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Adriano Classifieds Conversation

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Ok, making a new one is also a good option.

You are well recognized developper here and IPS definitely need a classifieds app so if you ask me there is something to do here.

This app actually looks very complicated to me so maybe starting over and refocusing is a good approach.

I am just trying to find a good solution for everyone here and since this resource was yours once I thought you may be interested.

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8 minutes ago, Chris027 said:

I’d also pay to have the old classifieds content moved into the new app. 

Not in my plans. I would probably charge for it as a custom script.

1 minute ago, misfit76 said:

I was waiting for the integration with the Feedback system. If the new app has that, I am in. 

I can build an own feedback feature. 

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Good news about starting a dialogue and finding a solution, and about the possibility of an alternative application with the desired functionality.

At the same time, for users, several important issues remain unresolved, including all problems associated with ending the use of the old application and switching to a completely new one.

And, most importantly: how to avoid a repetition of the current situation in the future?

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1 minute ago, Your Synergy said:

With all our respect for Adriano, his work and applications, we can be sure of the quality of the development of a new application. 

But, the main problem is that the vulnerability remains, with the consequences of which we are now dealing - all users again become dependent on a single developer ...

And this is true for almost all 3rd party resources. What’s interesting is this is also true not just for IPB but other platforms as well. 

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It would be great to consider several options.

One of the alternative solutions could be an application that complements the Downloads IPS application, which in the database allows users to place ads with files and get paid for them, obviously, with some customization, can become a universal solution for placing ads.  This application could look like an extension / addition to the functions of the Downloads application.  Details can be discussed with a positive response from developer.

Perhaps this way is easier, faster, less labor-intensive and probably more secure for user data using the downloads database?

@Adriano Faria , you have already created several useful customizations for Download application.  What do you say, could you continue the set?

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I honestly think having an optional IPS app as a prerequisite would be a mistake because it would significantly reduce the market. The only reason I did not buy this classifieds app is that it required commerce and I have no other use for it at the moment.


That being said, optional integratiotwith commerce or downloads might be a strong plus for their users.

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3 hours ago, jesuralem said:

That being said, optional integratiotwith commerce or downloads might be a strong plus for their users.

Commerce is the difference here. You can charge for submission, sell stuff, manage renewals, etc. If all you want is to show some text (the ad) and some pictures, then Pages is perfect for you. Or even topics.

I still didn’t make my mindy yet, I will probably develop it, but Commerce definitely will be required.

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