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  1. Cyrem

    Image URL links in 4.3 Gallery

    You can do it, but in the least ideal way possible.
  2. Cyrem

    United Airlines sucks!

    I don't have children myself, but the way you address children and parents is absolutely disgusting. You're a "professional educator" whose job depends on 'bred' "cabbage head" "spawn" . Hilarious.
  3. My point exactly.... and you know, dynamic ip's.
  4. Today i'm what Bob was yesterday, tomorrow i'm Kathlene from last week. IP Addresses are as personal as dirt on a sidewalk. Don't worry, I'm laughing with you, not at you.
  5. Yeah, it could be a bit easier to find for the general user. Even if it was just an extra button in the "Share" popover that when clicked brought up a simple dialog box with the url in the text input (kinda like how youtube does it).
  6. That button simply maximizes the lightbox (removes the sidebar) and doesn't take me to the image itself, though I guess I can instruct people to rightclick that button and copy the link...
  7. Ah yes, I see that now on the page for a gallery image... but is there any way to do this from the popup?
  8. Maybe I've missed something, but, there seems to be no easy way (other than pulling out the dev tools) to get the direct URL to the full size images in the gallery? (Right click > copy link is blocked by the lightbox) Most of my users directly paste image urls into posts, no embed box. (Embed boxes are a pain in the butt when you're discussing many specific images that might be in the same album). Could this is added please, most image sharing sites have an input box to copy the direct file link and it seems odd that this isn't available...and given the history of forums and direct image posting, it seems like an oversight.
  9. Cyrem

    Encrypt Private Messages

    As Mark said. And how would conversation reporting work for harassment(and many other worse things) ... if admins could not review the content of the messages as well as context?
  10. Cyrem

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    Nice update! I assume though it's not 4.3 compatible yet... (and the statistics page explodes)
  11. Cyrem

    Forum Prefix Filter

    Now that 4.3 is applied here, is there somewhere we can see how the supposed filter widget works?
  12. Cyrem

    4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    hey lets quickly do something to blogs so we can show that we still kinda care about it.... I'm sorry but the blog entry page design is still awful and most other popular platforms offer far nicer layouts, far better readability. Heck even this custom IPS.Pages blog is heaps better than the design of blogs. Sure I can make it look far better with custom CSS and it looks like I'll have to. The fact that IPS chooses Pages to make a blog with over their own blog app, tells you a bit about the state of this product. /myopinontakeitwithabarrelofsaltifyouwish
  13. Cyrem

    4.3: Express yourself with Emoji

    :lindy: ... :c no worky, refund plz
  14. Theres also another question - Has IPS 4.3 been released yet? Without this vital version, your community will surely fall flat.