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chat gpt moderation/ AI moderation

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Again , with the comments . I am relaxed but I’ve come across this let’s go in to get the highest scoring answer to poke fun at someone or shoot them down in flames all too often.This is not Reddit ,this is the developer section of a serious forum and as for thoughts I was asking for thoughts from a development perspective and the possibility of implementation . Maybe I should have been more specific . 

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Just now, Mark Round said:

Maybe I should have been more specific . 

No, you should stop making false assumption and claim that my goal was to “gain scores“ or “poke fun at you”. All of that is completely wrong. You can’t make up what people’s motivations are and then judge them based on these purely speculative assumptions. It’s dishonest and insulting. 

And you can’t expect that people in an open discussion forum – developer forum or not – are only supposed to answer in ways that you like or deem worthy. That’s ridiculous. The only result will be that your questions remain unanswered, because no one will want to help you if this kind of response is what we get. And with that, I’m out for good. Good luck. 

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