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  1. Hello, If I change the price of a renewing subscription, will that price be reflected in the upcoming renewal for members already subscribed to it? Thanks
  2. Why could this not be part of the core software though? That's what these feature suggestions are for. Passwords are a pain, are often not very secure, and even Microsoft is moving towards passwordless entry into its services using biometrics, authenticators or physical security keys. https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/azure-active-directory-identity/introducing-password-removal-for-microsoft-accounts/ba-p/2747280
  3. This is why I dumped any form of Facebook integration. I got sick and tired of the constantly changing requirements and ongoing challenges I had to pass.
  4. We flagged a user as a spammer shortly after he registered, based on his first-post content. The user and content have been hidden as is expected, but the user still shows in this block: This detracts from the purpose of the block because it can (and will) fill up with spammers during an attack.
  5. As you're a Cloud customer, I would suggest raising a ticket via the client area to ask for help. https://invisioncommunity.com/clientarea/ You'll see a support popup in the lower right corner.
  6. It's a real shame because it used to be possible, but became difficult since renewal dates were all aligned. (Prior to that there may have been a different renewal date for gallery to the one for forums, which was confusing but was more flexible.) Support have removed unused purchases for me in the past, to reduce the renewal cost for an existing license, but it meant I lost that purchase forever despite having paid for it. (I could not add it back on later.) As a point of feedback for IPS, this led to me feature locking my community. I would previously have been willing to entertain a purchase of an application to test its use in my community, knowing that I could turn it off if not successful to save some money, and then back on again if there was a new demand for it, but I now won't entertain such ideas because paying a renewal fee for unused functionality or losing the purchase permanently if it's not required just isn't viable (it's essentially throwing away money).
  7. If you use a control panel like Plesk you just install the addon for it, you can still get one. Are you going to use a control panel?
  8. You can get a free SSL cert from Let's Encrypt, so no need to pay for one. Depending on your need, that might do.
  9. I happen to use IONOS for my forum, using Debian and Plesk. It works very well for what I want. You can find the link to my forum in my signature if you want to test its speed.
  10. Users would need to be notified that a reaction has taken place. I very rarely go back to a private message unless I'm notified of a new reply.
  11. It has! 😳 How did I miss this?!
  12. Oh I'm not suggesting that my examples should be blockers, but in providing them I'm trying to help the debate flow in a more productive direction - such as possible solutions to the examples I posted or confirming that completely different use cases could be applied. I for one would like a block feature, but my use case is one of privacy. I don't care if content can be seen, but I would like the ability for users to block messages from, and disable access to view their profile for, specific individuals in a single button-click.
  13. Instead of debating whether the 'ignore' function works properly, just provide feedback on what you want to be able to do. You do not need to give it a name, you simply need to state your use case(s). There may be problems with creating a true "block" feature for community software like IPS. If you check blocking capabilities on sites where it already exists (I'm specifically thinking about social media) it serves as more of a privacy tool. It prevents others from being able to see your profile content, send you messages or view your posts. That's fine in a system where your content is entirely your own and the only impact is one less viewer of your content, but in community software like IPS this could create problems: There will be apparent gaps in conversations to users that have been blocked, for example: Blocked Person 1: Does anybody know how to install this program? Person 2: Yes, you install it by double clicking on it. Person 1: But then I get a warning about it being suspicious. Person 2: That's OK, you just need to add it as an exception. Person 1: Thanks Unblocked Person 1: Does anybody know how to install this program? Person 2: Yes, you install it by double clicking on it. Person 1: But then I get a warning about it being suspicious. Person 2: That's OK, you just need to add it as an exception. Person 3: No, don't do that! It's actually infected and a new version needs to be uploaded! Delete it and run a virus scan. Person 1: Thank There will be useful topics that might not be seen: Blocked How to install this program. How to open the program. How to uninstall the program. Unblocked Warning: current version infected - uninstall it and run a virus scan. How to install this program. How to open the program. How to uninstall the program. These are of course just examples I can think of, but I imagine there'd be gaps all over the place.
  14. I think I've changed URL twice since 2011, both times for free since it's not that often. It's hardly daylight robbery.
  15. When clicking on the notification bar when opening a site for the first time, it does not dismiss the associated notification under the notification icon at the top of the site. This has been a constant bugbear of mine since notifications actioned in this way require two additional clicks to dismiss them, when actioning it from the notification bar ought to do so.
  16. I would have thought that, in order to achieve that, we'd need to group or order those comments in some way. In a linear chronological view it would only be able to take you to one of them. Can IPS group top/highest rated comments in a reddit-esque style? If so, I agree it would be a good option for that use case.
  17. @onlyME has a mod (I think) that restricts certain posts to only members who "react" to the topic, meaning they would have to be logged in to see the content. It could do what you're after quite nicely.
  18. Has @Lindy's mind been blown by any of these changes?
  19. I doubt it'll happen and I largely agree with that decision. It's only visible to administrators so it's not like it affects the community.
  20. Agreed. I would prefer that previous password use is prevented if possible. These are good changes though and I'm glad to see the removal of emailed passwords.
  21. Wow, another thread starts to descend into chaos. 😕 I was actually quite interested in seeing if the OP would elaborate on how they'd see this working.
  22. I'm curious how you'd see this working on IPS. I imagine it could be a complex innovation depending on how you'd envision handling replies between users who are responding to each other rather than the first post. Facebook comments are sorted by the most relevant or newest, but they aren't a conversation as such. They are usually a direct response to the original content rather than a conversation between the users. Conversations between users typically take place in response to a single comment and are grouped under said comment. In the below image there are four comments that are a response to the post which are completely unrelated to each other. There are, however, replies to one of those comments where a conversation has begun:
  23. I joined in May 2011 and purchased the software for use with a gaming community. Since then it's also been used for a photography community, horse rescue charity and, currently, an astronomy community. I've never, not once, considered leaving for a competitor. The software and support has been top-notch throughout. P.S. Please do tell about @Lindy being locked out of his own data centre...
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