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    Maxxius got a reaction from breatheheavy in Visual cues upon logging in for the first time   
    I'm all for it! Would love to see this sort of thing made.
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    Maxxius reacted to breatheheavy in Visual cues upon logging in for the first time   
    Hey team, I had an idea for an application...
    I would love for when a member logs in for the first time, or something is launched on your forum, to visually show some cues - literally pointing to important parts of the website.
    For example, a member logs in, and most of the screen darkens except for the "Create" button at the top and a message pops up saying "This is how to create a new topic." 
    Or "This is where to view your profile" or "This is where to leave a comment," that kind of thing. They can click "Got it" and the mini tutorial disappears. 
    It would be useful for current members when rolling out a new feature, too. 
    I find that new members are overwhelmed with the amount that can be done. I want to make it very easy and clear for them.
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    Maxxius reacted to Semenedar in Connections (Support Topic)   
    Hi 🙂

    Great Plugin, first of all 🙂 I'm using the opt out option. Is it possible to add a city search option? From example, I'm from city "A". I see people near me. I would like to see people near another city ("B" , "C", "D" ) without change my location. "People Near Me" Site:

    And a second request. To add compatibility with the "Friends" application made by @onlyME. It's about the "People you may know" option. It does not consider "Friends" and shows in the "People you may know" section those Users who are already Friends.
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    Maxxius reacted to Adriano Faria in Books   
    It’s already a feature added in last version: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/456245-books/?do=findComment&comment=2819792
    There’s a Buy This Book button pointing to a Amazon store with the user or site Affiliate ID.
    You can see an image here: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/456245-books/?do=findComment&comment=2819169 linking to a user Affiliate ID.
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    Maxxius got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Books   
    I don't know if its possible but if you add one more field in book description with a link to amazon store where book can be bought with a referral link would be beneficial to the forum owner 🙂
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    Maxxius reacted to Joel R in hCaptcha support   
    @rebraf is as close as you will get to a Tier 3 IPS developer in the IPS Marketplace, so you can consider his files to be on par with core development.  
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    Maxxius got a reaction from PrettyPixels in [Question] Real Names on Your Community?   
    no need for real names at all.
    and the Austrians are crazy, 1984 creeping upon the people more and more.
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    Maxxius reacted to InvisionHQ in Classifieds System   
    No this is not possible now. I think you can translate / rename "condition" with ACP translation tools.
    you talk about the front end or the adverts listing in the ACP?
    Yes, if you disable transactions buyer and seller will independently manage the transaction without passing through paypal (or the forum)
    This is something which is currently not among the development priorities of this app.
    For this request I can add a setting in the next release.
    That should be it, if you don't send the notification, maybe there's a bug. I'll check and get back to you.
    I'll continue to assist you for this issue with a PM.
    Working on a fix. 
    I think I'll be able to release a new version of the app within the week. 
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    Maxxius reacted to L4D2Noob in It's possible to IPS add this feature?   
