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  1. Windows or Mac?

    VMWare not perfect. Videocard emulation.. br. Better to use bootcamp or refit, if need 3 or more systems. For real life I have only one good decision. I dont sell or throw old comps. Have more 10. First Packard Bell from 1985, not sure. Last iMac from last Christmas.
  2. Windows or Mac?

    Apple vs All world? iMac good choice. But its not so good as 8 years ago. Apple going down now (( Better save you good old comp. It will work next 10 years. Another story if you need FullHD or modern games, Photoshop...
  3. Windows or Mac?

    You selecting OS or computer? Windows work on Mac last 10 years... MacOs free for Apple devises. If you don't use Photoshop, Ubuntu good choice.