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  1. Works beautifully! THANK YOU for making it available to us 🙂
  2. Didn't work for me either - not a complaint, just a note.
  3. I have cleared cache in the IPB admin, browser cache on all browsers and restarted the computer itself. Very odd. I can send you the login if you'd like to see. There's no X spot to delete the box.
  4. Hi. I am having a problem in that I cannot edit the block - (see photo below of upper right block). I need to edit the block to place an https protocol in it. I tried to uninstall the block, however, it still shows up and then people cannot sign up or open an account. Even when I turn this plugin off, it still shows. The block is up to date. Also, I cannot move the block's position . How can I fix this or uninstall manually? THANKS for you help.
  5. That's a really good idea too. Thanks for the tip. I don't see a way to contact them as a group via mail though?
  6. From a marketing perspective, one fatal flaw of subscriptions is that you can't place expired members into a specific group. Rather, expired members are placed into their previous group. Had you been able to put them into, for example an expired group, you could reach out to them again with special offers, etc. to join again. However, once they go back into their previous group, that opportunity is lost.
  7. What if you want to make the background black? What happens to the color of the fonts?
  8. We still run forums, however, the costs associated license fees, etc. add up. The both have their pros/cons, but Facebook is a marketing bonanza. We started a group page on Monday and we're close to 400 members for $0.00 cost. What we do loose is the ability to place monetizing ads on the page (Google, etc.), however, we can pin our own ads for products that we sell for free too. Further, with one post we can reach a lot of people without worrying about spam and other limitations.
  9. I honestly don't believe that you can advance software over the years and have everything look and function "the same as it was" based on an outdated frame. Coming from the auto side, there's no way that we would want to design every element from a previous vehicle's architecture (be it software, platform, etc.) into a new generation. Approaches change, user feasibility changes, design changes, consumer expectation changes and the list goes on. . . . The goal is to make each product generation better than the previous. With that being said, I use the stock theme whenever I can, however, this has become more tedious with 4.2 than it should be. Simply changing the background to solid black hides all kind of links that you must find help in custom css coding. Fortunately for me, users on this forum like @jcdesign, @steve00 and @Tom S. have greatly helped me out! I think if that if you used a modded theme, IPS doesn't have an incentive to wreck it for you with their changes - this just happens in the course of design. I am delighted when I see someone mod the gods out of their Shelby Mustang, however, we can't guarantee or warrant the outcome for them. . .
  10. @Mark - What's totally disappointing to me is that in 4.2, you can't use the killer built in theme editor with a dark background because most of the text will also be dark and you simply can't change that in certain areas. In some cases, the text needs to be dark and in others, light, However, there are not options to change the text color. Can this be fixed by adding more ways to change the font colors in the theme editor under text? I really love the theme editor and hope this can be fixed.
    Works great - THANKS for taking the time to make it! Is there a way to change the background colour?
  11. Works great - make sure that you download 1.07 if you're using 4.1
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