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    xtech got a reaction from Meowcious in Pages: Record Field Database Not Returning Upload / Thumbs   
    When you put )|raw, it gets literally what it is stored at the SQL database with no parsing. The "listing" template parses it, so that's why you get the link and the thumb.
     Therefore, i would look into the SQL database to check what it has inside. If it is an array, you cannot directly have the url.jpg, as it has more than one item.
    I have never used such a field so i am not particulary familiar on how it is stored at the SQL database
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    xtech reacted to Eudemon in SVG for logos and icons and WebP for images.   
    Currently have an app pending on marketplace that lets you use svg logo as one of the features 
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    xtech reacted to sobrenome in Suggestions for improvement on Schema.org tags for Pages   
    Any news about this feature?
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    xtech got a reaction from Maxxius in Error with furl changes   
    This is a prevalent issue since 4.0 was launched. IPS needs to fix this.
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    xtech got a reaction from DreamOn in Error with furl changes   
    This is a prevalent issue since 4.0 was launched. IPS needs to fix this.
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    xtech reacted to Nathan Explosion in (NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player   
    Please post your support request in this topic, not via PM - I am asking you to do this as you have requested a refund, and I would like you to explain publicly what the issue is with the application on IPS 4.5
    For the record:
    The application is designed to work on IPS 4.5 I am not aware of any current issues with the version released over the weekend. If you are going to request a refund, then please be courteous and offer me the chance to support what ever it is that doesn't work for you.
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    xtech reacted to JordanB in Zapier available only only on cloud offer ?   
    Thanks for your answer. 

    So i will take the decision to change the CMS for an other one. 

    It's sad cause in my opinion they will loose lot of people and communities.

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    xtech reacted to CodingJungle in [CJ] Stratagem (Support Topic)   
    I'll submit it a ticket.
    I use it myself for my apps and clients for their custom work, so i don't see why i wouldn't. 
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    xtech got a reaction from sobrenome in Mail Bouncer - Automated Bounce Management   
    2 Months passed. Is it really IPS staff taking this long to approve it?
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    xtech reacted to AlexWebsites in Mail Bouncer - Automated Bounce Management   
    When will this be updated to 4.5? 
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    xtech reacted to breatheheavy in Invision Community "Medium" business model application   
    Hey team! @Jordan Invision here. Slipping into my other account on Sunday funday to see what your thoughts are on this idea I've been thinking about. 
    For many years, I've been interested in removing ads from my forum, but I think the standard subscription model for my community wouldn't go over well. I don't have any concrete proof, just a hunch. 
    Now, if my members could actually earn money via Stripe for posting engaging content within our rules, that would be epic.
    Recently, I've been writing articles on Medium. Their business model (to me) is brilliant. Everyone wins: Medium, the publisher and the readers. 
    They explain in detail what it is (if interested check this out).
    In a nutshell it's this:
    A subscription model at $5 per month for unlimited reading
      Guests can view a few content items per month without an account/subscription
      Publishers can earn revenue on the content items they post
      Publishers earn revenue by subscribers reading their post
      The amount the publisher earns is based off of how many articles that reader read on Medium that month For example, someone pays the $5 and only reads 2 articles on Medium in total that month, you get a larger chunk of their $5 Or, someone could read 50 articles on Medium that month (including one of yours) and you receive a smaller chunk of their $5 --- 
    I think the concept might sound a little confusing at first glance, but it's relatively simple. 
    Essentially, the publisher is rewarded with money for posting engaging content. The community benefits by having people post content they want to engage with. The community is also incentivized to post engaging content as well because they could earn some of their subscription back and possibly make a profit. And the community owner of course takes a cut. Because the community is generating revenue, ads are no longer needed. 
    This would need to track what content items users visited, then allocate an amount to that user based on their usage over a 30-day period. 
    To me, this could be a game-changing application baked into Invision Community. I am writing this to see if anyone finds this kind of business model appealing, or think it's a waste of time, or...? Perhaps there are some huge drawbacks/downsides to this for a community. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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    xtech reacted to Charles in HTTP/2 for mobile - ?!?   
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    xtech reacted to Morrigan in Don't show me an update if I can't download it....   
    I don’t need them to hide it. I need it to behave @Joel R

    My daughter attempted to take her life in December and unfortunately that plus my boyfriend getting COVID in January where I now have it? I’m not going to lie, the fact that I CANNOT update because I don’t have the money to do it but am so incessantly reminded of it with an expired license is hot garbage. 
    If my license was active that’s on me and I am making an active decision to ignore it. When my license is inactive that is not the case. I don’t see why a “if license inactive no reminders” statement can’t be added to them.
    @Charles @Lindy is it really necessary to be this insistent to remind me of what a hard time I’m having? It was hard enough dealing (and still dealing) with my life issues. This feels just like an extra kick in the teeth in my opinion. These last two months have quite literally been the worst of my life, I don’t know why IPS had to rub it in my face every 24-48 hours when it decided to remind me again that my site wasn’t up to date on my expired license that I legit just couldn’t pay for.
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    xtech reacted to Apfelstrudel in Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)   
    May I ask why this step is not part of the standard suite? From my point of view it should be.
    I also have thousands of CLS errors in Search Console. But I assume they also come from lazy load being enabled.
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    xtech got a reaction from sobrenome in Google Core Web Vitals / Google December 2020 Core Update   
    @Gabriel Torres  are you already seeing Google Analytics benefits of these improvements? I mean, how are the several optimizations you are making impacting your search engine traffic?
    I believe that IPS should implement these improvements built in. Having successful communities is of their best interest, and SEO effectiveness should be a top priority.
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    xtech reacted to Gabriel Torres in Google Core Web Vitals / Google December 2020 Core Update   
    @xtechSo far, I am not seeing any improvement, as the main issue, which is the LCP, is still present. As mentioned in my original post, Google made a major change in its algorithm in the beginning of december, which is really hurting us. We used to get around 140k users per day from Google, since then we are getting around 115k. This is hurting our revenue tremendously. I am still working on this, though. Every couple of days I fix something here or there. I am very persistent and I will get to the bottom of this and will eventually fix this LCP issue! 🙂
    In any case, this has been a good opportunity to fix a lot of other things that could be improved anyway! 🙂
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    xtech got a reaction from Gabriel Torres in Google Core Web Vitals / Google December 2020 Core Update   
    @Gabriel Torres  are you already seeing Google Analytics benefits of these improvements? I mean, how are the several optimizations you are making impacting your search engine traffic?
    I believe that IPS should implement these improvements built in. Having successful communities is of their best interest, and SEO effectiveness should be a top priority.
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    xtech reacted to kmk in Audio support   
    Hi, please consider add audio player support to ips core features. As content manager tools, we can embed youtube and videos displayed in our topics or records, but missing audio player, we need upload audio files have it show to members as player...I think this is not so much as a content suite platform.

