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  1. Sorry about that, the guide is slightly out of date. You’ll want to go to the Support dashboard in the ACP and then click Clear System Caches on the right-hand side.
  2. I would recommend looking into our Pages application. You can create various pages to fit any need.
  3. Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, this issue is beyond the scope of our technical support. 👩‍💻 Our technical support is happy to help you with the Invision Community platform, but we're unable to help with things like server management, theme questions and modifications. I've moved this to our Community Support area where other Invision Community owners will see it and help where they can.
  4. Regardless who it is available for, you will need to click the "Publish" button to see the changes reflected from the ACP Menu Manager on the front-end.
  5. ACP -> System -> General Configuration -> disable "Use relative dates" Please let us know if there is anything else 🙂
  6. Doesn't look like your Menu Manager changes in the ACP were published. After doing so, these items have disappeared.
  7. You would need to submit a ticket from the package owner and we would provide you a link to download the files.
  8. Yes, we would provide you with a backup of your data and attachments. A self-hosted license would be required to restore the software though on your server.
  9. You will want to check member permissions 🙂
  10. The screen capture tool is not working but from what you are describing, it sounds like permissions were not set for your member group. You will want to read the following Guide about permissions: Please ensure that the forum in questions permissions have been properly set for all groups in question. Additionally, you will want to ensure that any parent forums have been set too.
  11. A poll is a feature in a topic so both are indeed required 🙂
  12. Only your hosting provider can answer that question, it could be they recently installed mod_security or made some changes but this has nothing to do with our software, I'm afraid.
  13. Unfortunately, this confirms my suspicion of it being mod_security. I am receiving a 403 error when attempting to save. I would recommend starting there first.
  14. Sorry, we do not offer downloads for version 3 as it has no longer been supported for some time now. Additionally, we only provide downloads for the latest release and that is it. We do not offer downloads for any other release. The latest release is the most stable and secure so we do not offer or recommend running any other version.
  15. Could you please update the admin credentials on file in the Client Area and we can take a look at this. Thanks
  16. You can disable Two Factor Authentication by placing the following line in your constants.php file. define( 'DISABLE_MFA', TRUE ); If you do not have a constants.php file, you can create one and add the following: <?php define( 'DISABLE_MFA', TRUE ); Just be sure to remove this line once you want 2FA re-enabled.
  17. You're very welcome. Hope they get it resolved quickly for you 🙂 .
  18. There are no means for a user to join a club or variable member groups during registration at this time. This would require a customization at this point.
  19. Is it any page you're hitting where you're noticing this or specific pages? Could you please update the access information on file in the Client Area? We can then take a look to see if there is anything that stands out here.
  20. Please go to the Client Area at the link you posted and go to Manage Purchases -> click your license -> update Access Information Details.
  21. Please update this information in the access details area of the Client Area.
  22. That is likely due to what I mentioned above with mod_security. However, if you're still having issues after disabling mod_security and other security modules, please update the access details in the Client Area and we can take a second look.
  23. If you cannot save the position, this likely is also related to mod_security or another security software blocking the request. Your hosting provider would need to review logs for that.
  24. An email client would be the client you view the email through. If your client is stripping it, it would not show in the HTML.
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