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    loccom got a reaction from liquidfractal in Loyalty discount for multiple licenses?   
    they used to. have around 15
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    loccom reacted to LoPoSt in connecting multiple communities   
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    loccom got a reaction from bfarber in -200 error????   
    I solved i by upgrading from PHP 7.1 to 7.2.. solved the problem.
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    loccom reacted to DevNTG in Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 (updated)   
    This explains it in full, I used the commands needed from here, then you have to make sure to change all instances of the current charset to UTF8 with something like vim or nano. After that, reimport the dumped DB, and try running the upgrader again, and it shouldn't ask you to convert anymore. Your forum will go down with this change though, so I recommend that you make proper notices when doing so.
    This honestly can be done for any charset of any kind, and if the converter is doing weird stuff from the beginning, I suggest you ditch it and use this instead. 
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    loccom got a reaction from Steve Silver in referrals in commerce - How does it work?   
    figured it out, it was in menu manager.
    Now all seems god, but i wish we could choose the final location. I was hoping paid subscribers would refer others to subscribe too. Instead puts them on main page.
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    loccom got a reaction from Chris027 in Sticky Notes (support topic)   
    Since 4.4 I cannot seem to get sticky note images to appear on the stickies, even past ones, when i re-enable the images do not load.
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    loccom reacted to TheJackal84 in Sticky Notes (support topic)   
    Will fix this for the next update, should be with-in the next 24-48 hours
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    loccom reacted to simonle in Mobile app, still...   
    I rather want IPS to focus on their core and add-ons, making them more mobile-friendly and better with new features.
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    loccom got a reaction from CP_User in Export Invoices to CSV   
    I would really love shipping address too. We send membership cards our to our subscribers
    My ideal list would be
    Member Name
    Shipping Address
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    loccom reacted to bfarber in Major SEO issue on IPB Pages   
    I've raised your concern internally for further discussion and consideration. Thanks for pointing this out. 🙂 It appears from my (limited) testing so far that this issue only applies to standard pages, and not pages which have databases embedded (as those do set a canonical tag).
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    loccom got a reaction from AlexWebsites in Product Subscription Feedback (From customers)   
    it can already do coupons, i use them myself, add a coupon in he normal way and voila, however, that coupon will go across all plans, you cannot assign it to just one subscription plan.
    My users manage their payments via /clients/orders/ and that seems good enough.
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    loccom reacted to RRRRRrrrrr in Add support to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in IPB Forum   
    Maybe you can add support to AMP only for GUESTS.  This pages don't have forms
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    loccom reacted to Stuart Silvester in Flushing Cached Images   
    By default, they would be in uploads/imageproxy/. They may be elsewhere if you've changed your storage settings.
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    loccom got a reaction from mrbowers in Clubs and Updates.   
    It's built in.
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    loccom got a reaction from Cyboman in Mobile version app   
    main reason my communities are dying is because of mobile. Members simply dislike it, been told many times. FB is easier to use.
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    loccom got a reaction from rainstone.digital in Page records posted in to club?   
    Hi can a ip.Page record be posted in to club? I can see it can post in to a forum as a support topic, but can i have them posted in to a club instead?
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    loccom got a reaction from BomAle in IPS 4.3 - fallback to mysql if elasticsearch is down   
    create a cron to restart ES if down.
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    loccom reacted to AlexWright in Google AdSense Warning   
    Maybe @newbie LAC's application can do this (needs confirmation)
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    loccom reacted to opentype in Moving IPB files to root, url issues. Advice needed   
    ACP → System → Setting → Advanced Configuration → Friendly URLs
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    loccom reacted to opentype in Moving IPB files to root, url issues. Advice needed   
    You can’t change it now, because “forum” is a folder on your server. But once you are in the root and make Pages the default app, you will have a virtual forums folder you can then change. 
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    loccom got a reaction from Daniel F in Default app settings   
    ok.. i see in the applications page i select the star to make it default
    Funny how i found it in minutes, but spent an hour before.  
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    loccom got a reaction from Ramsesx in How to prevent Ads displaying on Registration pages   
    downloaded app from Marketplace "Enhanced Advertisements" by Newbie LAC
    works a treat
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    loccom got a reaction from trananhls in How to prevent Ads displaying on Registration pages   
    How to prevent Ads displaying on Registration pages? Google have warned that I have adsense on our registration page and its in violation of their terms. How can i prevents ads appearing via the Commerce Ads.
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    loccom reacted to Rhett in Making ip.pages the default home page   
    remove word press and files, move Invision software to the root, set pages as the default app, and forums will be served from /forums and the default page in the root.  
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    loccom got a reaction from Meddysong in jquery not working since update to 4.2.2   
    Thats works.. thanks!!!!
    Thanks to everyone else as well who tried to help. 
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