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  1. Do you see any js errors in the browser console? If yes, try to run the support tools in your acp ( ACP => System => Support Tools) If they don't fix it, submit a ticket please.
  2. He's talking about moderated content. It doesn't matter if it is a guest or a member, once you post something what needs to approved, you'll see the "no perm to view this" errormessage, which can be quite confusing. I agree, that itwould be user friendlier if the content creator would get a more informative message.
  3. community.invisionpower.com/4docs/knowledgebase/402-advertisements-show-in-wrong-locations-in-402-r113/
  4. You can't separate them. The phrases in IPS4 are global, you can use them in the front and backend.
  5. Thats interesting Could you please submit a ticket for further investigation?
  6. The plugin was fixed but won't correct the broken databases. @sijad any chance that you could include into a cleanup step into your plugin?
  7. Is this a custom style? The templates were changed in 4.0.2, so you'll probably need to fix this in your style.
  8. You could install following plugin http://ckeditor.com/addon/table to get tables for the editor
  9. It's a modpermission. ACP => Members => Moderators
  10. You can only leave it, you can't delete it. Once all participants left, the system will delete it automatically.
  11. Update reinstalled? May i ask what you exactly mean with this, because you can't run a upgrade 2 times. Have you probably forgotten to run the upgrade script once you uploaded all files? This would describe your error, because we added a new database table in 4.0.1. So if you use the 4.0.1 files with the 4.0.0 database structure, you'll get this error....
  12. Could you please submit a ticket. I'd like to take a look at this. I've located yesterday a really "interesting bug" in combination the pages app, which is responsible for the many broken admin profiles.
  13. You can manage them from the frontend:) You should see a small arrow icon on the left side, which will open the block manager. http://screencast.com/t/NBqDyTWFFZ8t
  14. Are you probably talking about a bookmark feature?
  15. You could use the acp live search:) http://screencast.com/t/bIICMK5jsnb
  16. The notice will be removed automatically, once you resend the test email
  17. ​Yes, this option will add only 1 additional link to your navigation. You could use the Pages App or a plugin to add more additional links to the navigation.
  18. Plugins can also manipulate the database ( via install.php and uninstall.php)
  19. I love ips4 because of the autoloader - hooks -extension combination. This makes it really a powerful system with almost no limitations. In theory you can change & customize whatever you want with this. Removing this ability would make many plugins impossible, but it wouldn't stop (bad) coders to destroy your forum.
  20. Couldn't you create a hook to override the Application::extensions class to add your own extensions?:) But i agree, it would be nice if plugins would be more powerful, ATM they can't include extensions, emails and some other stuff... I've already created some internal suggestions
  21. Does your ACP work? If yes, could you take a look at the system log (ACP => system => support) If not, pls submit a ticket with the ftp & ACP login details to be able to investigate
  22. Yes there is one:) http://community.invisionpower.com/contact/
  23. Take a look at the \IPS\Db Class The most important methods are /** * Run INSERT statement and return insert ID * * @see <a href='http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/insert.html'>INSERT Syntax</a> * @param string $table Table name * @param array|\IPS\Db\Select $set Values to insert or array of values to set for multiple rows (NB, if providing multiple rows, they MUST all contain the same columns) or a statement to do INSERT INTO SELECT FROM * @param bool $odkUpdate Append an ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE clause to the query. Similar to the replace() method but updates if a record is found, instead of delete and reinsert. * @see \IPS\Db::replace() * @return int * @throws \IPS\Db\Exception */ public function insert( $table, $set, $odkUpdate=FALSE ) /** * Build SELECT statement * * @param array|string $columns The columns (as an array) to select or an expression * @param array|string $table The table to select from. Either (string) table_name or (array) ( name, alias ) or \IPS\Db\Select object * @param array|string|NULL $where WHERE clause (see example) * @param string|NULL $order ORDER BY clause * @param array|int $limit Rows to fetch or array( offset, limit ) * @param string|NULL|array $group Column(s) to GROUP BY * @param array|string|NULL $having HAVING clause (same format as WHERE clause) * @param int $flags Bitwise flags * @li \IPS\Db::SELECT_DISTINCT Will use SELECT DISTINCT * @li \IPS\Db::SELECT_SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS Will add SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS * @li \IPS\Db::SELECT_MULTIDIMENSIONAL_JOINS Will return the result as a multidimensional array, with each joined table separately * @return \IPS\Db\Select * */ public function select( $columns=NULL, $table, $where=NULL, $order=NULL, $limit=NULL, $group=NULL, $having=NULL, $flags=0 ) /** * Run UPDATE statement and return number of affected rows * * @see \IPS\Db::build * @see <a href='http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/update.html'>UPDATE Syntax</a> * @param string|array $table Table Name, or array( Table Name => Identifier ) * @param string|array $set Values to set (keys should be the table columns) or pre-formatted SET clause or \IPS\Db\Select object * @param mixed $where WHERE clause (see \IPS\Db::build for details) * @param array $joins Tables to join (see \IPS\Db::build for details) * @param int|array|null $limit LIMIT clause (see \IPS\Db::build for details) * @param int $flags Bitwise flags * @li \IPS\Db::LOW_PRIORITY Will use LOW_PRIORITY * @li \IPS\Db::IGNORE Will use IGNORE * @return int * @throws \IPS\Db\Exception */ public function update( $table, $set, $where='', $joins=array(), $limit=NULL, $flags=0 ) /** * Run DELETE statement and return number of affected rows * * @see \IPS\Db::build * @see <a href='http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/delete.html'>DELETE Syntax</a> * @param string $table Table Name * @param string|array|\IPS\Db\Statement|null $where WHERE clause (see \IPS\Db::build for details) * @param string|null $order ORDER BY clause (see \IPS\Db::build for details) * @param int|array|null $limit LIMIT clause (see \IPS\Db::build for details) * @param string|null $statementColumn If \IPS\Db\Statement is passed, this is the name of the column that results are being loaded from * @return \IPS\Db\Statement * @throws \IPS\Db\Exception */ public function delete( $table, $where=NULL, $order=NULL, $limit=NULL, $statementColumn=NULL )
  24. ​Yes, it's that simple:) You can also click on the lock icon to disable it on a per usergroup basis
  25. Any erros in your php error log?:) If not, pls submit a ticket IF your dev page is accessible via internet(but really online if it is accessible, can't help without access:D ? I'd like to take a look at this:)
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