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  1. Tags are not translating in 4.5.x: /tag/русский
    Very nice plugin. It should be a part of IPS core.
    Thank you. One of very useful plugins.
    Спасибо, хороший плагин. Mod edit (translation) "Thank you, good plugin."
  2. ram108

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    It is deactivate an App only, but the files are still there. Is any way to remove an App totally?
  3. ram108

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    How to remove this App from a forum?
  4. Nothing helped me too. So, I am not planning to upgrade and have unreadable posts in forum.
  5. It is not about Europe only. Since Jan 2016 Russian webmasters have to delete all requested personal data by law otherwise total web site will be blocked in the country.
  6. An issue of upgrade script that developers don't want to fix and accept. Read this topic.
  7. @stormdrive thank you for describing the issue. My English is not enought for it. It is not easy to implement but we need an option to do such conversion. Imagine more than 50'000 posts (in my case) and 60% of them are unreadable with multiple spaces that make 4 paragraph post with double screen height size. And if you have 10-50 paragraphs post ((( it will be crazy to read it... And double crazy to fix it manually.
  8. @ABGenc, enjoy your forum @Ilya Hoilik, I believe it is possible to run that mysql queries on first plugin activation to fix SEO strings.
  9. Sure, I don't know now. I had chaos in posts after conversions. Some of posts were the same like in old forum, but most of posts had double, triple and more lines between text paragraphs. It was unreal to read that messages. I rise a ticket wait for a week and made everything myself. It was not easy and I spend a day on it. Had to save a dump and analyze it manually. Because not all posts were converted with simple mysql query. Used preg replace on mysql dump to make all posts perfect. It was two times I had the problem after upgrade. All forums were in Russian. (empty lines just to understand the issue)
  10. Ralf, I believe it is misunderstanding. I am telling about incorrect html conversion of posts that give multiple empty paragraph tags (that have to be removed), you are telling how to hide it with CSS. But the problem is still exist with some sites.
  11. ​Some of posts have multiple lines and others not. The original posts in old forum looks the same - without any exess lines. It is not possible (and should not) to fix it with CSS. Better to fix converson script to have posts looks the same before and after upgrade.
  12. ​I had the same issue after upgrade and it was not CSS settings problem: <p>&nbsp</p> <p>&nbsp</p> Used mysql commands to remove it from database.
  13. @ABGenc, Yes. SEO fields will be filled automatically. You will get transliterated URLs for all links of the forum after applying mysql commands.
  14. It is better to open reports in bugtracker separately for each issue. The last one issue with "25 new replies" is very concerning. I had the same on my upgraded forum and open bug report couple of weeks ago. Saw at least 2 similar reports in bugtracker (by Kirill N and others). Still not fixed.
  15. ​Can you add a link in your profile? Intresting to see. I have a big community too, tried to upgrade several times but it was too many issues after upgrade to use 4.0 right now.
  16. It is a Facebook disease to "like" everything. But I like the idea to "like" instead of say "thanks", "ok", "agree" and so on. Missing "like" in PM too.
  17. Everything is too minimal in 4.0 now. It is better to wait half a year until IPS will implement what they bump out of 3.x If you upgraded already, think about to develop plugin for your needs.
    If you want forum links to be transliterated after installation of this plugin, you need to clear SEO strings (that is in russian now) in forum database. Here is an example for topics, posts and members. Please add db_prefix_ if you have one. You need to do it also for calendar, annoncments and other applications installed on your community suite.
  18. I do not have that icon in my Chrome browser, but may be because of adblock.
  19. Does anybody know how to get link to the exact post in IPS4?
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