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  1. My grandmother spoke at least European 12 languages. During our conversations, she would often pause before telling me something and explaining that I wouldn't understand a certain proverb or joke because it was from x-culture.
  2. Why even have reactions at all if a user can't simply chose one to convey their thoughts?
  3. It's been over three years since they didn't anything with the gallery - good luck.
  4. For a cron job (shared or dedicated server) you can use this line: mysqldump -u DatabaseUser -p'DatabasePassword' DatebaseName > ExportFileName.sql Place this into the command space. You might have to edit this in text wrangler or equivalent.
  5. I am surprised that this is not possible in the admin panel. I was told that we use a cron job within the server itself. Our WP sites are backed up via the admin side though.
  6. Advertising makes the world go around.
  7. I think one of our communities would love this. We will certainly be adding it!
  8. I like the format Word Press uses - you can download an app and/or install it on the admin side. In this fashion, you have both options.
  9. I didn't state that it needed a major revamp nor do I believe that it does. However, some aspects could be improved, which has been pointed out by users for quite a while now. In particular, the view of member albums looks dated compared to the forum.
  10. Gallery Last Updated 1002 Days Ago, 2 Years 9 Months Unless I am wrong, the gallery was last revamped on 29 January 2018 - that's 1002 days ago, or 2 years and 9 months ago. Yes, there have been fixes and patches, but nothing new and no suggestions implemented, etc. I feel odd paying to renew my license and having to pay for this app. It's almost as if IPS has taken this app for granted and has forgotten about it. IPS itself doesn't even use on on their own community forum - out of site and out of mind. . .a bowl of not too good. 😐
  11. jackflash


    I didn't ask you to add it. I asked if it was possible. We have dozens of sites and your excellent app would make a nice addition, however I would like to know if it's possible (for me) to add Google ads to them and how that can be done?
  12. jackflash


    Is it possible to have a google ad change with each question?
  13. jackflash


    Hi, If I create a quiz, can I then paste it into an article that I have created in pages? Lydia
  14. I am thinking about using this to drive pages. Is there a "show us your page" section to see how websites are using this for some examples? I'd love to see some sites where this is being used.
  15. you have to add the block to that page.
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