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    xtech reacted to Nathan Explosion in (NE) User annoyance   
    Application which allows you to apply random 'annoyances' to your annoying users. Options are:
    Show a blank page Show site as offline Show page not found error Delay page loading Redirect to another url Each of the above has a % chance of happening, configured by you - and you can configure different behaviour on a per-user basis.
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    xtech reacted to Dean_ in How do i download plugins?   
    I see it pretty simple now.

    For years, we've asked for some sort of Wordpress like feature, drag and drop, auto update within acp, plugins within acp. We now have it and realise we don't like it much after being used to IP.Board/IPB/IPS for years. But, we're now stuck with it.

    If you want addons without being tied to ACP, then ask the developer for the files, so you can keep a copy. This is what IPS suggest doing, and they have no intension of taking that feature away from us.

    Happy New Year by the way!!
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    xtech reacted to iozay in 24H Clock in calendar   
    Hi there,
    It would be great if it was possible to use a 24h clock in the calendar application, a 24 hour clock is pretty much the written standard for most non-english writing countries and makes proper lokalisation a bit harder.
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    xtech got a reaction from Sonya* in How to Add Google Adsense Code to Articles   
    You would need more advanced processing inside the template.
    Remember: article content is in field $record->_content. This field is a String that contains the HTML code that by its turn, contain your article text, images, etc.
    As an example, if you want to set an ad after the first paragraph and before the second paragraph, then you need to edit the record display template as follows:
    find the first paragraph end tag (</p>). You can do it with string functions or regex. Split the the string at that position (so you will have one string with the first paragraph, (let's call it $content1), and one with the remaining content ($content2). Create a new string $adsensecode and set it as: "<p>with_your_adsense_code_</p>" Conconcatenate $content1 . $adsensecode . $content2  Instead of using $record->_content to display article content, use $yourconcatenatedcontent Enjoy.
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    xtech reacted to ibaker in Condensed or expanded view not working   
    Personally, I think this comes down to more than just the issue itself. It shows that there is a date that is hard stored in the IPS product. Now this is all well and good for those that have active licenses and thus the support that comes with it (like myself) but what about those who do not have active licenses? Perhaps they have refrained from renewing their licenses till a major update or perhaps they are just happy with what they already have as a site solution? However, their solution now has an end date in the effective use of some of its functionality which was not disclosed to them at the time of install. It is stated that they are allowed to use the solution without an active license but they are not advised that part(s) of the solution will self destruct at set dates.
    Did we not learn anything from Y2K?
    So now we come down to the ethics and morals of IPS management and staff? If they knew they had hard stored dates in their solution and did nothing to rectify this as it will force users to renew their licenses thus financial greed then we have a company that is extremely unethical providing us with a solution. However, this can not be proven from the outside looking in so a benefit of doubt must be given but doubt all the same. Now where morals come into and whether the company is morally fit I think will come down to how they address this hard stored date in their solution with all those that are still using IPS without a current active license. If IPS was to advise a solution to this issue with all previous license holders then it would be considered that IPS is morally fit and sound, if they don't then not only would they be seen as an immoral company but more strength is given to the doubt of whether they are an ethical company.
    You could in theory set up a server and install a version of IPS and leave it working as it was at the time of install in the same manner that it was intended to work at that time for years, that is what IPS provides for in its licensing agreement whether you have a current license or not, and as stipulated many times "You can continue to use IPS without a current license". Hard stored dates in a solution causing it to diminish in its capability and functionality is not acceptable and this type of 20thy century coding should not be tolerated in this 21st century unless it is  clearly stated at the time of acquisition (i.e. 60 day trial etc).
    My 5c worth (that's 5c AUD inclusive of gst)
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    xtech reacted to Morrigan in "Kindness" plugin   
    I think the concept is moderately interesting but I certainly wouldn't want to "accept a terms of service" every time I submit something, at least not personally.
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    xtech reacted to Morrigan in Don't show me an update if I can't download it....   
    This would be lovely and satisfying but the issue is it is behaving like a standard update notification. In this case returning regularly across many platforms to poke me about this update I can’t install.
    My suggestion is, no matter how important IPS is making it, even if it’s a security patch, if I can’t install it with my lapsed license, the notification shouldn’t come up. The priority in this case should be whether I can download it or not.
    At the moment a 105 dollar renewal is impossible for me regardless of how important it is.
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