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  1. Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, this issue is beyond the scope of our technical support. 👩‍💻 Our technical support is happy to help you with the Invision Community platform, but we're unable to help with things like server management, theme questions and modifications. I've moved this to our Community Support area where other Invision Community owners will see it and help where they can.
  2. @opentype is correct. There are no means to hide the category function. Do you only have 1 category or many categories?
  3. Could you please message me the user's display name? That error states there is not a validating record.
  4. Is your computer/browser set to use UTC? https://webbrowsertools.com/timezone/
  5. Are you having any issues with anything in specific? Are you seeing these issues right now? Viewing your community as a logged in user, I am not seeing any issues. In fact, pages are loading quite quickly, if not borderline immediate for myself on and off our VPN. If you are able to provide us an action or user's display name that we can take a look at, we can certainly look at this further though.
  6. Jim M


    To submit your domain request, you can go to Client Area -> Manage Purchases -> click your Cloud purchase -> scroll down to Request/Change Domain.
  7. Jim M


    Yes, long as you can change the nameservers or manage the DNS, you can use it here 🙂 .
  8. Jim M


    If this is for a Cloud package, please submit a ticket and we can assist you with doing so 🙂
  9. It looks like you've also recently put into place a HTTP to HTTPS redirect but may not have updated our software to properly to reflect HTTPS. Please remove the HTTP to HTTPS redirect on your server and follow the guide here: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/advanced-options/configuration-options/using-ssl-https-r273/
  10. You can reset your password by appending the following to your domain: /index.php?/lostpassword/ . If you are OK with me posting the whole URL including your domain, please let me know.
  11. Are you able to login to the ACP but having issues performing the upgrade or you can't even get into the ACP to start the upgrade process? Just to note, the second screen of the upgrade process, you will want to enter your credentials for the Client Area here on our site.
  12. By "awaiting validation" are you referring to the payment being held for manual approval or actual email validation during the process?
  13. Thank you, I was able to access now. However, I am only receiving notifications on the first initial post or comment. I am not getting subsequent notifications on each edit. Are you seeing this for both email and inline notifications?
  14. Unfortunately, the account now does not have access to the ACP.
  15. Thanks! Could you please disable Two Factor Authentication for our account?
  16. Nope, that would constitute the same in what I was looking for. Thanks. If you could please add access details to your Client Area for your community, I can take a deeper look at this. However, this is quite odd that it would happen on one server but not the other. To confirm, you're editing the same Pages record?
  17. Support tickets would be accessed through your email inbox now. I'm afraid, there are no means to view them in the Client Area any longer. We changed how our clients start support recently. As a self-hosted client, you should have received an email with information detailing those changes.
  18. You are not using InnoDB tables but this should not impact the result as each server it is not. Is this the same exact installation on each server or is it a brand new installation on your non-live environment?
  19. This issue is not specific to Edge so you may be seeing it in other browsers.
  20. Unfortunately, I can't reproduce this on my test installation. Please disable all third party applications, plugins, and switch to an unmodified theme then test again. Something is either missing or removing this from your installation. If the does not help, please ensure our IP addresses can access your ACP: and
  21. Could you please elaborate on your issue(s) that you're seeing in Edge? The original issue in this topic has not been resolved yet here just to keep in mind 🙂 .
  22. Which announcement type did you originally select which doesn't show on the homepage? I see you're also using a custom theme so I would recommend testing this on an unmodified theme too.
  23. You're most welcome! Glad we could be of assistance 🙂 . Please reach out again if we can be of assistance in the future.
  24. First, I would recommend disabling all third party applications/plugins to see if there is a conflict. From the error stack, I don't believe so but a good first step to confirm this is indeed coming from an issue rooted in our core software. Second, please check to ensure that the uploads folder and all sub-folders of uploads are writable on your server. This is generally 777 but if you run suPHP or suexec this is 755. Please also ensure that the correct user/group is assigned to all folders/files in your installation directory. If you are unsure how to perform any of this, please reach out to your hosting provider. Once this is done and all are set correctly, please clear cache by going to ACP -> Support (top right) and then on the right-hand side click "Clear System Caches." Please let us know if that does not help.
  25. To confirm, this is on the latest release of 4.6.7? I am only able to receive the initial mention and not the mention on edits. I would advise disabling any third party applications/plugins you have installed and test again on an unmodified theme.
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