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    The app is easy to install and manage, I also like that it comes with a block and a nice ACP dashboard page with statistics. But imho, this app is a feature that should be included by default in the IPS suite. Thankfully, we have good devs that can help us out where IPS fails. 👍
  1. They are not mistyped (and #blackouttuesday is different from the rest), Twitter users are using different hashtags to keep the topic trending as Twitter doesn't allow one hashtag to trend for long.
  2. What do we want?! Hashtags!
  3. I'm working on a theme for my new community: https://agreenlife.today And I'm looking forward to starting all over again when 4.5 is released. 😅 Here is a screenshot which shows how it looks like for signed-in members.
  4. This looks really good! 😀👍
  5. A couple of questions: Is this plugin compatible with 4.4? If not, when is the ETA on that? This plugin seems to work great with youtube, but what about others like Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc? Does the reputation system work with this plugin? All I can see is that users can rate (star system) each video but I don't see any Likes.
  6. I rather want IPS to focus on their core and add-ons, making them more mobile-friendly and better with new features.
  7. Thank you! I did code the page and used several blocks. But, as you said in your post, one could easily make this using only blocks though. Sorry no, the site is only in English. Thank you! 😊 Thanks! The blocks use the grid classes that are available in the IPS CSS framework, so they will just collapse when the page is viewed on mobile devices, see screenshot below.
  8. Here's a new dashboard page I've made that will act as an index page for registered users (guests will see a new landing page which I'm currently working on). Pages is such a great tool!
  9. Which is a damn shame tbh. IPS could really make something great with the activity stream if they treated it more like a social feed instead of a filtered search list with lipstick.
  10. With some simple CSS: background: rgba(16, 17, 29, 0.812); Here's a good start: https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_image_transparency.asp
    I don't use many plugins on my site, but this plugin is definitely a must-have plugin for any community. It works perfectly! 👍
  11. Man, I still love that 2.0 skin. 👍
  12. Hello, I have learned that you have made the redly.social theme? Do you intend to reveal how it is or sell such a similar? That looks so nice

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