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  1. Hello, how can i change default forums icons to font awesome icons ? thanks you in advance,
  2. Every 4.x website i saw are awful without exception (even neowin). everything is better in 3.4 without exception too (except mobile responsiveness). 4.x is a complete failure IMO just forget IPS 4, and keep using a great software(3.4) (or xenforo or phpbb), and let others lose their money for a software that doesn't metter in any kind. This is a software for child admin not for members/community. Otherwise you can keep hoping the impossible from IPS managment, during this time you'll renew and pay this software to let them develop something that may be one day be as relevant as phpbb3. IPS managment want to make a software with the last last last things but they just forgot the purpose of a forum software, it is for this reason the whole 4.x serie is irrelevant.
  3. Hello, 3.4 and 4.0 are completly different software and some of us prefer stay on the 3.x serie because 4.x doesn't match with what we want to do with our forum. Why don't release a last x.X.x series to fine tune and improve the software (add some little things useful like : privacy setting, tagging system more efficient, 2step auth etc...). as far as I am concerned some kind of community are not upgradable to 4.x because it is another kind of software and it will break the "soul/spirit" created with 3.4. it could be very interesting for some admin to add some pre4.0 feedback (some things present in xenforo for instance, and implement them in 3.5 etc.) to create a more stable (in terms of parameters) and competitor software for the next years for close knit community. => improve 3.x to create a perfect software. Avoid looking for the latest things released in the ICT (4.x) : avoid adding some childish things spinning or other things that everyone don't care. =>=> Better things are simpler. We need a forum not the latest editor, api or i don't know what that has been released yesterday : most forum run phpbb/mybb that is a very old software compared to ipb3.
  4. I created a new forum after the 4.0 release and i taken the 3.4.8 version because of a lot of things : - friend feature gone and replaced by a follower system that is completly useless and a privacy issue. - the 4.0 serie is not ready and unstable but the ips team is ready to take your money. - too much useless things that make the forum more modern but aim to hide the lack of features. - the default skin is absolutly awful : nobody will use this skin whereas for 3.4 we could have use it (ex : https://forums.malwarebytes.org/) => and therefore if you don't know many thing about css, photoshop etc... ips4 is unusable. - the acp admin is made for newbie admin that don't know anything in webmastering. ipb3.4 is for admin that want to take control of everything on their website. finally the only one thing i need in 4.0 comparing to 3.4 is the responsiveness for mobile. 4.0 is a downgrade comparing to 3.4 and let xenforo well above ips4 (but not above 3.4)
  5. https://philosophie-fr.org/ #antiIPS4
  6. the block "Actionable Commerce Stats" show the current number of open ticket but it also show a link to the acp even when we desabled this feature is acp(system>security). Could you please remove this link (according to acp) to show only the number of open ticket without being able to click on it.
  7. I don't know what ips is going to do for the next updates but privacy management really need to updated because we can't (admin or members) really managed how to deal with our informations. For instance, activity stream is very privacy killing, we can avoid to show it if we remove access to profile but profile is an important part of a forum so we can't desable something without disable something else we don't want to. etc... Please add or do something about it, privacy is surely the biggest part about what a forum is better than a social network. Thanks !
    Great app ! Could you please update the app, the 4.0.5 let all icons broken. thanks
  8. If you set forums viewable without being readable (view the content of a post) forums seems enpty (no preview are showed) whereas there are content in. Therefore, if all your community is readable only for guest, visitor will understand that there is nobody on the community. This is wasn't the case in 3.4 (we had "forum protected" option also). Something need to be done about it because it change totally the appearance of a forum and we can't really use this feature to protect some content as it let the forum/sub forum blank (bad appearence) and users can't really understand what it means.
  9. Hello, i don't know what IPS is going to do later for "reputation system improvement" in the feature plan but could you please add something to enable member to be promoted when they reach a reputation level instead of according to the number of post. Thanks.
  10. Hello, why is there "jimmopostduringperdiod" hover that appear when we click on the number of post on the block ? Tryed to modify it with translation tools but i can't do anything with.
  11. Hello, i know xenforo use some privacy feature for member's profile. Why don't add something like that for IPS ? when we see a profile every member can see every post of every member but some of people don't want to let some informations free to everyone. I know we can limite the visibility of profile in the ACP according to groups. But it is maybe not very efficient as we remove a feature for everyone. It could be bery useful to add something to improve privacy for each member and avoid to let a entire group have exactly the same permissions.
  12. ​I use IPS Connect too and this one would be very useful because i have multiple group for member(member and member + (user with more than 100post) with custom color etc) and when they are logged on the slave installation these member are still in the default group and i can't solve this problem because member are promoted thanks to their activity (number of post) and post count are not propagated to other slave install.
  13. It's just to ask ips if they could improve the load time of member's background image (hover image on root forum) because it take about 3 second to load, it is very slow and let this feature a little useless as members won't wait 3 or 5 second just to know what image have been set by someone.
  14. Hello, i saw There is a way in the modcp to géolocalisate the ip of a member. Why don t add This feature for registration to deny or allow someone according to its country ? It would reduce hugely the number of attempt of registration of bots.
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