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  1. Hi all, I use the commerce app on my site. I have several hundred products to add what seems impossible to do by hand. Unfortunately, I do not see an API entry point to add a product! Is there a solution for importing a large number of products? Do you know any plugin or extension to do this ? Thanks for any help ...
  2. @Tom S. : Yes! ... Works fine and is exactly what I needed! ... Thank you so much! If you are interested in Astronomy, I am a (french) magazine editor and I would be happy to offer you a free one-year subscription to thank you... Contact me by MP if interested.
  3. Hi all, I'm still searching a solution for forum images to be opened in their full size in less than FOUR actions (at this time, it needs 3 clicks ... ). In IPS 4.3 and previous versions. In other words, I'm searching for a solution to open forum images directly in a new windows (= without the awfull Lightbox). Read to pay for that ? ...
  4. Taman, I'm about to finish (re)configuring our existing website with your theme, but there are a few details I would appreciate some help with: 1. Is it possible to reduce the height of the main navigation bar (not the font size, only the height of the bar). 2. Same thing for the secondary Navigation Bar 3. How to change the background color of the search field (by default #1B1C21) and the color of its border. Thank you very much for your help. Best regards ... and congratulations again for this fantastic theme !
  5. Thank you Taman for your quick answer ... Just don't found the "two color settings in front-end colors tab" ... could you please tell me the labels of these settings ? ... (Unsuccessfully searched labels like "read/unread" items ...).
  6. First of all, congratulations talman for this theme which seems to be well designed and very configurable and which I am testing before its installation on the site of a large community. However, I have some basic questions for which I have not found an answer: How to modify forum icons? Can I put different icons for each forum? How to change the color of a forum icon depending on whether there are new unread posts or not. Thank you in advance for your help. Best regards, Jean-Philippe
  7. I confirm that the gallery on mobiles presents many problems. The most obvious is that it is not possible to zoom on an image (with 2 fingers) as we did on IPS4.2 Hope this will be rapidly solved ...
  8. Bug fixed ! Thank you for the VERY quick and efficient support !
  9. Hi, The plugin work fine, but ... there is a strange bug : when the plugin is active, in all posts of our forums, links to gallery's images are broken when the plugin is desactivated, eveything is OK This bug has been detected by IPS support team which suggest to desactivate the plugin. If you can't reproduce this strange behavior, I can send you more details by PM Regards Jean-Philippe
  10. Hi all, First of all, I would like to point out that I've been a customer for a few months now and I think that IPB is an absolutely fantastic product. I was able to convert our community site (www.astrosurf.com, which has been in existence for 20 years) without much difficulty. With the API, we were able to convert our forums (40,000 members and about 1,500,000 messages) that were in a very old proprietary format. By adding a few plugins and apps, our site works wonderfully well and its activity has increased significantly since we switched to IPB. However, I still have a proble
  11. Thank you for your anwer ! I have an active licence for IPS, and I'm self hosted ... I thought a special "Perk Licence" was necessary to have IP geolocation service. Best regards
  12. I am very interested in your "Member's country" app, but you indicate that it is necessary to have an active license perk. Where can I get this license? Thank you for your help
  13. Thank you for your answer, but it's not exactly what I need. What I want is that a click on an image posted in a forum just directly open the image (in the current windows or another windows, and if possible at 100% of its size). In other world, by default, the code for an image in a forum is : I would like to modify the code by this : BUT ... I don't find where to modify this code ! (I know how to personalise HTML/CSS in themes, and I did personnalized many themes, but I don't find where is this code that I would like to modify Thank you VERY much for any he
  14. Hi, Did you find any solution to your problem ? On my side, I would like to know if it there is a solution to suppress the lightbox of all pictures in all forum posts ... Thank you for any help
  15. Hi I have just downloaded and installed the latest version of StickyNotes on my website. Everything works fine with the default theme, but no notes are displayed with other themes such as "(VN41) Veizor Dark" (our default theme) Do you have any idea what I can do to use StickyNotes on a theme like VeizorDark? My website : http://www.astrosurf.com I can provide you with access to our site (as a regular member) if you request it by private message. Best regards
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