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  1. . Yes .. like you said " the software's needs " .. But that doesn't mean it has to be switched off all the time and globally .. It's a lazy coding way to avoid a problem .. And posted everywhere on the net to tidy up server security, for Apache, Nginx and etc .. it's all in the server configuration .. not that PHP have to fiddle with such things all the time .. . IPS never advised before to set server configuration without X-XSS-Protection which is very weird if they wanna switch it off (zero) and then server config switched in on (1) again .. having now 2 headers with 0 and 1 setting, which one will give priority ? And I guess browsers will soon not look at this header anymore to flag a warning, it will be a default setting to have xss protection always on .. .
  2. X-XSS-Protection is set to 0 (zero) by Output.php .. Is this still needed to force/add another header? Mostly all servers are already configured to set X-XSS-Protection to 1 .. Now I have this 2x times in my headers .. .
  3. . Do you have a custom theme ? It's like those ratings are at a wrong place in your HTML? .
  4. . Maybe you can solve this by just using CSS in you signatures .. you can for example remove whatever you want by setting it to " display: none; " .. That would be a quickest solution & spread the message on your site that you not allow .. .
  5. . That is actually true .. no groups at the renewal settings .. and even coupons (if you work with %) don't work on renewals .. that's a big gap in "not complete" .. of course you can make duplicate products that only those groups can see and adjust renewal price .. .
  6. . I've used the same class names IPS already coded .. I've adjusted the globalTemplate .. From this .. <main role='main' id='ipsLayout_body' class='ipsLayout_container'> To this .. <main role='main' id='ipsLayout_body' class='ipsLayout_container {{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id }}cSignedIn{{else}}cSignedOut{{endif}}'> So everywhere on the site I can use CSS like this .. #ipsLayout_body.cSignOut [[some other value here]] { .. } To distinguish guests from logged in members/clients .. .
  7. . Members > Groups > [[select a group to edit]] > Content > Editing .. Can edit own content? Edit time restriction Can edit silently? Did you try with those settings ? .
  8. . Why we need an app? As most mobile browsers can have full screen and can produce a shortcut (link) on your mobile desktop .. and our IPS package has a responsive layout to deal with all mobile devices .. that said .. it is very simple to get a branded name app made (cheap) .. if the app has just a browser function that only is locked to your domain .. tweak CSS further .. make an in-app loop icon . have some fixed 4 button functions and that's it .. no logos or pictures need to be in-app .. what you change on the server will change your app .. improve caching .. and yes .. if needed, an extra JavaScript in-app that catch the notifications to push them to your mobile (not really needed) .. .
  9. . @Rikki now cSignedOut & cSignedIn classes are only in the #ipsLayout_header .. it would be more useful if it is also existing in #ipsLayout_body .. For the moment only cSignedOut is used 1 time .. If it was possible to do #ipsLayout_body . cSignedOut in CSS then we could do much more in the front depending if users are logged in or not .. ex. like adjusting store layout for guest only ( price tags ) .. or accentuate more areas all over the site for guests only .. Thanks! .
  10. . If we can make jQuery to detect Guests .. that would be everyone that is not logged in .. or maybe there is a "not logged in" (or visa versa) class or id that we can call directly .. And then CSS the store to adjust what you wanna see .. removing the other price .. .
  11. . Would making a duplicate product do the trick ? and only show this product with the 1 price offer to only guest .. when they become "member":you can always use permission settings to "not show" that guest product but then "show" the member products .. .
  12. . Can it be that they create (in ACP) a Members > Profiles > Create New == Group Name = "Additional Information" and then adding fields to it ? .
  13. . My advice is .. keep using YouTube .. they are converting every uploaded video to different formats so that every app can play & optimize it .. If you wanna follow the same path .. you will need to find a PHP extension or maybe a server module (faster) that can convert videos to your liking .. Like "GD" and "ImageMagick" (PHP extension) does for pictures .. .
  14. . I have a database named "Bug Tracker" .. find those settings for your articles database .. like in the picture .. use 1 of those settings (green arrow) .
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