    /* Фоны для форумов */ .cForumRow [data-forumid="26"] { background: url(https://l4d2noob.ru/imgnoobstyle/Cisco-1.jpg) no-repeat !important; box-shadow:0 0 0 128px rgba(0, 0, 0.99, 0.50) inset; } [data-forumid="3"] { background: url(https://i.playground.ru/i/pix/1055072/image.jpg) no-repeat !important; box-shadow:0 0 0 128px rgba(0, 0, 0.99, 0.50) inset; } [data-forumid="21"] { background: url(https://l4d2noob.ru/imgnoobstyle/DryYksoWoAAvS0B.jpg) no-repeat !important; box-shadow:0 0 0 128px rgba(0, 0, 0.99, 0.50) inset; } [data-forumid="38"] { background: url(https://l4d2noob.ru/imgnoobstyle/1582088815_threme-theme-dark-2_4.jpg) no-repeat !important; box-shadow:0 0 0 128px rgba(0, 0, 0.99, 0.50) inset; } [data-forumid="17"] { background: url(https://l4d2noob.ru/imgnoobstyle/computer.jpg) no-repeat !important; box-shadow:0 0 0 128px rgba(0, 0, 0.99, 0.50) inset; } [data-forumid="10"] { background: url(https://l4d2noob.ru/imgnoobstyle/games-counter-strike-global-offensive-15025.jpg) no-repeat !important; box-shadow:0 0 0 128px rgba(0, 0, 0.99, 0.50) inset; } [data-forumid="46"] { background: url(https://l4d2noob.ru/imgnoobstyle/b982643080c32bd3fb9c8d956007acae.jpg) no-repeat !important; box-shadow:0 0 0 128px rgba(0, 0, 0.99, 0.50) inset; }  
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    Maxxius reacted to Adriano Faria in Follow Specific User Content   
    What's New in Version 1.0.3:
    Script optimization to fix issue reported
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    Maxxius reacted to Adriano Faria in Follow Specific User Content   
    @SJ77 nailed it down.... It's really my fault. Not exactly deleting the record but replacing.
    I'll provide a fix as soon as I can. 👍
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    Maxxius reacted to SJ77 in Follow Specific User Content   
    From a member
    Hello. I am noticing that the new change to modify notifications that are received from a person you follow does not seem to actually save. It seems once you exit the page you are on, it reverts back to following all content. Not sure if others have noticed, but I just thought I would let you know
    confirmed. Settings aren’t sticking! 
    Any ideas?
    EDIT: let me try clearing the cache with the support tool.
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    Maxxius reacted to Matt in Has anyone migrated from XF to Invision in recent times?   
    I'm happy to answer any questions. You could also try out a demo to get up to speed on the changes on Invision Community up to v4.4. You're also welcome to check out our Invision Community 4.5 alpha site here.
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    Maxxius reacted to Pavel Chernitsky in Spare a moment to discuss our lord and savior, Tapatalk?   
    I want to make it perfectly clear, I don't mind my users preferring to use Tapatalk. I told them multiple time that we DO NOT support anything in the app outside of integration. And so, any problem they have with that p.o.s, they're more than welcome to submit a ticket to Tapatalk themselves.
    I honestly don't give half a crock of poo If they want to use that buggy and insecure excuse for an app (talking from experience), it's totally their prerogative. And if they want it, I'm happy to provide the option. Up until it comes to bite us in the ass. So if it hurts our income in any way (we're completely free and are barely keeping our heads above water), I'm kicking it out so fast it'll cause a sonic boom. 
    So I'm looking for any data on whether it does or doesn't "leech" our traffic and ad clicks.
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    Maxxius reacted to DawPi in Site Wall   
    Or simply Status via widget or profile page. 🙂
    Combined with it give you what you want (and even more):
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    Maxxius got a reaction from Gangst3r in Feed2DB - Support Topic   
    Please can you add support for RSS feed images? That would save a lot of time manually adding images to a post.
    For example: https://www.eurogamer.net/?format=rss&type=article
    is the feed and it has text+image. you can see in this viewer: http://www.feedbucket.com/?src=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.eurogamer.net%2F%3Fformat%3Drss%26type%3Darticle
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    Maxxius got a reaction from AlexWebsites in Google May 2020 Algorithm Update   
    Almost the same for me too like you described.
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    Maxxius reacted to opentype in Spare a moment to discuss our lord and savior, Tapatalk?   
    An official IPS app will be released later this year which will support push notifications and also different sections (such as Pages articles), not just the forums. With that around the corner, there will be very few reasons left to consider Tapatalk. 
  19. Haha
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    Maxxius reacted to Morrigan in Pasting as "Rich Text" but making text color = default   
    Being a person that has had a dark theme since.... well forever (I've been using Dark themes as the primary for my sites since even before I started using Invision) this is more an issue with how things are being copy-pasted then it is with the CKEditor that Invision uses.
