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  1. Is the Forum Archive feature enabled or are you using the topic synchronications in a pages database ? If yes, please rebuild your search index ( acp > system> search) which should resolve your issue. both bugs will be fixed in 4.1 If it didn't resolve your issue, please submit a ticket for further investigations.
  2. To be honest, i hadn't time to check anything except the lang.xml file. I only verified that you changed the lang key
  3. Pages and Commerce have also hooks, so if you use one of this app, the file would have some content.
  4. It was encrypted because of security reasons. Since it is a txt file, everybody could access it via the web if you don't disallow the access via htaccess But this will be changed in IPS 4.1. The hooks.txt was renamed to hooks.php and it won't be encrypted anymore.
  5. There's some code missing in your 2x2 category template "recordRow" template src="{file="$record-> should be src="{file="$record->record_image" extension="cms_Records"}"> also your record template is wrong <img class="ipsImage" src="{$record->record_image}"> should be <img class="ipsImage" src="{file="$record->record_image" extension="cms_Records"}">
  6. Yes he fixed it, but you had still the old lang strings in your database. I have removed the old strings and reinstalled the new version, pls check your ticket:) @-RAW- i hope it's ok that i downloaded your app to check the lang strings?;)
  7. Yes. The content needs to be visible, because e.g. services like Facebook (which will visit the page as guest) need to be able to view the page to create the preview
  8. The Share buttons are only visible in topics which are visible to guests. It seems that you changed the permissions of your forum this weekend, because your whole page requires now to be logged in.
  9. You can't add multiple addresses to this field
  10. This would require a plugin Sorry, i was wrong. There's a setting for this! You can set the posts per page in your ACP => Community => Forums => Settings => Posts per page (What a shame, i have forgotten that i implemented this a while ago:D )
  11. This error means that no space is left on your hard disk.
  12. Will this also support inviting facebook, twitter, etc... friends?
  13. You can use the Request Object to access this \IPS\Request::i()->test
  14. Yes, you can set only 1 Application as the default one. This will be then the landing page. Each app can have several modules. And you can set for each app 1 module as the default one. This will then be loaded when you visit the app, e.g. the gallery and albums list from the gallery https://community.invisionpower.com/gallery/ or the month view from the calendar app https://community.invisionpower.com/calendar/
  15. You could try to contact @ipsrocks . This could be solved as widget/page block and he said in https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/419589-additional-widgets-and-dashboard-blocks/ :D
  16. Yes, your redirect works, but he doesn't want a redirect. He want to show the form on his landingpage.
  17. It's not possible... (it is possible but requires custom coding.. You'll have to call IPS\core\modules\front\system::buildRegistrationForm to get the form(or c&p it to your own page) then you'll have to customize the form action to change the url... and soo on...)
  18. Yea, we had several tickets from hostgator clients in the last weeks with this issue. Hostgator is using mod_security, which is blocking the requests, so instead of returning the embedded youtube code, the server returns a 403 forbidden response. So if you're having this issue, please ask your host if they're using mod_security and if yes, if they could deactivate the rule which is blocking the index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=editor&do=validateLink&url=xxxxx requests
  19. You can manage this via the module permissions. To set the permissions, visit in your ACP the System => Applications page. Then click on the "System" Application to get all the modules
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