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  1. Hmm to iterate on this: is it possible to ban multiple domains at once? Adding one-by-one would be tedious work, as there's A LOT of those. Sure I could do that via SQL query but if there's another option I'd prefer that.
  2. Hell no, it always should be just an option and I can't imagine forcing users to show their real names if they don't want to.
  3. The only thing missing for me from IPS is an app so people can get notofications instantly (about PMs, likes etc - that should be configurable like forum notifications). We have a webhook on discord for posts and stuff, but that's the most important missing thing that comes to mind which could help in community building for me.
  4. There aren't categories on my trophy overview on frontend 😞 and the content is sorted by database ID and divided only by Trophies and Medals. I also would love if those could be ordered and grouped like on the backend. Also any possibility of making the trophies clickable on overview, so you can easily see who has which one? Also another question / suggestion: would it be possible to make something similar to this when you mouseover the trophies in postbit? So on mouseover it shows full-res trophy image?
  5. Yes, and reorder them too. Also @Fosters please take a peek at pms as I've sent an error there and it's still occurring on my install.
  6. @Fosters is it possible somehow / will be possible to re-order the trophies on their dedicated subpage? Currently they're ordered by database ID and that doesn't look good especially if I have a specific trophy type and added something later (i.e. I have best answer related trophies in the beginning and the end and would like to be able to nicely order (and group if possible) them. Maybe it would be possible to show the categories too? Another nice thing woud be if we could add/edit the reason for medals in admin panel - it's the only place that allows giving multiple people a medal yet there's no option to add a description (it's possible in the moderator option on frontend).
    Easy to use and great-looking app with huge potential for driving up community engagement and encouraging registrations. Very responsive and professional support on top of that.
  7. I can't play at all but love to listen so there's that :)
  8. Nice, I hope your community will keep on growing!
  9. @wegorz23 look at my site https://gamearmada.org/ - I use @opentype's templates and on mobile it looks nice. It really is a matter of config.
  10. Maybe another take on boundaries: what do you think of introducing achievements to community? For items created (posts, uploads to gallery, blogs, etc), things user does for the community (i.e. recruited someone, wrote an article). Do you think such a way would be viable to boost engagement? Is only a badge reason enough to engage more?
  11. @Joshua O'Brien adjustment of CTRL-V behaviour would be sufficient for me :)
  12. It would be absolutely wonderful if paste behavior was a per-group setting. I'd love to have an option to paste with formatting as an admin and leave it off for my Users.
  13. For me Invision Community is the software I started using way back when the version number was 1.x. It's constantly improved, reliable and easily extendable. You can build what you need without programming knowledge using resources on the Marketplace, advice on on official forums and help from really supportive community. That paired with quick, proffessional and reliable support makes it a solution which is a pleasure to use for both the users and the staff. (Suffice to say I've tested phpbb and various modifications, smf, vb... stuck with Invision, even when it went commercial I've bit the bullet and bought the license - never regretted it.)
  14. Overall the site is very pleasant and clean-looking, no clutter. And beautiful dog pics positively stand out :)
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