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  1. New Topic Rules

    Thank you!
  2. New Topic Rules

    @Adriano Faria I'm having the same issue as on the screen in the picture above. The fix with custom.css helps but not entirely (fontawesome icon is a bit misaligned anyway). This persists even when the plugin is turned off in admin panel, only uninstalling it entirely fixes the issue. Could you please advise how to remove the problem?
  3. Quizzes

    Haha OK, I disabled re-playing for the time being and edited the "winner" to his original score via the database
  4. Quizzes

    Oh, OK then, I'll have to disallow re-playing that. Thanks for a prompt reply!
  5. Quizzes

    @Adriano Faria, did anyone maybe had a problem where user took the quiz again and scored higher - and that higher score was posted on the leaderboard? From what I understand it shouldn't be so, it even says when you retake the quiz that the score will be discarded...
  6. Raffles System

    Actually we could use it too. But I also created the same prize multiple times and worked around that problem .
  7. Hide Followers for Guests

    Does exactly what it should, now our guests have another reason to sign up
  8. Raffles System

    The application does exactly what it should. Also it's wonderful that you can create raffles of giveaways - who needs to pay for Gleam or Rafflecopter when you have that? It's a really good alternative to such solution as it additionally promotes people to register on the site. It's easy to learn and use, looks good on skinned site, and if you decide so you can easily enable your community users to run giveaways too. Also translates really well and has an option to automatically make a topic when a raffle is created (looks sweet and is super useful). Another really important component of any product is its support - whether you find a bug or have a question (and I had qute some) - here @Adriano Faria delivers - and does it superbly. Updates are frequent, questions in support topic answered really fast and professionally. Overall - maximum score for me, I consider the money really well spent and I recommend this application.
  9. Raffles System

    Silly me, yes it was there! Thank you!
  10. Raffles System

    No, I've been testing on a different account. And yes, one of the raffles had same prices in every currency. Any chance that the requirement of filling every currency when editing ticket price of existing raffle will be removed? Or please tell me if I can remove it myself somehow. It's strange that such requirement exists on edition when it isn't present when you create the raffle.
  11. Raffles System

    OK, now it works just like on your video. Seems the problem has been caused by the fact that the raffle that acted improperly has been created before I made changes to view.php file.
  12. Raffles System

    OK, I'll try to make a new one and see if the problem persists.
  13. Raffles System

    I've found another (maybe) bug: if when creating a raffle you define a price for only one currency then it applies said price to any currency the site supports. It should be impossible to pay in another currency IMO. Also when editing the price in an existing raffle it forces you to define any price > zero for every currency. You can't fill unwanted currencies with zeroes. Is it intentional?
  14. Raffles System

    Yes, this helped! Now it properly generates invoice for selected currency. Thank you again!
  15. Raffles System

    Also I have a strange issue: we have defined various currencies on the site (including one virtual). But even if I define various prices for a raffle ticket it tries to charge the customer with proper amount of currency but in improper one (default currency on the site is Polish złoty) but when the customer picks something else i.e. EUR, USD, or SCP (the virtual one) it always tries to charge in Polish złoty. Yet on the checkout screen there's PLN (Polish Złoty). Am I doing something wrong or is this an error?