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  1. IPS Rules Application

    I didn't necessarily mean it needed to be an action, should have made that clear, any method to achieve it would be fine. Anyway, think I worked out how I'm going to do it, custom data field, a little js in the template... works just fine.
  2. IPS Rules Application

    Would it be possible to trigger a modal? Can only see options for inline message and notification.
  3. Beta testing is actually publicly done You can already do this, disable the module for the groups you don't want access to (Applications > System > Messaging) I assume this is based on the same setting for post editing > Can Edit Own Content You can limit it on a per day or per minute basis, this is under the group settings. A little more settings wouldn't hurt though.
  4. Bookmarks - Support Topic

    I got a mild laugh from that, alright maybe I will
  5. Bookmarks - Support Topic

    Just add an option for a default 'Unsorted' category, send them all to this category. Clicking the bookmark button will save it to this category. If you still want an option to save it to a category, make it a split button instead, clicking the right split button brings up the dialog.... e.g: [ bookmark | = ] ^ ^ ---- Opens Save Dialog |--------- Saves to Unsorted. Pretty easily solved. Mmm yes, I could create an account... post some suggestions... but like most dev forums, they will probably never see the light of day.
  6. Bookmarks - Support Topic

    May I recommend some easy changes to put with it, you can do these in just a few lines of code... and they'll make a world of difference. I've already modified my own install with it. Making the "Create Category" page a modal rather than loading an entire page for just 1 field Confirmation modal for removing a bookmark. Seems like a given, not sure how this was missed? Make the delete category a modal as well. Again, it's page for just a single field. I have more recommendations for the Bookmarks UI since it seems to be quite unpolished on this front, but I'll mention them later. BTW: Is there any options to limit the amount of bookmarks a usergroup can create?
  7. More In-depth thread prefixes

    1000% for improving this. In addition, specific styling of certain prefixes (and even tags if you will, e.g background colour). While we're at it, since the OP suggested specific sets of prefixes per forum, I'd love to be able to change the label of the prefix input from "Prefix" to something else, e.g "Related Game". Sure, all possible with CSS & template edits... which I've done already, but a proper tag/prefix editor would do wonders.
  8. Topic Templates

    Nice looking plugin, however does it support Keyword Replacements? for example in your image in the file you have "Hello from new user" in the ACP for the template, with a keyword replacement you could have "Hello from {username}" and on the public side it will actually add in the username of the user automatically. Obviously this makes the template a lot more useful if you have a variety of keywords.
  9. Bookmarks - Support Topic

    Curious, does the export feature just export a list of links or the bookmarked content as well?
  10. Post Areas - Supporttopic

    [constructive criticism] There was a similar plugin for 3x that I quite liked. While this is a good effort, unfortunately, I think the other plugin's implementation was nicer. Here are some issues I think can be improved: (A dramatic example) If your forum has a hundred forums, and a user posted several times in most of them you'll end up with a long list of forums. Ultimately, I think the full list is pointless because generally the purpose of people using this plugin is to find out where they're posting the most, not where they've posted once or twice. Having the list to the forums themselves is nice and all, but does it serve a purpose? If I click on a forum link, I'm expecting that it's going to show me the list of posts or topics that this user has posted in, does it do this or is it just a plain forum link? It sounds like it's just a plain link. I have about 5/6 profile tabs due to applications installed, in my opinion however, having a list of forums and your posts/topics in a profile tab is a bit of wasted space, and there is a lot of white-space in that tab as well. In the older plugin mentioned, it utilized the profile sidebar on the left, it also didn't show every forum, it showed the top 3/4 forums by default or whatever you limited to. The posts/topics is a nice statistic, perhaps if you're looking for more detail and couple that with a forum links which show you those posts (as above). However, when you're checking, just for the sake of checking, I think percentage is a better statistic to show, e.g "Oh look he's spending 80% of the time posting in x forum and only 15% in this other forum and 5% everywhere else.". Options. From what it looks like, it has none. I know you've designed it as plug-in-play, this is fine, thats what defaults are for.... but that doesn't mean you need to get rid of options. Perhaps I want to limit the forums, not show as a tab, or maybe only show this tab to moderators? Without these options, it makes more work for people like myself to setup a plugin to suit my community. I hope you can take these on board and hopefully some improvements will come out of it. I would like to purchase this, but not in it's version as portrayed by the Marketplace article. [/constructive criticism]
  11. Basic Points (Support)

    I'm assuming the answer to my questions is no, however just for the sake of asking: Does this integrate with Pages? Such as giving points when posting a new record. Has this been tested on 4.2? What are the future prospects of this app?, it hasn't received an update since last October, still even mentions last year's discount.
  12. Let me buy Pages?

    Not to worry, @Lindy resolved it for me today and went beyond my expectations. Thanks.
  13. +1 for this, it'll be much more convenient.
  14. Waiting for IPS4.2

    There's this little browser extension you can get, it automatically refresh the page every x seconds. It's great.