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  1. Nice, I hope your community will keep on growing!
  2. @wegorz23 look at my site https://gamearmada.org/ - I use @opentype's templates and on mobile it looks nice. It really is a matter of config.
  3. Maybe another take on boundaries: what do you think of introducing achievements to community? For items created (posts, uploads to gallery, blogs, etc), things user does for the community (i.e. recruited someone, wrote an article). Do you think such a way would be viable to boost engagement? Is only a badge reason enough to engage more?
  4. @Joshua O'Brien adjustment of CTRL-V behaviour would be sufficient for me :)
  5. It would be absolutely wonderful if paste behavior was a per-group setting. I'd love to have an option to paste with formatting as an admin and leave it off for my Users.
  6. For me Invision Community is the software I started using way back when the version number was 1.x. It's constantly improved, reliable and easily extendable. You can build what you need without programming knowledge using resources on the Marketplace, advice on on official forums and help from really supportive community. That paired with quick, proffessional and reliable support makes it a solution which is a pleasure to use for both the users and the staff. (Suffice to say I've tested phpbb and various modifications, smf, vb... stuck with Invision, even when it went commercial I've bit the bullet and bought the license - never regretted it.)
  7. Yes, I did the same with our community. We got rid of Wordpress in favor of Pages and with @opentype's marvelous templates site looks more interesting. I like the member of the month thingy, I'll need to think of the way we can use XYZ of the month in my community too :). Good luck with your community @Fierce God!
  8. Overall the site is very pleasant and clean-looking, no clutter. And beautiful dog pics positively stand out :)
    Of two translations available this is of a much higher quality. It deals with Polish grammar in a better way avoiding many artificially looking constructions which results in a more professional-looking streams and automated content. The only drawback is the change of icons in admin panel (why? it's useless and makes administration harder when you used the same icons for years) which luckily is easily removable though. -- Z dwóch dostępnych tłumaczeń to jest znacznie wyższej jakości, radzi sobie lepiej z gramatyką i nie generuje potworków stylistycznych np. w streamach i różnorakich treściach automatycznych. Tylko po co zmieniacie znów ikony w admin panelu? I co dużą wersję na inne? Człowiek siedzi od lat na jednych i się przyzwyczaił, a tak trzeba toto usuwać 🙂.
  9. Thank you very much, this helped! 🙂
  10. @opentype please advise. I've updated my community to 4.4.2, and SuperGrid to version compatible with 4,4. My categories list looks like this: https://gamearmada.org/home/?show=categories - if I remember correctly this list was styled too? Also where do you set Category Template Group now? I don't have this option in database properties, it was there in 4.3.x but now it's gone. So I can't set this according to manual. It looks like this. My other databases have the setting, could the difference be due to amount of categories? If there's no other option I'll just dig around in the MySQL database and override it there but I'd prefer a simpler and more convenient solution if possible 🙂
  11. Yes, I did write it witha a tad of sarcasm. There are undeniable benefits to social media but in recent years they're overshadowed by data misuse and treating users, their data and privacy as merchandise to be sold and traded. Facebook is the pinnacle of this. I understand that companies need to generate profit. I understand that if something's free then you're the merchandise. That doesn't mean I agree with this and quixotic as it may be I'll wage war against such thing anyway 🙂 . Just as I've mentioned - I have accounts there. I just am not a target for them as I don't buy their ads, block whatever crap they display that I don't want to see and essentially use it only to further my goals. The questions you pose are very valid and what is one big problem for people building real communities is that facebook distorted so much what is considered a community. And fighting that is harder and harder - in days long gone it was an excellent tool for building reach and traffic redirect. Now - not as much. But I do get some satisfaction by just using them as a signpost saying to people "hey, you know, the real XYZ community is that way". And the real question is how to effectively convince lazy people (and let's not deceive ourselves, our species is lazy by nature and it isn't anything bad) follow the signpost and interact there not only on the damn social medium. Some changes introduced in 4.4 will help for sure but there's always the question how to make person start following the links 🙂 Well - we'll see what future brings.
  12. <angry rant> For me facebook is just a steaming, toxic pile of 💩. I totally abhor it and its blatant misuse of users' data. I have an account I use to manage my fansites but privately I don't use it much except contacting some people that aren't available in other places and reposting memes. Another problem is the popularity of facebook-owned communication platforms (messenger, whatsapp, instagram etc). And the fact that so many users gleefully continue using these while boasting that they deleted their fb accounts. Facebook also had a really detrimental influence on forums (ability to interest people in them, convince to register, etc). This all coupled with awful censorship makes me think what I do. I hope against hope that people will wake up one day and ditch this toxic abomination but... </angry rant>
    A useful and good-looking possibility of using Pages to make your community better, this easily could also be used as a bug tracking solution I think.
  13. Yup, new version fixed the problem with lack of server name, thanks @puffysticks. for quick fix!
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