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  1. Higbee + Seliger? I am aware of those two recent decisions, however they are out of scope as to what I posted. What I said above was "if one of your users posts someone else's content on your site..." That's not what happened in the Goldman and Free Speech Systems cases. In both of those cases, the publisher themselves posted the images leaving it a little clouded. It will be interesting to see if the Free Speech Systems cases is appealed to the U.S. 9th. DMCA protection is so important.
  2. Higbee is famous for doing this. 1. There are court precedents for hyperlinked images. 2. They can only go back three years to the date of infraction. 3. Was the image posted registered with the U.S. copyright office? Those are big questions. In your case though - since it was hyperlinked, they could go pound sand. For the layer of legal protection, it's well worth it. A designated agent alone is not sufficient. You have to have your website(s) listed in the DMCA Designated Agent Directory and then list your designated agent as the one to receive notices. As a note, yo
  3. I am thinking about using this to drive pages. Is there a "show us your page" section to see how websites are using this for some examples? I'd love to see some sites where this is being used.
  4. you have to add the block to that page.
  5. Each time you make a change to your account - add a site, change address, etc., it's $6.00. If you leave your account unchanged, no other fees apply. Just make sure that you check your account periodically here: https://dmca.copyright.gov/osp/
  6. Using many Word Press sites, you can install the app via the Admin CP OR download the app and save it to your computer.
  7. Is there a certain theme or plugin used for the layout?
  8. Very nice layout. What app did you use for the front page?
  9. You need to read this more carefully because you've missed the key part - the below provision (quoted in italic) is directly from the link in which you provided above and states: 512(c)(2) (2) Designated agent.—The limitations on liability established in this subsection apply to a service provider only if the service provider has designated an agent to receive notifications of claimed infringement described in paragraph (3), by making available through its service, including on its website in a location accessible to the public, and by providing to the Copyright Office, substantiall
  10. Like you look and feel of your site. Is is powered by SuperGrid or SuperBlocks?
  11. U.S. Courts have found E.U. sites liable when their server/hosting company is U.S. based. They have also found them liable if the website's traffic has a significant U.S. user base.
  12. Protect Your Forum With D.M.C.A Safe Harbor I post this once a year or when I see a proliferation of copyright lawsuits against web publishers - here's some novel (not legal) advice. It seems that the safest way to protect your community from copyright law firms is to claim D.M.C.A Safe Harbor protection. By registering your sites on Copyright.Gov you might save yourself a lot of headache and big $$ money from content posted on your site without the copyright holder's permission - if one of your users posts someone else's content on your site without their permission, you might be l
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