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  1. simonle

    Any "classic" screen shots of IPB?

    Man, I still love that 2.0 skin. 👍
  2. Hello, I have learned that you have made the redly.social theme? Do you intend to reveal how it is or sell such a similar? That looks so nice

  3. simonle

    StumbleUpon is calling it quits after 16 years

    I'm sad to see SU go, but it's always exciting to test something new. But I can't seem to create an account or move my old SU account to Mix. Is anyone else having troubles creating a Mix account?
  4. simonle

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Nice video section, did you do that in Pages?
  5. simonle

    4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    Yes this, please! This also happens in the Activity stream which is really annoying, especially when it bugs out and doesn't hide the full post...
  6. simonle

    We have tooooo many clubs

    Yeah, just like @Joel R said, if you have created custom fields you just use the filter button on the public Clubs page and then copy the URL from the new page. The URLs don't look pretty but they do work.
  7. simonle

    We have tooooo many clubs

    Thanks, I did not know about this. I tried it on my community and it works, sort of good? If you have many categories it takes a while to sort between them if you want to change the filter (you have to uncheck each category). And URL's generated are not that great (mywebsite.com/clubs/?f1[0]=6). There is definitely room for improvement here.
  8. simonle

    4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    Well, for one thing, the blog add-on doesn't support categories(!), which IPS use here.
  9. simonle

    4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    Looks good! But what about different blog themes or the ability to add custom blocks to your blog's sidebar (you know, those features we had in the older version of the Blog add-on)?
  10. @Lindy I am happy to hear that IPS is taking this seriously and that you are looking into ways to ensure that this does not happen again to other customers.
  11. Exactly! This way just feels like a shady and greedy business practice which I frankly hadn't expected from IPS.
  12. My license expired on December 24th, nine days ago... It's such a shady and greedy practice to let customers purchase new add-ons and then force them to also pay another hidden cost, which in this case is a hefty license fee that even increased with my new purchase (that I am not allowed to access). I am really disappointed in IPS and I have asked for a refund, because the blog add-on is not worth $135 - it's already overpriced at $75 tbh.
  13. Jim Morrissey from your support team said this in a reply to my support question: And wow. This is really greedy. This new change in your license policy was not explained anywhere during the check-out process. You even allowed me to purchase a new add-on despite my license not being active! So I've just paid $75 on a new add-on which I don't have access to until I renew my licence, which just happened to INCREASE with $10 after I purchased the new add-on (that I am not allowed to download). So I've just wasted $75 on NOTHING. Only shady companies use hidden fees like this. I used to think IPS was a honest company that you could trust, but I guess I was wrong!
  14. I purchased the Blog add-on for my website a few minutes ago but for some reason I cannot seem to be able to download the new add-on. It says I first need to renew my license in order to access the new add-on I just purchased. And incidentally, my renewal fee is now $60.00 since I purchased the new add-on (which I cannot download!) for my community... In the past, my license has been automatically renewed when I've purchased new add-ons for my suits. Is this not the case anymore? What is this IPS @Charles @Rikki!? Please tell me it's just some glitch in the system or something, because if it's not, then that's pretty greedy to be honest.
  15. simonle

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Thank you!