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  1. With different paramater maybe. Basically they are the same plugins, but the system would recognise them as different. Just an idea.... Or maybe there is a different way to get it.
  2. I ask myself if is possible to apply different plugin settings to pages from different databases. For example I have two database and there is a different header-image for the pages of each database. Did some figured that out? Perhaps it is possible to install same plugin twice, like superdocs_blue and superdocs_red. Did someone tried this?
  3. @TAMAN Where do I switch to font-color of syntaxhighlighting when using the code button? For me it is currently dark font on dark backround.
    I use this app a long time and it is a great enhancement to my site. It is the best "please delete my account" - app here in marketplace and the best one you can buy. Full recommendation for this app and for @Makato as publisher, who is very helpful and supportive with any issues.
  4. What I received today first time via my "invisible reCAPTCHA" enabled contact form. Sick world ;-). Normally I receive one SPAM E-Mail per day on this way.
  5. Can we may have a cheater check? A routine which checks if the same person played the quiz with a different account (ip-check).
  6. How do I change the backround color for quiz icons? I used transparent icons, backround is grey. Can I have the backround in white? Which css do I have to change? @Adriano Faria
    It is a very good addition to my website with a lot of fun to the members. The integration into IPS is nice, with interactions to the activity stream, notitications etc. I had 60 quiz plays from Friday to Monday for my first nerd level quiz --> https://bit.ly/2kwvmza I also did a German translation. You find it here in the marketplace. On fiverr you will find quizz creators. Take a look at https://www.fiverr.com/galinaitis She is doing great.
  7. @Adriano Faria I had a good start with you modul on my site: https://www.fachinformatiker.de/quizzes/category/3-nerd-quiz/ 58 plays, 8 comments since Friday. But not reviews. Therefore a my propossal for a minor improvement. "Rate this Quiz" as phrase after you completed it. ?
  8. @Adriano FariaI have an improvement proposal: Would be nice if we could an option to define a feedback dedicated to one quiz. And for other (standard) quizzes we can choose (standard) feedback. Also nice if we could have a grade title and grade description field Example Feedback for Nerd-quiz, Tip: If you are looking for high quality quizz questions, take a look at galinaitis on fiverr. She is great! My full recommendation... https://www.fiverr.com/galinaitis
  9. Version 1.0.2


    German language file / translation for Quizzes: - Initially created for version 1.3.4. (05/2018 - IPB 4.3.2). - May there are additional phrases in upcoming versions of this application
  10. Anyone already translated the phrases to german language and may provide the xml here? Would be nice.
  11. @MattCan we have 4.3.3. as soon as possbile? Monday is a bank holiday in many european countries. We could use this day to set up everything finally regarding GDPR. Thanks for all your efforts!
  12. Whats about Article 8 GDPR, https://gdpr-info.eu/art-8-gdpr/ How do we take care about this? @Matt, @opentype@DReffects2 Any plans and / or opinions regarding that?
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