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  1. Disregard my previous post as well. It turns out that I had a word or words in the e-mail title, or body, which caused G-mail to block the incoming form mail completely. Not just send it to the user's spam box, but completely ban it! The offending word appears to have been "insurance." When I created a form without this keyword, the form mails went through just fine.
  2. I have a form which sends a form mail to a member of my community. The member has a Gmail address where the form mails are being sent. He recently reported that all form mails stopped coming in a few weeks ago. I looked into it and did some testing (in every way I could think of) and found that my forms system, for some reason, won't send a form mail to a Gmail address. I can send an e-mail successfully using my webmail system on my server, so the server's e-mail system is working properly. And, I can send a form mail to an e-mail address which is NOT a Gmail address. So the form system is sending e-mails. But when I use my own Gmail address for testing, or his Gmail address. no form mail is ever received. I have also checked the "blocked" settings on Gmail, on my test Gmail address. and no e-mail addresses are blocked. Nothing is going into the spam or trash folders. This is a total mystery to me why neither G-mail account is able to receive form mails. Why would Forms not work with a Gmail address for the recipient of the form mails?
  3. Sorry for this late reply, I had to fix several other problems as well, also I wanted to upgrade everything before I proceeded. No, I have "Confirm Email" set to "No confirmation email." What should the setting be? Yes. The setting is "use group permissions." When the e-mail, created by the form, arrives and I click the button to reply to it, nothing appears in the recipient address field. I also notice the body of the e-mail that has been created by the form looks like this: Name: Guest Email: Form: Contact Turkey Central Your Name: GuestEmail Address: paypalken@turkeycentral.comContact Message: test message Strangely there are gaps between each field, but the text of my test e-mail address and the title of the next field (Contact Message:) are running together with no space. For "Email" there is nothing, and "GuestEmail Address:" and the e-mail used to submit the form has been inserted into the "Your Name:" field. Could that indicate the problem?
  4. I have a form set up to go to both myself and a member of my team. I have it set so anyone can submit the form, including guests. I am having two issues with it: Guest's E-mail Address is not the Reply Address in the E-mail When a GUEST submits the form, the reply address in the resulting e-mail is the e-mail address of the admin, and NOT the e-mail address of the guest, even if the guest provides their e-mail address in the e-mail address in the form. Is there a way to make the form so that when a GUEST submits it, the reply address in the e-mail is that of the guest, as provided on the form? Captcha Not Displaying In the ACP --> Members --> Groups --> Guests --> Forms I have the settings for guests to NOT bypass Captcha, but on the forms Captcha is not displaying, even though it displays properly on my registration form. Is there something else I need to do for the forms to include Captcha?
  5. I'll send you a PM with the info.
  6. Is there a way to do it in the settings?
  7. I saw the photo, and that is how I have it set up, with a white background. And the text is also white (that is what I need to change). So if I understand correctly, Forms is set by default to display the text in white, and the only way it can be changed is by using custom CSS? And if someone chooses white as a background, the text will become invisible? I'm not trying to be snarky here, just thinking this might be an issue... I do know how to set up custom CSS... I was going to do that, but thought there might be a setting I didn't know about or maybe even a bug.
  8. What setting would I change to make the background of the form white, and the text black?
  9. Oh... I didn't see the setting for that. I had selected white as the background. I just now went into the text area and changed the font color to black. But that also made the links black. I would like to set it up so that the form acts like a topic or an article in Content, rather than having any colored background, and just have the text black. Is that possible?
  10. I'm having a problem with an existing form. The background of the form rules and the font are both white, so the form rules are unreadable. I am using the standard "out of the box" 4.3.6 version of Invision Community, and I have no custom CSS. How can I change the font in the form rules to make it black? The form I am talking about is here: https://www.turkeycentral.com/forms/5-turkey-expat-residence-permit-health-insurance/
  11. I have quizzes which require the questions to be in order. But when I submit them, they are being re-ordered. In the admin CP, Community --> Quizzes --> Settings --> Playing Quizzes, I have "Randomize quiz questions?" set to "off." But the question order is still being changed when I submit them. Just to show what is happening, I added numbers to the questions I am trying to submit. Questions one through five were in the correct order. But when I submitted question six, it jumped to the top. What can I do to submit questions in exact order and have them display in that same order?
  12. OK Great... One thing I forgot... if possible, could the options for states, counties, cities, etc (or provinces, districts, cities). be optionally added as a drop-down menu, as you have it in Company Directory? The provinces here in Turkey are very large. But the districts (counties) and cities and towns, etc... are finite, so I could add these to a drop-down list for users to choose from. Right now I have the cities and towns option as a text field. But the problem is that these cities and towns might be spelled in more than one way, for example, depending on whether the user has a Turkish keyboard or not. So if they could enter the town name, for example, as Kuşadası (correct Turkish spelling) or Kusadasi (the way the typical foreigner would spell it since they wouldn't have a Turkish keyboard) or even Kuşadasi or kusadası. When somebody searches for items for sale in Kuşadası, then items for sale in that town, if it was spelled another way, would not be displayed. A drop-down option, instead of a text field, for this would prevent that problem.
  13. Can you explain in more detail how you saw it? For example, I have the system set up so it can accept Turkish Lira, Euros, and GB Pounds (in that order). Turkish Lira is default. I have a customer who is selling her house. She wants to be paid in Euros. So she only entered the amount in Euros. She left Turkish Lira and GB Pounds empty. When the advertisement displays, it shows the amount in Turkish Lira (which is empty, it displays nothing). So no price is displayed at all. The user must click on the tabs for Euros and GB Pounds to see if there is any price listed there. When they click on Euros, they see the price. But only if they click on it. So what I am asking is, If there are three possible currencies available, and the user only enters an amount in one of them (which is not the default or first currency, can the system be set up so it shows the first currency amount that is entered? Like if the first currency (Turkish Lira) is empty, it will go to the next, and the next, currency until it finds a number entered? And then display that amount in that currency? I hope that is not confusing! :)
  14. I'm asking these questions because of a customer request. 1. Is there a way to make a specific photo the cover photo which shows on the listings page? 2. Is there a way to control which photo shows in the sidebar hook? 3. And also a way to "center" the photo in the sidebar hook? Currently it is floating to the left with a large space on the right. And a request from me... When users are filling out the form, they then see the attachment option on the description input interface and upload their photos there. This leaves no photos in the photo carousel, and a long list of photos in the description. This is because they are not noticing the tab to add photos at the top, because it is not in line with how they usually fill out a form. So later I have to download the photos, then re-upload them to the photo carousel. 4. Can you move the photo uploads to the main page of the form? Preferably above the description input area? That way the users will be sure to upload the photos to the proper place and not add them in the description. Also, here in Turkey, the foreign community (my audience) uses Turkish Lira, Euros, and GB Pounds. I have Turkish Lira set as the top currency, so the price in Turkish Lira is the one which displays, with the option to view the price in Euros or GB Pounds. However, if the user only enters a price in Euros, or only in Pounds, no price displays unless the user thinks to click on the option for Euros or Pounds. I know this is a Nexus thing, but 5. Is there a way to display the price if the user only wants to sell the item in one currency which is not the primary currency?
  15. I've been with you from the beginning, and am still very happy that I chose Invision Power. Because you always stay ahead of the competition, I always stay ahead of the competition!
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