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Petition for the return of members list


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For now i think it's better to let the IPS team finish IPS 4 and then ask them AFTER to know what they really think about this member list. Maybe they will reintroduce it (or a way to) in 4.1. ips is too bothered in finalising ips 4.0 to consider any suggestions for the moment.

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There already have been multiple discussions on this. No one can explain a worthwhile benefit other than "I like it"

If you like it than you can add this link to your navigation, it "technically" is still around: http://community.invisionpower.com/search/?q=+&type=core_members

​Exactly. I am confused why this is still an ongoing thing. Just add a member tab navigation at the top and voila, you have your memberlist.

It doesn't look much different from my Memberlist on 3.4.7, with pretty much the same options and everything lol.

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You can have your memberlist in no time .. it's all there ..

just make a friendly URL with this ..







Pages > Menu > create new ..



​We do use the members list on a few dozen of our sites, but find the solution of adding a Nav tab OK for 4.0 and I've suggested this in another post as well.

An option to sort posts by ascending or descending order in 4.0 would be nice though.

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