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  1. Restrictions like that would not be related to Group Promotions as those are tied to the user rather than the group. Was the user warned or otherwise by a moderator?
  2. If you're seeing the same issue from our S3 bucket URL, this is something that we're working on to resolve for our clients 🙂 .
  3. Thank you. Looking at this, it looks like the user with ID 120360 has had restrictions manually added to their account 2 hours ago for a period half a day almost. However, apart from that, the user does not have any restrictions on the account.
  4. Thank you for updating your credentials. When viewing the report in question, I am receiving a 500 Internal Server Error from your server. Please contact your hosting provider or server administrator to obtain the Server Error log entry which will be required to further investigate the error here.
  5. OK, we'll want to take a look on that once you get your credentials sorted.
  6. I would recommend reviewing your System Log to see if any errors are coming up in there. Additionally, the warning is cached so could be delayed when the resolution has been fixed. For your questions containing the Redis server setup itself, I have moved your topic to our server assistance forum where fellow administrators can assist you.
  7. Do you have any other group promotion rules which may be conflicting with this? Do you have an example user currently which this has happened to that we can look at?
  8. On the right-hand side of the Support page in the ACP, you'll see:
  9. Unfortunately, your credentials on file have a username, whereas your community's ACP requires email address. Please verify and update these credentials on file.
  10. Does this happen when using an unmodified theme and the default English unmodified language pack? This has come up prior and looking at the internal tracker has been resolved in a previous release.
  11. I just replied to your ticket 🙂
  12. The block/widget locations are related. Some are related to certain types, whereas others are on the whole application. For instance, when you place a block/widget on a forum topic, it will show on all forum topics.
  13. Your domain registrar requires specific verification in order to perform the change. We are reviewing this on our end and will respond in your ticket.
  14. Are you seeing any errors in your Server Error log corresponding to this page? If not, could you please update your ACP credentials on file and we can take a look at this?
  15. Sorry, this currently isn't available but I did more this to our Feature Suggestion forum for review.
  16. How are you doing the import? Are you using our conversion tool? If so and you're converting the group, you can just disable site access for the group and they will not have access to your community. This can be found in ACP -> Members -> Groups -> edit your banned group -> Can access site?
  17. If you are not seeing your locale present, please contact your hosting provider to install it on your server. I'm afraid, locale's are from your server, not the software.
  18. Looking in our ticket system, it looks like you have already submitted your domain change request. A support representative will be with you as soon as they can. Please note that on weekends, we are lower staffed so it may take some time to receive a response.
  19. Thank you for your understanding. It’s definitely not something we’d want to show your users either 🙂 . No harm done by clicking the install guide as that just bring them to our documentation here.
  20. Sorry for the inconvenience. There was an issue on our end which was causing this issue sporadically to some clients. This issue should be resolved now. If you're still seeing this message, please try clearing your browser's cache. If you're still seeing this message, please let us know. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.
  21. Do have an example of a post which is getting hidden? Does it contain any links or any which is set up to be moderated by your settings in ACP -> System -> Posting -> Word Filters?
  22. Can go to the Client Area > Manage Purchases > click your Cloud package > can click change domain. This will submit a ticket to us to further setup your domain. I can instead submit a ticket on your behalf to get the process going if you would like?
  23. I have gone ahead and made the change for your license key on your Cloud install and then wiped your self-hosted license with this URL. Please let me know if there's anything else we can assist you with 🙂 .
  24. A Database is for creating it's own content really, such as a recipe collection (such as the tutorial there in the Guide). What you're attempting to do here is create your own dynamic pages with blocks and have the breadcrumbs show that hierarchy you've setup is not really something we have as possible at this point in time, I'm afraid. You're welcome to suggest this in our Feature Suggestion forum, however.
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