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Tag search improvements, when searching more than one tag...


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1. When you search multiple tags there is no way to do an exact search like with the words setting.

If I search the tags: BBQ, Chicken, Recipe I get results with 1 of those tags, 2, or 3. Can we please get a setting to do an exact search of tags, for sites that used closed tags this is really important, as members can really pinpoint what they are looking for when you have a lot of tags dealing with the subjects of your site. Important for open tags as well.

Perhaps this setting can also work for tags and you can include it in the wording. Would probably need to be a separate setting though since you may add words to your search but want exact tags and not exact words or vice versa.


In that example I get results with the tags:



pages, suite

And I want:

pages, suite

2. Also, when you search on mobile tags are not shown in search results like on full. This is another issue because users may want to click tags from results. This becomes more of an issue when searching multiple tags, as you can't see which is tagged which. If I search 5 tags I want to see what is tagged with each, or if I go a word seach I want to see the tags and be able to click, like on full. Maybe for actual tag search code it so they show only if more than one tag is searched. It can be redundant in a single tag search. That could be cleaner looking and function better for both full and mobile. I realize tags are shown in non-tag searches so maybe that does not need to be different, but showing is important, so simple suggestion is, please show on mobile.

3. Last one and related, if using closed tags, can the tag search field either work as selecting tags, or maybe the tag does not turn blue if it does not exist? This would prevent erroneous searches at least, but selecting would show them the tags your site uses, like when composting a post. Maybe even an auto-complete for closed tags. Would that work?


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On 3/8/2016 at 11:38 PM, Lindy said:

Marking not planned because an overhaul of the tag system will likely address much of this. 

That sounds good @Lindy, thanks.

One more that is a bit of a hindrance, do you think it will take care of this? I want to do an "and" search not "or". Let's say I want to see all that is planned (tag) with search term "gallery". Then you'd bring up only content tagged "planned" with gallery in the post text/title. Right now, it is an "or" search, which is confusing because it is just a combined search of results, so you get a general gallery search, which has all kinds of tags, and a separate "Planned" tag search, combined. As of now it's better to just use tag search and no term as it's a mess of results.

Should I suggest this separately, or will the overhaul take care of, maybe a setting? I could see wanting "or" but "and" is needed and should be default imo. Thanks!



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