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  1. Correct. This is why I posted the screenshot because there are two different contacts. Make sure you know which is which.
  2. Just note that the provider's address cannot be a P.O. Box without prior approval from the U.S. Gov't under the provisions, which I have provided a screen shot below. One of the loop holes, which lawyers hope happens is that providers unwittingly use a P.O. Box, which can void a Safe Harbor defense. If someone searches the copyright directory and sees your address listed as a P.O. Box and you use a P.O. Box without the Gov'ts permission, you might just lose your DMCA protection.
  3. You can search for a DMCA statement. Two things to make note of: 1. Make sure you provide a physical address and an e-mail address 2. Courts appear to be looking for a repeat offender policy - something like this: ACCOUNT TERMINATION / REPEAT OFFENDER POLICY I. Under section [512(i)(1)(A)] of the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, users who infringe by posting copyrighted material may have their account terminated. Additionally, we may be required to disclose your identity should a copyright infringement complaint be filed against you. II. Repeat infringers: Pursuant t
  4. You should better read how the DMCA safe harbor functions and the requirements thereof. Read the link below concerning a recent article on how Spinrilla lost is U.S. Federal Court because they lacked a DMCA registered agent "The site didn't have the requisite repeat infringer policy or a designated agent to handle DMCA-related claims until after the complaint was filed, so it can't rely on the safe harbor for protection from the infringements at issue here." https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/hip-hop-streaming-platform-spinrilla-found-liable-for-users-copyright-infringement
  5. You're not putting your name and address on your forum. Rather you're registering it and disclosing it with the U.S. Gov't. Honestly, with the exception of attorneys not many people even know it exists or where to even look for it. You can also hire an attorney to receive any physical notices if you like. Either way, it's insurance from predatory actors.
  6. I think one of our communities would love this. We will certainly be adding it!
  7. I like the format Word Press uses - you can download an app and/or install it on the admin side. In this fashion, you have both options.
  8. I didn't state that it needed a major revamp nor do I believe that it does. However, some aspects could be improved, which has been pointed out by users for quite a while now. In particular, the view of member albums looks dated compared to the forum.
  9. Gallery Last Updated 1002 Days Ago, 2 Years 9 Months Unless I am wrong, the gallery was last revamped on 29 January 2018 - that's 1002 days ago, or 2 years and 9 months ago. Yes, there have been fixes and patches, but nothing new and no suggestions implemented, etc. I feel odd paying to renew my license and having to pay for this app. It's almost as if IPS has taken this app for granted and has forgotten about it. IPS itself doesn't even use on on their own community forum - out of site and out of mind. . .a bowl of not too good. 😐
  10. I didn't ask you to add it. I asked if it was possible. We have dozens of sites and your excellent app would make a nice addition, however I would like to know if it's possible (for me) to add Google ads to them and how that can be done?
  11. Is it possible to have a google ad change with each question?
  12. Hi, If I create a quiz, can I then paste it into an article that I have created in pages? Lydia
  13. Higbee + Seliger? I am aware of those two recent decisions, however they are out of scope as to what I posted. What I said above was "if one of your users posts someone else's content on your site..." That's not what happened in the Goldman and Free Speech Systems cases. In both of those cases, the publisher themselves posted the images leaving it a little clouded. It will be interesting to see if the Free Speech Systems cases is appealed to the U.S. 9th. DMCA protection is so important.
  14. Higbee is famous for doing this. 1. There are court precedents for hyperlinked images. 2. They can only go back three years to the date of infraction. 3. Was the image posted registered with the U.S. copyright office? Those are big questions. In your case though - since it was hyperlinked, they could go pound sand. For the layer of legal protection, it's well worth it. A designated agent alone is not sufficient. You have to have your website(s) listed in the DMCA Designated Agent Directory and then list your designated agent as the one to receive notices. As a note, yo
  15. I am thinking about using this to drive pages. Is there a "show us your page" section to see how websites are using this for some examples? I'd love to see some sites where this is being used.
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