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  1. Cheers, have been away from Invision for a few years, I'm a tad rusty. 😉 What have i missed?
  2. Thanks, so if I'm just changing the subdirectory on the same server I just need to edit the conf_global.php and rebuild the caches?
  3. Hi folks, I've done this before, but can't seem to remember how, or find in the forum here... I've installed my forum at: www.mywebsite.com/forums/ but if I want to change it to: www.mywebsite.com/archive/ how would I do that? I can ftp all the directories and files to the new directory, but how do I tell Invision it's moved?? Apologies if I'm being daft here, just don't want to screw it up... Lenny
  4. Thanks, that makes sense.... Are there downsides to changing the php.ini session settings from 30 min?
  5. Yes, I read it, the previous plugin used Geolocation too, but it also allowed a manual entry, so my members could add Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland.
  6. No use to me then. ;) The last plugin allowed countries to be added manually. I'm Scottish, not British. ;)
  7. Nice one, from a trusted authour too. ;) Does it do Scotland? ;)
  8. Has this plugin not been updated, faded away @Crystal V ? Anyone suggest a good alternative?
  9. I can't get this to work with 4.4 and the original file isn't on the marketplace. Anyone got an alternative or a copy of the lastest version of the plugin? Can't find mine.... or @Tom Irons can you assist?
  10. Hi there, I've had members complain that they get logged out too quickly if no activity, they say 30 mins. A few asking if it could be longer. Is there a way to change that? Maybe I'm being daft, but can't find it. Lenny
  11. Fantastic, that's sorted it many thanks @Rhett 😄
  12. Many thanks @onlyME, all working now. FANTASTIC SUPPORT AS USUAL. 🙂
  13. Many thanks, sent you a message....
  14. Thanks, but that relies on individual members to do that. Facebook generation are used to it happening automatically. Is there a way to default "auto follow new content" for all users globally? That's basically what I'm getting asked for. A few moderators have crossed over from another forum using VBulletin and they want the members they are bringing with them to have this.
  15. Many thanks for the update @onlyME installed the new version, but it still gives the same issues as before, all the thumbs are greyed out... 😞
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