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physical product deprecation question

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Hi Guys

I understand that the Physical Product element is going to be deprecated. I am wondering if this leaves us in a pickle.

We switched from Physical product memberships to subscriptions a number of years ago. In this subscription we take their address information to send a few things as part of the membership. Will taking address details still remain active in the subscription element? Can we still ask for address as normal?

Is there any more detailed information on this deprecation please? otherwise we will never be able to do upgrades as a major part of our forum is membership and we need to collect addresses.


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We will be removing items related to physical items only, such as the ability to interact with delivery services, sizes of items etc. Addresses, while I understand it may seem are related, are actually required by many payment processors. So they would indeed stay.

It is also worth noting that even without those, you could actually capture any information you wish via the use of custom fields too 🙂 

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