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Suggestions for improvement on Schema.org tags for Pages

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The current version of IPS generates Schema.org tags automatically. I have a few suggestions to improve this feature.

These tags are automatically generated in the Pages app, but all databases receive the "Article" schema.

For example, if my database is a database with books, it still receives an "Article" schema at the end of the page, whereas a "Book" schema would be more appropriate.

To solve this, I customized our "Books" database template to use "microdata", so our books have the correct Schema tags. So, we end up with two schemas for the record, one saying that it is a book and another saying it an article.

So, I'd prefer to disable the Schema.org tags generated automatically by IPS per database. I don't know if the current version has this feature already. If not, that is my first suggestion, for advanced cases where we'd prefer to configure microdata manually with a custom template.

Also, for database with news, the "NewsArticle" schema would be more appropriate, so maybe a configuration to select between Article/NewsArticle?

My second suggestion is regarding the "description" tag, that is missing. It would be great if we could configure it somehow, e.g., pointing out which field stores the article description. If empty, fill it with the meta description tag. And, if that is empty as well, get the first sentence from the article.

Anyway, just my two cents.



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