    To explain:
    Type a message in a word editor, don't change anything, then copy and paste it into the editor. No issues:
    Type a message in a word editor and change stuff:
    I just bolded there, but still no issue.
    Now change your default color in the editor:
    If you actually look at each example (in which I used Open Office Writer to create. I simply typed a phrase, then bolded the word then added more and changed the color) the only one that changes the font color is the last one and that is because I intentionally changed it in the word editor itself. (Use the inspect tool to verify). Techincally, the editor is doing what its told. Most likely your users are changing the color in their personal editors to something that isn't considered "default" which is truly causing the issue not the other way around. The editor is doing what its told.
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    Maxxius reacted to Robert Angle in Pasting as "Rich Text" but making text color = default   
    So we have this problem in our community where we developed a "dark mode" template for members who just prefer things that way, whether it is easy on the eyes or to save battery on their mobile devices. However, we've run into this conundrum and cannot seem to fix it....
    We have "Paste behavior" set to Rich Text with giving the members the option to paste as Plan Text instead. If a member copies text that was originally designated as black and pastes it into the his post, the black text color attribute carries over into the post as part of that Rich Text. Members who use our dark mode template, in which the content area is black, will not see any quoted text, because it matches the background.
    Obviously, we could change "Past as Rich Text" always to "Paste as Plain Text" always, and we did that, then got a fair amount of complaints, so we switched it back. It's now an issue of a small amount of dark theme lovers vs the small amount of paste-as-rich-text lovers. If we could retain the Rich Text but strip away the text color attribute that would be perfect. We just need all text to be "default" so that it shows up dark on the white background and as light on the dark background.
    It there a way to make this happen by modifying something in the Invision code or the CK Editor code?
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    Maxxius got a reaction from SammyS in Connections (Support Topic)   
    Joel got some great suggestions I hope you will implement those and I'll be looking to buy the mod too.
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    Maxxius got a reaction from Andy Millne in Connections (Support Topic)   
    Joel got some great suggestions I hope you will implement those and I'll be looking to buy the mod too.
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    Maxxius reacted to Joel R in Connections (Support Topic)   
    Core ideas for member discovery:
    When a new member joins, all registered members within X distance get a notification.   After you give X (positive) reactions to the same member, you get a trigger to follow the user.   Notification every X week to recommend new people to follow.  Hovercard add follow button.    App ideas for member discovery
    If user starts a private or shared Album and Blog, suggest his strongest connections On Club index or Club member page, suggest clubs or highlight followers who joined the club Topic Summary add a note that says something like "This post is popular with people you follow like Dwight, Pam, and Jim."  OR "This post is popular with people who follow you like Angela, Andy, and Toby."  That would dramatically enrich the value of the topic.  
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    Maxxius reacted to Joel R in Connections (Support Topic)   
    I've played around with the new release of Connections and, like others above, I would rather be more aggressive on the location-sharingto have it auto-suggested and auto-enabled by default.  
    Some thoughts:
    Location sharing only becomes useful if a critical mass of users enable the future since it depends on network effects.  Right now, it is opt-in, tucked away in a sub-menu of the app, tucked away in the Connections app, tucked away in its own menu item, almost no one is going to enable it.  You really need everyone to have it turned on by default, which is why I think there should be an ACP option to have location sharing enabled by default as a choice for Admins.  If location sharing is enabled in the ACP, I do believe there should be warning message to Admins they have the responsibility to disclose the extent and type of location sharing in their Terms of Use.  I can definitely see some retail boards turning it on and accidentally exposing everyone's location on accident.   There are different levels of location sharing you can consider: none, enabled with anonymous location, enabled with disclosed location.  I believe 'anonymized' location sharing would be an appropriate default, since it still allows users to see who is nearby without disclosing the actual, specific locations on the front-end.  
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