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  1. Bugs should be reported in IPS Resources (Menu) > Bug Tracker.
  2. Have you set a Cron job for background tasks? I did this and things went from turtle speed to warp speed. Very easy to do.
  3. Totally agree plus have the ability to mass delete attachments based on search criteria in the ACP. I have 1500 pages of of attachments that I want to delete. Going to take a while doing it one at a time.
  4. So the one email a day option isn't suitable then? Sounds like you want this option but with a further option of what time of day it gets sent to you so that you get it at a time convenient to you rather than whatever time the forum system does it.
  5. Admins should have the capacity to delete conversations regardless of whether people have left or not. I can think of a number of reasons for wanting to delete a conversation e.g. a new member spams a whole heap of other members via the conversation system. Wouldn't you want to delete all traces of these conversations? Assuming the Admin doesn't delete a conversation (usually because they weren't involved) then the conversation should be deleted from the database after the last person leaves. Then, I would like some sort of mass deletion option to delete conversations where no reply has been posted for x amount of days e.g. 365 days. That then keeps the database size down. I can see some lazy members not deleting conversations. I don't want these redundant conversations wasting database space.
  6. So you don't want an email notification after each new reply but you don't want a daily email notification. When should the email notification be sent? Personally I would have thought if you're around and available to help then just clicking on new content would be a better system to use. That then saves any emails.
  7. My understanding is you can't delete conversations aka personal messages. You can only leave a conversation. Other parties to the conversation still have access to the conversation until they leave. Problem with that is many people are lazy and won't bother. The database is going to end up over time being bloated by old and useless conversations. IPS - correct me if I'm wrong. I as an admin want the ability to delete a conversation so that it's gone completely so that no one has access to it anymore. I also want the ability to mass delete conversations based on search criteria e.g. over 12 months old.
  8. My post count dropped from about 40,000 to 20,000 after upgrading to ver 4. That 40,000 included pruned topics. Have to say I was a little bit miffed that my count went down. I would have expected it to stay the same.
  9. Are you just trying to display custom profile field information in the left hand user pane in a topic? If so then it's just a matter of entering in some code as per my post below. Check out the code I'm using in "Display format". I use similar code to display a number of custom profile fields e.g. software version:
  10. Custom profile fields are still there in version 4. Here's a screengrab from my registration form.
  11. One thing to try after upgrading is to recache things. Bit confusing in version 4 but you go to System > Support as per the attached image and click the radio button like what I have done. Now click on continue. You should end up recaching your forums. BTW has your upgrade finished. It's takes some hours after the upgrade is complete for all of the background tasks to complete. You can check this on the System Dashboard page at the bottom. If all else fails, file a support ticket.
  12. There was a selective quote mod for IPB 3 that worked reasonably well but not as slick as selective quoting with Xenforo. Here's hoping IPS adds this to 4.1 as it's what I would describe as basic functionality.
  13. My downloads and forum attachments were screwed after the upgrade. IPS came to the rescue and fixed things. You'll need to file a support ticket.
  14. You could manually create a page with html and link to it from your forum. I do this for a reviews index page. I then have a "Reviews" link on all of my forum pages.
  15. I think the help files are now pretty much redundant. Common questions with Version 3 was how to add an attachment. It's much more obvious in version 4. I've not had one comment about BB code and I no longer use it myself. About the only question I've had (now that some of the problems I had with upgrading have been resolved) is how not to get a space when pressing return. I think if admins feel the need for help files that they should create their own with Pages as suggested.
  16. Personally I think if you allow guests to posts you're going to run into problems. If they won't create an account to post then they aren't worth having as a member. Not exactly hard or that time consuming to create an account on an IPB powered site.
  17. Your question was about copying folders. Nothing needs copying (not unless you want to make a backup or you want to set up a test forum using your existing data etc). You essentially download version 4, unzip it and upload everything in the "Uploads" folder. Files on your server will be overwritten if need be. Now if you're a bit savvy you'll examine what gets uploaded on your harddisk and you'll see some of the current version 3 folders are no longer used. What I did on my server was add "OLD" to the end of the folder name. I later deleted these folders. If you're still confused I suggest getting IPS to do the upgrade for you.
  18. Hooks don't need copying and none will work anyway. Interface doesn't need copying.
  19. Works for me as I get banned users complaining that they can't access my forums. Ditto, submit a support ticket.
  20. You'll need to file a support ticket like a few of us had to do. IPS fixed things up.
  21. 3DKiwi


    One way would be to add a custom profile field. You can then create a dropdown and add in the countries for joining members to select from. I have a custom location profile field but get people to manually fill it out so that they can add their city.
  22. I fully expected a few people would take exception to my post so no surprise. If I was running a commercial forum where I made money rather than a hobbyist forum (even though it's a reasonable size and I make money from it from Google adsense and banner ads) no way would I have upgraded to version 4 yet, and when I did I would have tested things on my server with a copy of my forum. There would then be no surprises at when it came to upgrading my live forum.
  23. And of course since you're a commercially run forum you set up a test forum and did a test upgrade? If not then I think you were terribly naive to dive in upgrading. Harsh words over. I'm glad IPS have been able to resolve things for you.
  24. Sure it does. It's just less obvious where it is. See the attached image. Click where I have highlighted. You then get the same SQL query box that we had before. Hope this helps.
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