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  1. To confirm, they are filling out the log in form with their details on your community and hitting the "Sign In" button on the form? They aren't hitting the Twitter button by accident, whether that is via a click, hitting enter, or some other button? If yes, they are hitting the "Sign In" button, do you have a Profile Competition step which suggests adding a Twitter login? I know you said they are being immediately redirected but just wanted to check that they didn't click it before?
  2. You can restrict a member group from sending messages entirely but not to a certain member group(s). If these users are not participating, you could always restrict your base member group for a period of approved content items or time then promote the group to another group which does not restrict messaging. Otherwise, this would currently require a third party integration to perform this. However, I am not currently aware of one in the Marketplace.
  3. Have you checked your spam folder? Do you have any problems receiving mail from our support email recently?
  4. Subscriptions should be able to utilize the same payment methods as Products. Are you encountering an error when purchasing or simply not present? If the latter, do you allow PayPal Subscriptions (aka Billing Agreements)? You can find this option while editing the payment method in the ACP.
  5. It would replace the specific date in that spot for all forum posts but as @opentype states: There are countless dates throughout our software so to completely remove all dates here, would require a lot of editing of themes. Another drawback, that would be worth mentioning, is that if an upgrade of our software touches one of those templates in the theme which were modified, you would need to manually update those templates. One of those things which need to weigh the pros/cons of a decision.
  6. are you the topic starter? otherwise, you'll need a moderator permission if you wish to mark as solution. The group you're in has restricted moderator permissions. If this is your administrator group, I'd advise not restricting those.
  7. This is the Pages application. We do not use the Blogs app here but you can create a free demo to see it in action: https://invisioncommunity.com/demo
  8. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce that with your account either. I was able to create a topic with your user, make a post with our user, and login as your user again and see mark as solution:
  9. Our company blog actually utilizes Pages as it is more from a single source (IPS) rather than our Blogs application is more for community blogging from many users, whom may not be related. Our company blog is at: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/
  10. I would recommend checking what was stated as both are enabled and likely is causing confusion so you will want to either add email address or remove it from your other login provider.
  11. Looks like one of your screenshots went missing which may be detailing what forum this is in but looking at your "The Cafe" forum, I am unable to reproduce this. Is this happening with a specific user?
  12. Was this a manual upgrade? Typically, that error would present itself when a file is outdated or missing. You may wish to go to your Client Area and download a full set of files then extract these to your computer, then upload the contents of the "ips_****" folder to your server, overwriting what is there. Then please go to /admin/upgrade in your browser and attempt to run the upgrader.
  13. Looking at both your communities, you have both Display Name and Email Address login available. Could you please go to ACP -> System -> Login & Registration -> Methods -> edit each of your login providers that have form input (such as Standard, Converter, etc...) and ensure that both Display Name and Email Address are enabled? The most common cause of what you're stating is that administrators have 2 login providers enabled that use the login form but the standard login provider only has Display Name or Email Address rather than both. Then on the other provider, it has both. Then in an example, user A comes along and tries to login with their email address but the standard login provider only allows Display Name, thus, a login error occurs. If that does not help, please let us know which site in particular is the issue and verify the credentials on file are accurate. We can then look further.
  14. Please remove the redirect temporarily while you perform the URL reset in our tool and then you can then re-enable the redirect.
  15. Thanks for the steps/videos. I was able to reproduce this and got together some steps/further info for our developers. I reported this internally so our developers review and a fix will be available in a future maintenance release. Thanks for reporting this!
  16. If you’re following Gmail’s directions for their SMTP server and a Gmail email address that is all you need, as Gmail would authorize it. I have moved this to our server so you can obtain further assistance though from the community.
  17. This should still be present. With that said, regular members would not be able to see this on users with the anonymous status set. If you are having issues seeing this in the hover card and you have the moderator permission to do so, you may wish to try this on an unmodified theme.
  18. Are you using Google’s SMTP service? This would be the only way to prevent this as you would need to authorize the SMTP server via DNS to send email via a domain and as you don’t own the gmail.com domain would not be able to authorize it unless you use Google’s SMTP service.
  19. I would advise editing those configurations so you can see the custom URL. From that screen, you still cannot see it but the uploads configuration is in use.
  20. Looks like you are using a custom URL setup in the storage configuration. Typically, these are used for CDNs or abnormal hosting configurations. If you aren’t using either, you can remove that or edit it in the storage configuration ACP > Files > Storage Settings > Configuration
  21. Are you viewing as yourself or another user? Is that user an administrator? Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this as a regular member when an administrator is anonymous. However, I can see my own online status when anonymous.
  22. I apologize for the delay in someone responding to your concerns/questions. My reply was merely to correct the confusion from other members stemming from this topic. Someone will be with you as soon as they can to address your concerns.
  23. Sounds like something is not working correctly then. I created a ticket for you in our system (you should receive an email) to further investigate what is happening here.
  24. Has the deletion queue completed in the background process queue? You can check this by going to ACP -> System -> Dashboard -> should see a block with "Background Processes." If it has not, you will need to await this process to complete and that will then fully remove these forums. If you are seeing any errors or issues with the background process, please let us know.
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