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    Wow, very cool app. Exactly what I was looking for. Hope for final 4.2 asap to get this app online. Thanks foster.
  2. Sorry MeMaBlue but we do not use the approval queue feature but showing the number of open topics makes sense.
  3. New: Leaderboard Enhancements

    Great news, but please also implement following features: 1. Ability to exlude usergroups from the list. 2. Permission setting who can view the leaderboard.
  4. New: Copy Topic to Database

    Sorry for asking but what is the real sense of that feature? Why do I need topics in a database? At the moment I can't find a good approach. Posts contain a lot of senseless content or even sentences. Why do I want to have double content?
  5. New: Copy Topic to Database

    Only first post makes in 99,9% of our cases no sense because the real good content (answer) follows after the first post.
  6. New: Customizable Blog Sidebar

    I hope we (as the admins) can customize the sidebars for every forum/section individually. The global topic/forum sidebar isn't perfect. Especially from the seo point of view. Hope this will change in 4.2.
  7. The viewing of a Gallery image

    I agree with you guys BUT much worse is the embedded box of gallery images and albums in a post. I comparison with FB the viewing is very complicated and doesn't motivate die user to surf the gallery. Also the thumbnails are too small. An inline viewing (like FB) would be great. Maybe in 4.2. I hope so.
  8. New: SEO Improvements

    Please make the live meta tag editor accessible on every page (like block editor).
  9. Mass move topics?

    Just opened a ticket.
  10. Mass move topics?

    Now I got the error. It was not my template. If you disable AJAX pagination it's not possible anymore to switch pages and keep the topic selections. Just tried it with default template. I got the same problem. @opentype: Can you confirm this problem?
  11. Mass move topics?

    Thanks opentype for telling me this. Switching to default template makes it possible. So I have to check my topic templates for any modifications. Again, thanks.
  12. Mass move topics?

    Hi, we have a subforum with around 5000 topics and we want to move them to different other forums. We began to select all topics of one category and then we tried to switch to page 2 BUT all selected topics were gone! That's very disappointing. In topic view I can select posts over more than one page BUT I can't do this in forum view. Why? How shall I split all those 5000 topics into different forums without this feature? Now I have to do this procedure for every single page. This will take days.
  13. Remove "Load more activity" button

    ok, this is much better. 😁
  14. Hi, could you please remove the "Load more activity" button if there are no more additional entries. Some users reported this behavior as very confusing. In deed it is.
  15. Dear ipb, could you please add some kind of sorting to the list of database templates in acp? We have a lot of different templates and sometimes it's hard to find the right one. An alphabetical sorting would be very helpful! This would be another benefit for admins besides the missing search bar https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/435903-search-bar-for-db-templates/