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  1. Looking at the ticket, you have asked some follow up questions there, I will let our developers provide you with a solution to this particularly unique problem in the ticket as you had a previous bug resolved as part of this process so I do not provide further confusion.
  2. If you have the following setting enabled (reset groups when purchase expires or is cancelled), the user will return to the group they were in once their subscription expires or is cancelled. Ideally, you would never manually change a user's group to your "subscribed" group without working through an invoice/purchase. To do this, even for a user you don't want to charge, you would create an invoice, zero it out through a misc. charge and set the purchase's expiration for the user to when you want it to expire so that it follows the same flow. The same is true, you should never manually move the user's group from your "Subscribed" group to the "Unsubscribe" group. You should always cancel/expire the purchase. Hope that makes sense. Thus, it will always flow in the correct manner and you never have to worry about things getting out of sync in regards to groups.
  3. Correct, it will be something we look into here. Daniel submitted a report in our internal tracker and one of our developers will look into this odd behavior. While I can't provide a specific release it will be in, we will look to solve it. Thank you for bringing this up and drawing our attention to it!
  4. Glad you were able to complete your upgrade!
  5. Reactions are a global-level item for member groups on all content types. I would recommend switching to an unmodified template if you're seeing issues.
  6. Thank you for reporting this. I can confirm that we have an active internal bug report for this issue and our developers will review it. A fix should be available in a future maintenance release. Thanks again!
  7. If you have any suggestions to what you'd like to see, please leave them in our Feature Suggestion forum: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/499-feature-suggestions/
  8. As you're utilizing a social media login provider, this will allow the user to create an account without registering due to the requirements in place from those providers. I would recommend disabling this if you do not wish for this to happen.
  9. Glad to see you were able to resolve this and add the correct templates so it shows. However, that is quite odd that "Category 2" was not showing previously. I have tagged this to one of our developers so they can clarify the differences here between the templates you used.
  10. Do you mean "Gategorialista2021"? If so, you would need to add a corresponding "index" and "entry" template to that category.
  11. Thank you for clarifying. The test push notification in devtools is also failing here. I have tagged someone from our dev team to further clarify. However, it is key to understand, the service worker is working and push notifications should work in the software itself. If they are not, please let us know.
  12. You currently have it set to use the following: You would need to have a corresponding record, display, etc... template there to utilize it in the selected fields in your screenshots.
  13. Sorry, there may be some confusion here. What you circled in red in your first screenshot is a category rather than a template itself so that name would not appear in your second screenshot as an option, the templates beneath that category would. Additionally, only corresponding templates can be used in certain areas, e.g. the template used for "Listing Template Group" has to be a "Listing template." Please feel free clarify your question if needed.
  14. I would suggest trying this first with an unmodified theme as even the smallest changes to a template can cause the upgrader to not upgrade that template and it could be missing code changes from version to version. Each upgrade a theme needs to be double checked for compatibility issues, I'm afraid. I would recommend also checking and removing any custom .htaccess entries you have any leaving just the ones that come with our software in case something is causing an issue there.
  15. Did you switch to an unmodified theme (if applicable) too to test? Are you noticing this on specific users or all users? If specific, could you please let me know their display name(s)?
  16. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this. I would suggest clearing your browser's cache and trying again. There are no errors in the browser console:
  17. Unfortunately, we do not provide support for Windows servers. It may be that it requires further configuring on your server or otherwise. I am happy to move this topic to our peer-to-peer server support forum for further assistance once we address the second issue there. The latter there may be a bug and unrelated as there are service workers running outside of the push notification. What is being returned there is not JSON thus the Javascript is failing to parse the string into a JSON object. This could be your Windows server is generating an error page that was not anticipated but I would expect the above to catch that. However, when viewing your community, I am seeing that the service worker is running fine without error. Could you please clarify where and which user you're seeing this with? I can then investigate this further.
  18. You will want to check your datastore and template cache paths in ACP -> System -> Advanced Configuration. Then ensure your attachment file storage configuration are properly updated in ACP -> System -> Files -> Storage Settings -> Configuration.
  19. sorry, it is unclear what you are asking here. There are required cookies as a part of our software. Could you please elaborate on your request/issue?
  20. You would need to remove all caching which cache the whole page or session as this could cause issues in dynamic software where the same URL will supply various content depending on who is viewing it.
  21. Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce any issues on your community with that particular user. Have a few questions: Is this happening everywhere for that user or is it a specific topic? Either way, could you please have the user supply the URL they are accessing at the time of encountering this? Are other users encountering this? Is the user using an anti-virus or other extension which is requiring HTTPS? As your community is setup for HTTP, it would not work over HTTPS unless changed to do so.
  22. Thank you for updating your access information. I would recommend reaching out to your hosting provider to ask if they have any caching deployed on your server or domain. After attempting multiple things which would force the cache to reset in the software or mark properly these items as read is, unfortunately, still resulting in the same output for any member I log in as. This would indicate that some server cache is deployed and caching the page or otherwise which is resulting in what you're seeing.
  23. could you please let us know the account you've tested with and ensure that all your access details are valid in the Client Area? We can then investigate to see what has happened here.
  24. Unfortunately, this is not something which I can reproduce on my test installation. Could you please check to ensure that you have applied all patches and there are no issues with external connections on your server? You can do this by going to ACP -> Support
  25. In 4.6.8, we released a few new SEO features which you can read about here:
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