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  1. Bill Edwards

    Member Notes

    No, it's fine thanks. I may use it again in the future. Thanks anyway.
  2. Bill Edwards

    Sticky Notes (support topic)

    If you can get IPS to install it we'll be sorted ?
  3. Bill Edwards

    Sticky Notes (support topic)

    This software is rubbish ? I resent an old PM and got no warning at all that it hadn't send. Having checked, I can see you had left the conversation, so I've resent it in a new PM. Surely it would make more sense NOT to be able to reply to a PM when the other party has left??
  4. Bill Edwards

    Sticky Notes (support topic)

    PM Sent Many Thanks
  5. Bill Edwards

    Sticky Notes (support topic)

    Hi I get an error when trying to save a global sticky note. #5M149/8 We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Any suggestions please? (I've uninstalled & re-installed) Many thanks Bill
  6. Please can I just clarify.......... Say I set up a new reaction just for Administrators - "Agree" - what will members see? Will they see the "Agree" reaction, but not be able to use it or will it simply not be a visible option for them (this is what I need) Many thanks Bill
  7. Bill Edwards

    Copyright - Removal Of Content

    Dear All Firstly I am located in the UK. When members post written content, I understand that we, the forum, are entitled to display that content for as long as we see fit. There is no right of the member to demand that we remove his posts. Is this correct? We will always try to work with members in this situation, but deleting content can (and does) cause existing threads to make no sense once some of the posts are removed. We have a clause in our forum rules: Whilst members retain the copyright to the photos they post, ATFOTF reserves the right to display said photos on any part of the site and for as long as we see fit. If a member voluntarily posts a photo that they own the copyright to and subsequently demands it's removal, are we legally or morally obliged to remove it? I've tried Googling the above, but don't get any satisfactory answers. Any guidance would be gratefully received. Many thanks Bill
  8. Bill Edwards

    Member Notes

    Unfortunately not, I am a CiC customer and Tech Support won't help, but have directed me to you.
  9. Bill Edwards

    Member Notes

    Hi I'd like to uninstall this app, but I get an error Are you able to assist please? Many thanks Bill
  10. Bill Edwards

    Anonymous Browsing Toggle ( Support Topic )

    Sorry, now found it. Many thanks for your help, I'll see if it fixes the issue!
  11. Bill Edwards

    Anonymous Browsing Toggle ( Support Topic )

    Can you be a bit more specific please? I've searched the ACP for login and handlers and can't find anything. I've looked through but can't see anything that will do it.
  12. Bill Edwards

    Anonymous Browsing Toggle ( Support Topic )

    The members don't know I've turned it off ? I just need a way to force them out. Otherwise, how long will they remain anonymous?
  13. Bill Edwards

    Anonymous Browsing Toggle ( Support Topic )

    I've brought and installed this and turned off anonymous browsing for all members except certain member groups. A couple of hours later some members are still shown as browsing anonymously. Am I right in thinking they need to logout before it will take effect? What if they never logout? Can I force everyone out? Many thanks Bill
  14. Bill Edwards


    Brilliant app, but unfortunately it conflicted with another of my apps. Dev tried to fix but ended up giving me the choice between the two apps. Bookmarks lost. Dev refunded the price. Pity as I've since found out it's an easy fix!
  15. Bill Edwards

    Inactive Members

    Unfortunately it doesn't work correctly (at least for me). I set up a rule to move members inactive for 36 months and it moved a member who had only been registered for 2 months (I didn't check further, there may have been more). I reported to the developer on two occasions, but he couldn't/wouldn't fix, he just refunded the price.