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    Hello, Is there any way to add a condition(PHP) using the RULES: If count (user_awards_category) = X then .... count (user_awards_category) = number of awards a user has for a given category X = the number that i want o verify Example: If user has 5 awards, he switches to another group.
  2. I'm talking about .mp4 files not .mpg files.
  3. ok.... And about the problem, any solutions ?
  4. MP4 is a mpeg video file.
  5. VERSION 2.1.4 I uploaded using ckeditor like a image. After saving the video becomes a link.
  6. why this not playing uploaded mpeg videos ?
  7. Thanks, i didn't see that. 1º - In the FAQ system homepage, can you add a option to put the "list all available Collections" as widget sidebar ? about this any news ??
  8. Hello, @Mike John After upgrade, the application send PM and Message to chatbox every 30 minutes for 3 hours. I have cron Job every 5 minutes Any help ?
  9. 1º ok, thanks 2º the collections are drag and drop, but not the questions
  10. Hello, @HeadStand 1º - In the FAQ system homepage, can you add a option to put the "list all available Collections" as widget sidebar ? 2º How can i order the questions ?
  11. In the email message the Smart quick tags are not working. The email that users are receiving: Hello {member_name}, Our records indicate that you just turned {age}. {board_name} would like to wish you a happy birthday.
  12. hello @Fosters, i'm thinking to change from iawards to your application. Can this display a category in the bottom post or this only shows in 1 location - postbit(user panel) ? Iawards has 2 location option to show the awards. Thanks,
  13. IF is a member = the topic author will be the author(member logged in) IF is a guest = the topic author will be the fixed member id OR IF is a member =name of author (member logged in) in the post IF is a guest show the email in the post
  14. @Adriano Faria, what i realy want is this.
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