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  1. Could you please update your access details in the Client Area so we can take a look? We may need to look at a few things, including marking the site as read.
  2. Is this happening with all accounts old and new alike? Or is it specifically happening with older accounts who have read a lot of content?
  3. Unfortunately, this would likely indicate that there is some corruption or issues with your language pack as you're missing text in many different areas. Do you have a modified language pack? You mentioned the database issues, do you have any outlined in ACP -> Support?
  4. Currently, what you want here is indeed possible through group permissions, however, you would need to allow your purchased group to be able to download any file throughout time. This setting is an all or nothing setting (as usually, it's provided to admins/moderators): Edit Group -> Downloads tab -> Can download paid files without paying? Through this, you would not need to make any change to your setup now as this would be handled through group permissions. Just would need to ensure that your groups are setup properly through registration.
  5. Just wanted to update this and state that this was patched yesterday. Please let us know if there are any further issues.
  6. Thank you for reporting this. Was able to login to your community, review your settings and now was able to reproduce this on my own installation so this is indeed a bug. I have reported it internally and a fix should be released in a future maintenance release. Thanks again!
  7. Thank you for sharing that. It is rather odd. Do you deny permissions to certain areas of your community? Do you mind updating the access details in the Client Area so we can review your community?
  8. From the screenshot provided, it does not appear to be so. The URL you provide to your RSS tool would need to have it. Additionally, the community cannot be offline, etc... which would render the RSS feed unreachable. To confirm, are you using an RSS reader or are you adding this as a calendar?
  9. You'll want to set "Maximum image dimension to save" to Unlimited.
  10. If you remove the resize settings in the ACP and upload the same file does it upload? If so, definitely something that would require more in depth review by yourself or your server administrator.
  11. The CDATA there looks to be valid. Could you please clarify what you are doing with the feed which it does not work?
  12. Very odd. Glad to hear it is resolved though. If you encounter it again, please let us know and we can investigate further.
  13. The maximum time for the cron job to run would be 1 minute. If the time exceeds this than some unintended consequences may happen. There are checks and balances for running less than 1 minute but it still may cause some processing overhead on your end. Ideally, 1 minute is the recommended time to run it. If you encounter issues with a configuration that does it more frequent, our remedy most likely would be to change that so it is at 1 minute.
  14. Were you accessing both accounts from the same computer/browser? Sounds like something might have been off there and triggering the browser to rebuild resolved it. If you're still encountering this on the account, we can take a look though, please ensure your access details on file are up to date.
  15. GD is extremely resource hungry when resizing images and PNGs are rather large images. I would check your server error logs to see if you are running out of resources and for some reason it is simply not making it back as a "-200" error.
  16. Are both accounts setup as unrestricted administrator users? Are there any errors in the browser console? If you close the red warning at the top of the page does this help?
  17. Yes, this is already possible to set custom errors messages in Downloads. It is currently setup for each Downloads category, you'll see a tab called "Error Messages".
  18. Are you receiving a "-200" error or any further errors? Are you receiving any errors in your System Log? Are you using GD or Imagemagick? If any changes were made to your server, it is common that I see some hosting providers fail to install PNG delegates. That may be presented in the System Log for you to review.
  19. Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, this issue is beyond the scope of our technical support. 👩‍💻 Our technical support is happy to help you with the Invision Community platform, but we're unable to help with things like server management, theme questions and modifications. I've moved this to our Community Support area where other Invision Community owners will see it and help where they can.
  20. Wanted to follow up with this after our internal discussion. I am sorry that I do not have good news as there will not be a plan to address the permission aspect of the mp3 audio embed. It will behave as our other embeds do for videos, images, etc... If you wish to get around this for now in topics, you could zip the mp3 file up so that the audio embedding would not happen. (This feature may disappear in the future, however.) Overall, in our software, if you wish to have complete file-level access over attachments for member groups, using the Downloads application is advised. You can then copy the Download File's URL and paste it in your topic or have Downloads create topics for you to engage discussion if that is your goal.
  21. You would need to upgrade the installation to the latest release but otherwise, yes.
  22. Yes, any user which is logged in (aka not a guest) 🙂
  23. Glad to hear it's working for you now. Please let us know if you have any further issues.
  24. If you are a logged in user (which I believe this is what you're referring to), there is no caching on content itself in the software. Logged in users view content (apart from blocks/widgets) in real-time. I would suggest checking with your hosting provider to ensure that you do not have any caching at the server-level which is causing what you're seeing here.
  25. It is a dynamically generated URL. It is not a physical file.
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