This is almost EXACTLY what we're looking for, please please please make a way for users to Submit a NEW topic, but make it a redirect link. Not thru moderation, but thru a new post. Then TAKE MY MONEY! ! !
  6. Heres a concept, I kicked around modifying our forum page a bit... any way to make THIS our homepage? It's a forum: http://www.theskylounge.tv/forums/forum/70-on-approach-topics/
  7. @opentype It's nice tho right!? Heres a concept, I kicked around modifying our forum page a bit... any way to make THIS our homepage? It's a forum: http://www.theskylounge.tv/forums/forum/70-on-approach-topics/
  8. Yes but.... if you do that (which i tried) you can't have a Left and right sidebar...so in his application there is some trickery, you'll notice the title of the page isnt there either, it's almost like its somehow embedded, and its PERFECT! I'd love to find out how.
  9. @mat206 Really clean work, how were you able to turn the /discover page content into a module for the homepage?? I love it with sidebars.
  10. Hi there, just purchased this, posted a sticky and it looks like they don't post to the site. I created one that contained an image (image was a link to a URL). Mind having a look?
  11. Purchased and installed but having issues getting any secondary groups to show up: The following user is part of a secondary group with an icon: http://www.theskylounge.tv/profile/4701-angeli662/?wr=eyJhcHAiOiJmb3J1bXMiLCJtb2R1bGUiOiJmb3J1bXMtY29tbWVudCIsImlkXzEiOjk3MDAsImlkXzIiOjE1MTU2fQ== UPDATE: Disabled plugin: SL Fine tuning IPS Now works, please make it work alongside this one, as it has many many other very useful features.
  12. QUESTION: How come when i add a CHANNEL it pulls the latest update (DESIRED OUTCOME). But when I add it as PLAYLIST it shows episode 1 first? (NOT DESIRED) We show 1 video on our homepage and I'd love it to be the most recent addition to the playlist...
  13. Hi there! I updated today and now have the following error: <LINK REMOVED> THIS IS NOW RESOLVED.
  14. agreed on this. Or the option to move it about the 4 corners. @opentype ping...
  15. This may be a stupid question...but how did you add a custom code/text block?
  16. Also the ability to add more "thumbnails" underneath would be AMAZING, to fill up the filmroll to the edge.
  17. FEEDBACK: - Please let us SHOW / HIDE the title bar at the top of the module - Please let us SHOW / HIDE the title of the embedded video under the embed
  18. Just purchased, can't seem to upload the file, filename for the .xml also starts with a ( . ) thoughts? RESOLVED: Scratch that, seems i unzipped the MACOS version which was incorrect.
    Looking good so far! It does have some trouble loading occasionally tho, leaving us with a big gap on the home page. For podcasters, a much needed improvement would be the ability to simply add a YT Playlist (sorted from new to old). For designers, a much needed improvement would be the ability to pull high resolution YT Thumbnails. Add that and we get a 5 star plugin !
  19. @Nathan Explosion So you're telling me that I could upload my .mp4 to Dropbox...link it in our forum, and this will provide our visitor with a playable video!?
  20. Perfect, but I then want only a specific GROUP to see it, doable?
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