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Adriano Faria

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7 hours ago, Saurabh Jain said:

How can we use extra fields in quiz

The same way you use in any app: create them. Edit the category to choose which ones will appear. Create or edit a quiz and they will be there. 

7 hours ago, Saurabh Jain said:

If I allow even guests to play ... we can contact them

Guests can’t play. 

7 hours ago, Saurabh Jain said:

Can this be used to collect personal information for distributing gift from each user


3 hours ago, Saurabh Jain said:

I have added 5 questions - however it is showing only 4

one less 

Can’t reproduce. 

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You have to provide steps or something so I can reproduce. Post images won't help at all.  I can obviously see that in all places shows 4 but you have 5 steps. So go to the questions management and see how many are there, delete it, recreate it, etc.

The most obvious reason is that something happened when you saved a question. Any error? Anything in your logs?

Or provide ACP acces (if you have English installed). I can't do much only by viewing images.

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Just now, Saurabh Jain said:

I was about to give access .. but I did what u said... edit one question and saved.... now its showing 5 all over 

Probably some error happened and it increased the steps but didn't save the question.

Take a look in your logs and see if there's something related to the app there. Let me know if you find something.

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On 6/17/2018 at 8:13 AM, steel51 said:

How do I change the backround color for quiz icons? I used transparent icons, backround is grey. Can I have the backround in white? Which css do I have to change? @Adriano Faria



Is this the Quizzes Feed widget? If so, it uses a core template to display the image:

<ips:template parameters="$quiz, $orientation='vertical'" />
<li class='ipsDataItem {{if $orientation == 'horizontal'}}ipsGrid_span3{{endif}}'>
	<div class='ipsDataItem_icon ipsPos_top'>
		{template="thumbImage" group="global" app="core" params="$quiz->thumb, $quiz->title, 'tiny', '', 'view_this', $quiz->url(), 'quizzes_Image'"}

As it hasn't any background style there, I can only image it comes fromthe thumbImage template.

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Hi Adriano, 

Interested in buying but am curious about being able to post individual quizzes in different parts of my site, particularly in pages.

I want to reproduce an existing online handbook/textbook that uses google forms for quizzes. So I would like to have quizzes integrated on the appropriate pages.


P.s. I apologize if this has been addressed, it's a long thread.

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I have quizzes which require the questions to be in order. But when I submit them, they are being re-ordered.

In the admin CP, Community --> Quizzes --> Settings --> Playing Quizzes, I have "Randomize quiz questions?" set to "off." But the question order is still being changed when I submit them.

Just to show what is happening, I added numbers to the questions I am trying to submit. Questions one through five were in the correct order. But when I submitted question six, it jumped to the top.


What can I do to submit questions in exact order and have them display in that same order?

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I know many people have suggested ways to make this application more powerful that would require a lot of work and rewriting the application, but here is my idea that would make this a lot more powerful WITHOUT requiring a big rewrite of your existing code! It only requires new scoring code!

It would be a wonderful and powerful feature to have a new quiz type based on how the answers are graded. Instead of just adding up all the correct answers to produce one score (such as getting 7 out of 10 questions correct, 70%) -- it would be great if different sets of scores could be produced by creating "sets" of questions within the quiz to produce individual scores:

X factor: 68%

Y: factor 29%

z: factor 92%


This is how psychological testing is done. In psychology there is no right or wrong answer, like there is no right or wrong answer in asking "what is your favorite color", haha. And in psychological each question is only two choices (true or false, A or B, yes or no), but these answers are evaluated in "sets" that produce various scores in a single quiz.

I believe these could be done without having to rewrite hardly any coding at all! Of course rewriting code is a pain and introduces new bugs and problems, but adding code as a new feature is, I believe, all this would require. Let me give you an example.

Let us say you have a quiz of 5 questions, and each question has TWO answers where one answer is marked as 'correct', and the other is not. BUT, it's not about being 'correct' or not, but by having only two answers this would utilize your current programming code to actually evaluate between multiple 'categories' because the answers are defined in sets...only at the end, through the power of grading 'sets', at the end of the quiz, using new code...not rewriting current code! To be clear, this would NOT work with three or more answers. It is using the power of two answers, true/false, etc. This is the beauty of this solution to create a new feature without a rewrite:

I will mark the 'correct' answer with a '+'. And because it will be graded on 'sets', many questions/answers do not affect a particular set:

(1) Which do you prefer:

[+] Power & knowledge

[-] Friendship


(2) Which do you prefer:

[+] A sunny day

[-] A rainy day


(3) Which do you prefer:

[+] Snakes

[-] Unicorns


(4) Which do you prefer:

[+] Helping others

[-] Glory & fame


(5) Would you rather:

[+] Work toward a common goal for the team

[-] Work on your own


And the Results would be evaluating, "Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?"

Slytherin (1,3)

Gryffendor (1,4)

Hufflepuff (2, 4, 5)


And the results could be in the form of a % or even a bar graph as well.

My understanding is that this would not require any sort of rewrite, only a new scoring routing, and would be very powerful, indeed!

In the above case it only adds up the correct answers...like a normal quiz, but only looks at certain questions to add up per category. This would work fine with more than two answers, like three answers or more, BUT an even more powerful implementation would be as follows.


Now this would **ONLY** work with two answers, because the goal would be not to have rewrite any code. If the scoring were like this:

Slytherin (1,3, !2, !4, !5) - added "not" 2, 4, 5

Gryffendor (1,4, !3)

Hufflepuff (2, 4, 5, !1)


So this more advanced true-false implementation also adds up the "not" scores to count toward that results category.

I am proposing that you create a new "True/False sets-based" quiz type where users can define categories that are scored based on adding up defined 'correct' and 'incorrect' answers to produce multiple scoring results. This is exactly how psychological testing is done to produce a variety of results, like asking person a 100 yes/no, true/false, A or B questions; and groups of those questions (all scattered together) produce results indicating their various personal characteristics.

The fact this would require no rewrite, like people requesting 'weighted' questions and such, is the power of this feature. The ability to add up "not" answers would be extra powerful (maybe for a future version), but would not even be needed initially to make this a powerful version.

Any of the magazine quizzes one might read are all based on this idea of "sets" creating different score rankings in different attributes.

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I will take in consideration for a revamp in 4.4 probably. But you are totally wrong when you say your idea isn’t a rewrite. What you post above will simply ignore everything the app makes today and, beyond add a new type of quiz, will introduce a brand new way of “calculate” the score. This is the most big rewrite idea so far. ?

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1 minute ago, Saurabh Jain said:

I am having one challenge....

5 members from same family plays the quiz ...

The first one will get lesser marks but will now know the questions

the others will score 100 in half of the time

If they're using same user, then there's nothing I can do. If they're using different users but one tell the other the replies, what do you expect me to do? 🙂

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