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  1. The theme CSS would be included in part of your theme export. There is no export currently for other files in Pages.
  2. What Randy mentioned, apart from, root FURLs cannot be customized. It would be better to 301 redirect via your server board to forums.
  3. Believe you're looking at two separate things here. The export functionality of the Pages section is for transferring your templates/css/etc... to another installation. Designer's mode is for editing your theme through an IDE in a development environment.
  4. Correct. The items would only be functional with the system with Designer's Mode enabled. Otherwise, the system reads/writes this in the database.
  5. For technical support, please use this forum. Our system would encompass all departments in searches. Was it submitted under a different email?
  6. I would advise reaching out to your hosting provider if you do not have a backup. Unfortunately, once you converted to a non-mb4 collation, there is no way back as it has gotten rid of these emoji characters essentially.
  7. There was a bug resolved in a patch that was related to sending emails with EasyPost. I have applied that to your installation for you. Could you please try again now?
  8. Glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue!
  9. Thank you for reporting this! I have moved this internally for our developers to review and investigate. If a release is needed, this will be made into a future maintenance release. Thanks again.
  10. The lock timeout, and server shutdown in progress are related to your server itself so asking for assistance from your new hosting provider would be advised. Call to undefined method stdClass::language() is typically a connection error in the database so checking the connection in conf_global.php (or the above with your provider). The first "OutOfRangeException" has some third party add-ons in the stack trace there so I would recommend disabling these and testing again. The final "OutOfRangeException" is referencing loading or an orphaned a failed promotion item from the database. Do you have the previous installation up and running to test? If you're not receiving the same error, I would suggest exporting and importing the database again as it seems something has gone awry with that process.
  11. I can move this to our Feature Suggestion forum if you would like to suggest that? Typically, the version is a numerical number with minimal SEO significance but of course, we do not limit that. Please let me know.
  12. Sorry, we do not have any open/recent tickets for your account. If you have submitted an email directly to our support address, I'm afraid, this would be rejected and sent back to you with instructions to submit your request via the Client Area. How did you submit the request?
  13. I have created a ticket for you, you can share it in the ticket for our developers.
  14. Appreciate the feedback and fully understand but to be honest, we haven't had the need around these items over the last few weeks and we've done our normal support volume. I am just saying, you can do this if the need comes up and addressing your concern that there are ways to handle "sensitive" information. Addressing the ticket concern, once things hit a ticket, it's the "OK we need access for our developers to further review" and there is extremely limited communication from the client's end at that point. We then have updated the topic with anything further that has come to it. Ultimately, like @Jordan Miller said, it is a new process and it is going to take some time to get used to from both customers and our staff. Think benefits are already showing with customers helping and contributing so continue to work through it and we welcome any feedback 🙂 .
  15. We will never ask for sensitive information here in the public topic. There are ways around it that we can obtain support and still benefit the community by being a part of the request. You're, of course, very welcome to omit any information out of logs, screenshots, etc... you do not want to share publicly (such as server paths). If you need to pass a URL, you're welcome to provide a relative URL that does not include your domain, for instance: /forums/topic/123-my-topic instead of https://example.com/forums/topic/123-my-topic . We know your URL so can fill in the blanks 🙂 . You would never need to answer/reply to both a ticket email and the support topic here. If we need to transfer your support topic to a ticket, you will only need to correspond with us in the ticket. Once the ticket is resolved, we (Invision Staff) will update the topic here so the community benefits from the result.
  16. Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, this issue is beyond the scope of our technical support. 👩‍💻 Our technical support is happy to help you with the Invision Community platform, but we're unable to help with things like server management, theme questions and modifications. I've moved this to our Community Support area where other Invision Community owners will see it and help where they can.
  17. We have escalated your ticket to our advanced support department for investigation. You should have received an email about this. They are only available Monday - Friday during regular business hours so it will not be till Monday likely that you receive a response.
  18. Sorry, designer's mode will show above the table if it is enabled or not. If it is not, you can safely delete that folder.
  19. The theme folder will only be present if you have used Designer Mode. I would suggest checking if this is enabled in your ACP -> Customization -> Themes. If it is not, you can safely delete this folder.
  20. In your ticket you were asking us to review your privacy policy, this is why we stated for you to hire a lawyer if you need help in doing so. We are not lawyers and cannot state whether or not your privacy policy will be applicable in your scenario. I apologize though that you did not find our support helpful and appreciate your feedback for future interaction.
  21. @opentype is correct, this is a legal document which describes your policy for handling data on your community. We would only provide assistance with technical items around Facebook's APIs. For legal documents, it is always advised to contact a lawyer to ensure that your policies coincide with laws which may impact your community.
  22. Are you having trouble with any other URLs which submit content? Your URL on file is HTTP but you're using HTTPS on your community. Did you fully update to HTTPS as according to this guide: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/advanced-options/configuration-options/using-ssl-https-r273/
  23. Please update your email address on file in the Client Area and we can re-send.
  24. Please be advised I have submitted a ticket on your behalf as we are going to need to get this looked at by our advanced support team. This is likely an error specific to this user so we'll have to see what is happening.
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