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  1. Excellent. Glad to hear you found the issue and all is fine now!
  2. While we do not have an official integration with Integromat (i.e. in our Community Enhancements area), I believe they simply use our REST API to initiate these commands. You may wish to reach out to them for more information on what they require to send requests to our software.
  3. This would be permissions on the forum (and/or parent forums) which the topic is in that you're attempting to promote. The message is essentially warning you that you are sharing an item which is not available to guests (and possibly other groups) so they would see a prompt stating they don't have access and need to register/login. You can read more about member permissions here: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/security-and-rules/member-permissions-r305/
  4. That would be variable on your server, I'm afraid. With that said, it is not a terribly long process but is not super quick either. It looks like something may have gone wrong there as the progress bar is not appearing correctly. May wish to ask your hosting provider if you use mod_security as it may be blocking the request there also with a permission denied (403) message. If so, you'll want them to temporarily disable to test this.
  5. There would be several folders in our software so yes, there would need to be folders under your "forums" folders where your software is installed. The files listed there are not related to our software.
  6. If you deleted a bunch of files, getting the full set from the Client Area is the only way to ensure that you have all our files. It would be a very laborious process to go file by file stating what you need. Regarding permissions, we've provided you with the specific folders which require writable permissions. The rest should be 755.
  7. If you are afraid of doing harm on your server with permissions, I would advise contacting your hosting provider for assistance. If there is a concern elsewhere, please let us know.
  8. Our folders structure can be found in the download in the client area. Regarding permissions, the following folders would need to be writable on your server. Typically, this is 777 but if you run suPHP or suexec, it will be 755. I'd recommend contacting your hosting provider to find out if you're unsure: applications datastore plugins uploads and all sub-folders of uploads
  9. Have you recently changed from HTTP to HTTPS? I would ensure that you disable any server redirects (including CloudFlare) and ensure that your community is setup properly for HTTPS by follow this guide: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/advanced-options/configuration-options/using-ssl-https-r273/ You can update access details by going to the Client Area -> Manage Purchases -> click your license -> Review/Update Access Information.
  10. Could you please update the access details on file in the Client Area? I can then take a further look at what is happening here.
  11. You would need to ensure your datastore folder on your server is writable. Please ask your hosting provider if you are unsure what this is. Typically, this is 777 but if you're running suPHP or suexec this may by 755.
  12. It looks like you opted to go with our recent recommendation and change login from usernames to email addresses. You mentioned in your statement that they are using a username. Do they get the error when using email address? Is it giving an error of incorrect credentials or just redirecting?
  13. I see that on October 3rd there was an issue writing to the datastore for quite a while. Has that fully been resolved? I also see that you're running CRON. Have you contacted your server administrator (or hosting provider) to ensure that there are no errors there and the CRON command is running once a minute?
  14. Did you remove all database tables in the database before performing your database restore? Sometimes I have seen some pretty wonky results from not doing this with MySQL. You will want to adjust what @Adriano Faria provided for your table prefix but that is the table schema and should allow the upgrade to proceed. Also, just a note, I edited your post to say v4.5.2 to 4.6.7 🙂
  15. Could you please try clearing your browser's cache? Additionally, after you clear your browser's cache, could you check to see if there are any errors in the browser console? (most browsers can view this by going to F12 and then console tab) If you require further assistance, please update the access details on file in the Client Area and we'll be happy to take a look for you.
  16. Please be advised I have moved your topic to our Community Support forum for help from the community as this would require customization and further details that are outside our scope of support.
  17. Please switch to an unmodified theme and check if the issue still exists. If so, this is likely your custom theme and will need to be resolved by the author. If you are the author, you will want to manually compare the templates modified to their unmodified counterparts to find the missing code or issue.
  18. Pinned topics currently appear at the top of the list for the forum which they are a part of. A custom theme might be able to provide the color background or different appearance you're wanting but that is not something by default is applied in the default theme and outside our scope of support, I'm afraid.
  19. Are the links that you're clicking to arrive at these variations each part of the software or are they manual links which may be outdated in your system?
  20. Please be advised I have updated your license URL on file so please refresh the license in the ACP and you should be all set.
  21. Keep in mind the Create menu contains content which can be created logically from front-end users. Whereas, the ACP is for admin created items. Products can only be created by admins and not users so it makes sense logically to keep it in the ACP.
  22. You’ll want to check the email error logs to see what is being reported there and then contact your email provider if there is an issue being reported by the email server. I’m afraid, server support is outside our scope of support but happy to move this to the community-based server forum if there are no questions with our software.
  23. Thank you! @Artem Lesin, you do not have a license URL assigned in our Client Area. Please go to ACP -> System -> License Key -> re-add your license key. This will hopefully correct the issue. If not, please let us know your URL and we can add it to see what is happening here.
  24. Sorry, we can only provide support in English. While I was able to translate your text here, I am unsure what the error message says. If you can post here the English translation of the warning message, we can assist.
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