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IPS Pages - some new features suggestions


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Hi, I have a few suggestions for Pages App that I miss a lot after switching from Wordpress. The application itself works great and is very flexible, but it still lacks a lot of options, which I will try to describe below. 

First of all option which I miss on start is a Poll/Vote option, because I cannot add a poll with voting in any way to article, which is available only in the forum application. It would be great to see  possibility to adding a poll into our articles.

Tables - it is not possible to insert tables with a certain number of columns and rows. This option isn't available in any of the apps, but it would be nice to see one in Pages. For example, I am adding a table with 3 columns and 5 rows, e.g. for movies. The columns contain information such as the name of the film, Production Year and Genre, which can be sorted in ascending or descending order, while in the rows we complete the data related to the columns.

Author Box - as simply as the name suggests, adding the option to insert a small window about the author of the content and a short description of it, which would be added as a widget from the side panel in any selected place, e.g. under the content of an article in Pages.


These are all my suggestions so far, I hope one of them will be in a newer version of Pages.

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3 minutes ago, Maxxius said:

Yes, a good suggestion I thought of in the past. How come articles can't have polls? Just extend the system to include it to pages. Shouldn't it be that hard?

I think there is more to it than just that. Forums and Blogs can have polls currently but they have a purpose and they aren't really allowing for major custom content like pages. Not to say that I wouldn't like it added but I think its more complicated than that.

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Complicated or not it's one of the must be options in big app like Pages... Lik any others CMS Polls are one of the basic functions. I'm not a programmer or something like that, but I think it will not be difficult to add a voting tab as it looks with the editor on the forum and place it in a selected place between the content, such as media.

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I use this thread for the extension of my older wishlist for Pages.

Pages should have 

  • background images for categories as for forums grid view
  • polls in Pages entries
  • text area for category descriptions (and not only one text field)
  • an option to show category descriptions only on category sites and not in categories overview.
  • widgets per category and not for all categories together (yes, there's an app for that)
  • the option to set multiple authors for one article
  • field for meta title on Pages database entries
  • snippet preview on Meta Tags at least in ACP
  • more schema tag options as described in this thread from @Gabriel Torres
  • in menu manager the option to include a single entry from a Pages database (an article for example). So many menu entries are "external links" but actually "things" in Pages.


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