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Bulk Followers Management

Adriano Faria

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About This File

This plugin will give admins the ability to add or remove followers from forums/categories across the suite. Tested on:

  • Forums
  • Calendars
  • Downloads categories
  • Gallery albums
  • A few 3rd party apps, like Tutorials, Videos System, etc.


  • General rule: it has to work with any app that uses Categories.
  • Not compatible with Pages. It will be in a further version.



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Thank you for this plugin Adriano!  It worked great.

I've been wanting to remove a few followers from the Moderator forum for some time.  

One suggestion to the app in the future is the ability to select specific followers to remove if possible rather than remove all and then re-select the group or groups back into it.

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2 minutes ago, Morrigan said:

Can you remove all followed members from a specific member?

Basically if I have a banned member can I remove the people they are following so no one sees them in the other members follow list?

Oh man, forgot that now you can follow a member. I'll add the ability to remove all followers when a member is banned.

I'll add this too today later or tomorrow.

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6 hours ago, naurel said:

Do you think you'll be able to do it for items one day ?

Just started it:


Still missing some CSS tricks. I hope to finish it in a couple of days.

I will probably increase the plugin price due to this new feature... so if you want to buy it, that's a good moment. ^_^

Edited by Adriano Faria
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Can I suggest you to integrate your app with Rule ? You will have way more customer I think since you're the only one providing app/hook to manage followers on IPS4.

And the only thing that is missing is a way to automated it. (I'll talk about it with others managers but I think we will wait for the Rule integration before buying even if it's more expensive).

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Two question to be sure I understand this correctly:

  1. This is a bulk-change, not an override of the regular user subscriptions, right? So if I subscribe members this way, they can then unsubscribe again, correct?
  2. Does this work only for existing or also for future members? So if I set a group to follow a specific forum, will a new member added to the group later be automatically subscribed too?
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  • 2 months later...
  • 1 month later...

What's New in Version 1.1.0:

  • For IPS 4.1.16+: Added ability, for those who can remove followers, to add/remove followers from forums/categories and items (topics, gallery images, downloads files, blog entries, etc.) on front end.

Screenshot 7.PNG

The REMOVE FOLLOWERS option was also replaced by this:


Merge plugins will come soon, later this month, probably.

Edited by Adriano Faria
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