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  1. 4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    hey lets quickly do something to blogs so we can show that we still kinda care about it.... I'm sorry but the blog entry page design is still awful and most other popular platforms offer far nicer layouts, far better readability. Heck even this custom IPS.Pages blog is heaps better than the design of blogs. Sure I can make it look far better with custom CSS and it looks like I'll have to. The fact that IPS chooses Pages to make a blog with over their own blog app, tells you a bit about the state of this product. /myopinontakeitwithabarrelofsaltifyouwish
  2. 4.3: Express yourself with Emoji

    :lindy: ... :c no worky, refund plz
  3. Theres also another question - Has IPS 4.3 been released yet? Without this vital version, your community will surely fall flat.
  4. Forum Prefix Filter

    @Matt / @Charles I noticed in the blog for the 4.3 announcement "Forums has a new widget where you can filter by tags."... Does this mean 4.3 will filter topics like shown above? If that is the case HOORAY.
  5. EDIT: I see your edit now. I'm not sure if you misunderstood me... I was pointing out that IPS seems to have made it work differently to most other software with any apparent good reason. My comment was actually for your suggestion.
  6. It's mainly because their implementation for file downloads differs from that of most other sites with download categories. Categories in downloads seem to be treated no differently than subforum categories, I don't see the advantage to why they've done it this way other than one solution saves time. I think his examples suffiently point out the flaw in IPS's implementation. This has irked me for some time, but never enough to give feedback on it.
  7. I found that if your filename has no spaces or special characters, it does not occur for me.
  8. When it comes to Prefixes and Tags, IPSuite is absolutely terrible at managing them. We need third party applications to manage them and do things that should really be in the core, overall I think tags & prefixes are vastly overlooked and thus the power that they could have on forums is hindered. This is just one example where your competitor is superior, you can filter a forum's topics by prefix and receive a list of topics in the default topic list view. You just click the prefix and it filter's the forum that you're in as you would expect it to, no messing around. What is IPS's equivalent? You click the prefix and it takes you to the global site search, listing every form of content with this tag in the most irritating way possible. Yes if you go to advanced search and make a bunch of selections you can filter it down to just looking in that forum, however after spending your time doing this, it’s not in a topic list view... it's still the search view. Using Prefixes as a type of topic filter is extremely useful. If you have a Buy/Want/Sell forum, you can just look at the 'Sell' topics, if you forum supports many products and making forums each one is not practical.. Prefixes are the solution. However in their current state, they are not helpful at all. My Suggestion: Make Prefixes a topic filter & Make clicking a prefix filter by the content type you clicked on. BTW: Yes I have suggested to people like @Ryan H. that this functionality would be useful in his application, however he is not interested. PS: I'd even be willing to throw a few dime towards someone making a plugin for this as I don't have the time to do so.
  9. A "Disagree" reaction?

    As you can already create your own reactions, not sure why they'd need to add this as a default reaction? Unless you mean just for this site, in which case.. idk could work?
  10. I deleted a category of trophies with it's contents.... Caos was unleashed. It doesn't delete the trophies from the users... and naturally, when it attempts to get info about things that don't exist... yeah. I fixed my site, but a word of warning to anyone else.
  11. Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    Awesome! waiting for that. Yeah I set the points needed to 99999999 to make it impossible to otherwise get it. However it seems when I copy the trophies to make another this value gets lost, but I assume this is more an issue of Medals & Trophies. Also how does the chance work exaclty, e.g I had 1 trophy.... should be a 100% chance right? I could not get it even after 20 attempts.
  12. Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    Awesome looking update. I haven't bought this yet however the Trophies & Medal's integration has me interested. While I probably would have liked to see a buy medal/trophy to buy a specific one.... random trophy might still work for me. Some questions though: Is it giving a Medal or a Trophy, they work differently in that plugin so I want to know which it is giving exactly? Can you set it to only pick a random one from a certain category? I don't want them to score certain ones which require hard work to get. Thanks! Looking forward to more shop item types, I have some ideas for some, maybe I'll post them later. EDIT - Suggestion Actually I'll just post the main one that'd really sell it for me - Ability to create manual processed items I would like to be able to add a custom shop items people can buy that I need to manually reward. For example, a user redeems their points for a physical item... when they buy it, I get sent a PM with the details of the redemption, then I'll just fullfil it. I think the ability to add custom manual items would open up this plugin for a wide variety of uses. I understand sending a PM may not be ideal, so perhaps a manual redemtions list in the ACP could work with just a list of redemptions that need to be filled and you can mark them as done. EDIT #2 So I went ahead and bought it anyway, fairly confident on doing what I need with future updates. I've answered my own question as to if it awards medals or trophies. Since the trophies system auto-awards, I've just set my trophies to make them impossible to get so that the only way to get them is by a random win with this.