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  1. How do I adjust the size @Eudemon?
  2. ...is working for me. Thanks for quick response.
  3. It's the same here, themes are configured in settings, it works excacty for one time, then same behaviour. I deactivated it for now...
  4. We do it the same way, using the free version (--> minimal features) as a block on homepage, only visibile for members, at the lower area. User loves it. Nearly 350K messages in a few years, everyday round 200. I'm wondering if I should upgrade to Chatbox+, but for what reason?
  5. Is it or will it 4.5 compatible?
  6. With different paramater maybe. Basically they are the same plugins, but the system would recognise them as different. Just an idea.... Or maybe there is a different way to get it.
  7. I ask myself if is possible to apply different plugin settings to pages from different databases. For example I have two database and there is a different header-image for the pages of each database. Did some figured that out? Perhaps it is possible to install same plugin twice, like superdocs_blue and superdocs_red. Did someone tried this?
  8. I detected many untranslated phrases and thought about a efficient way to translate them on my own. The Google-translater quality increased over time, but it is laborious to c&p every single phrase between the the browser windows. Is there a better way, a tool maybe, to copy a phrase into clipboard, let it translate and paste directly into the form? How do you manage this if you run a non-english board? Thank you for any hints.
  9. @TAMAN Where do I switch to font-color of syntaxhighlighting when using the code button? For me it is currently dark font on dark backround.
  10. Got it. It is @eskaitershould be edited in the first post from you. Maybe helpful for other too
  11. For some reason this doesn't work for me. I put in place just as it was proposed by @eskaiter but in the end I have this on my page: Anyone has an idea? @TheSonicmaybe? This is how it was implemented: Regards, Stefan
    I use this app a long time and it is a great enhancement to my site. It is the best "please delete my account" - app here in marketplace and the best one you can buy. Full recommendation for this app and for @Makato as publisher, who is very helpful and supportive with any issues.
  12. What I received today first time via my "invisible reCAPTCHA" enabled contact form. Sick world ;-). Normally I receive one SPAM E-Mail per day on this way.
  13. Anyone created some nice Dashboards Kibana for IPS and Elasticsearch? How can we use Kibana to visualise some nice forum statistics. Did anyone figured this out?
  14. steel51


    Can we may have a cheater check? A routine which checks if the same person played the quiz with a different account (ip-check).
  15. steel51


    How do I change the backround color for quiz icons? I used transparent icons, backround is grey. Can I have the backround in white? Which css do I have to change? @Adriano Faria
  16. Write me a PN, I try to help, if I can.
  17. Hi Surendra, In the marketplace you find an application "advanced footer" from @TAMAN. With this application you can do everything, most likely also the footer above. But it take a little time to get everything settled. I did this for my own site last friday, and all in all it took some hours to get like I want to have it. I attached a screenshot below. The icons for social media are part of suite since 4.2? You can provide your sites in Admin-Center, and in the theme you choose wether they are displayed at the header or footer. Screenshot from my site with adavanced footer. Link to the application:
  18. It works definitly like that. Put in the amazon url into IPS system and it starts immediatly. Tested it on my own board.
    It is a very good addition to my website with a lot of fun to the members. The integration into IPS is nice, with interactions to the activity stream, notitications etc. I had 60 quiz plays from Friday to Monday for my first nerd level quiz --> https://bit.ly/2kwvmza I also did a German translation. You find it here in the marketplace. On fiverr you will find quizz creators. Take a look at https://www.fiverr.com/galinaitis She is doing great.
  19. steel51


    @Adriano Faria I had a good start with you modul on my site: https://www.fachinformatiker.de/quizzes/category/3-nerd-quiz/ 58 plays, 8 comments since Friday. But not reviews. Therefore a my propossal for a minor improvement. "Rate this Quiz" as phrase after you completed it. ?
  20. steel51


    @Adriano FariaI have an improvement proposal: Would be nice if we could an option to define a feedback dedicated to one quiz. And for other (standard) quizzes we can choose (standard) feedback. Also nice if we could have a grade title and grade description field Example Feedback for Nerd-quiz, Tip: If you are looking for high quality quizz questions, take a look at galinaitis on fiverr. She is great! My full recommendation... https://www.fiverr.com/galinaitis
  21. Version 1.0.2


    German language file / translation for Quizzes: - Initially created for version 1.3.4. (05/2018 - IPB 4.3.2). - May there are additional phrases in upcoming versions of this application
  22. steel51


    Anyone already translated the phrases to german language and may provide the xml here? Would be nice.
  23. @MattCan we have 4.3.3. as soon as possbile? Monday is a bank holiday in many european countries. We could use this day to set up everything finally regarding GDPR. Thanks for all your efforts!
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