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  1. Raffles System

    First three enhancement suggestions look really nice to me too . Also recently I've noticed that even if I manually put "0" in reputation requirements and untick the field it doesn't honor that setting - I can't set minimum reputation allowed for participation to "zero" (If I wanted to eliminate from the pool of participants anyone with -1 rep or less).
  2. 4.3: Promote to Facebook Pages and Groups

    Yes, I had to share manually from one fb fansite to other and it was a pain in the neck. This solution should fix that. Awesome!
  3. Raffles System

    Wonderful news
  4. Raffles System

    This is a very valid point, maybe (if it isn't too much work in the future version it could be editable only when no one took part in the raffle / giveaway yet and/or before any prizes are added? Also there's no rush, we're going to recreate that one - I just wanted to know if it can be done in any other way (also that rep thingy). If you could provide the file - that's marvelous and I'd be immensely grateful. I'll do a check on a test raffle and if this issue persists will use you support board. Thank you very much for prompt reply!
  5. Raffles System

    @Adriano Faria I have two questions: 1st question: how can I edit giveaway settings in a giveaway that one of the members created but set these not totally poperly (there's no restriction on reputation and I want the restriction to be on for reputation = 0 so people with negative rep can't participate). I can edit it directly in the database but not on the webpage (and when I'm not at home I really don't want to log into my site databases). Besides that's a major pain in the neck - when I enter "0" in the table it interprets it as "no restriction" anyway. I can edit only restriction concerning number of participants and things visible above. And 2nd question: any reply on question I asked in this post?
  6. 4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    Yup, that would be awesome. TBH I can't wait for 4.3!
  7. 4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    Wonderful news!
  8. Pages templates

    I'm gonna necro this topic and add that I totally agree with OP. Luckily @opentype started creating awesome templates but frankly speaking it would be good if there'd be more.
  9. Pages SuperGrid

    I wish there were more products like this... Templates look awesome. Articles invite users to be read when you use this. It's easy to create a compelling and user-engaging database of articles using these. Easy to install and set up. Also a great price for something of such a high quality. Please keep creating more.
  10. Raffles System

    @Adriano Faria, can you tell me please where I can translate the post that gets autopublished when raffle winners get picked? I don't even need it to be multi-lingual, just need to get it to be in my site's language (and would prefer the systen posting it translated than edit and translate manually every time).
    Works wonderfully, no problem with installation and is a great enhancement to our site. Also it's free - big thanks to @TAMAN for this.
  11. Raffles System

    It's all in the section of admin panel where themes (styles) live. Language bits are in the section with languages. If you want to change something just choose English and click "translate" icon. You can search for anything you see on the page (so in this case "raffles" word) or just toy around with tools in the upper menu (quick translation for example). Also check out help articles:
  12. New Topic Rules

    Thank you!
  13. New Topic Rules

    @Adriano Faria I'm having the same issue as on the screen in the picture above. The fix with custom.css helps but not entirely (fontawesome icon is a bit misaligned anyway). This persists even when the plugin is turned off in admin panel, only uninstalling it entirely fixes the issue. Could you please advise how to remove the problem?
  14. Quizzes

    Haha OK, I disabled re-playing for the time being and edited the "winner" to his original score via the database