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  1. Yes, it will be included in the next release
  2. https://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/knowledgebase/40121-updatecheck-error-r169/ :)
  3. please submit a ticket You could use the QUERY_LOG constant To enable the query log.
  4. I would suggest to ask this the tapatalk support;)
  5. You could add #elProfileHeader { height: 300px; }to your custom.css template. But this would change it global for every profile. If you want to let your members choose the height, you'll need a plugin,
  6. Please submit a ticket for further investigations.
  7. That's not possible with the current version. You'll need a plugin for this.
  8. You can create a new theme and make it only available to administrators, so nobody won't notice it in the frontend. And in the backend you'll be able to use it via the theme chooser
  9. Couldn't you use only body[data-pageapp=forums]as selector?
  10. Please submit a ticket for further investigations.
  11. Are you using The Patchfiles from https://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/knowledgebase/40102-post-widget-brokencausing-sql-errors-r154/ are only for the version
  12. Also keep in mind, that if you use the guest page cache, that guest views won't count!
  13. Are you doing something with the member object? we had many tickets with the same issue, which was caused by siads instant information plugin.
  14. Could you please submit a ticket.? I'd like to take a look at this
  15. Please submit a ticket and we'll take care of this:)
  16. Are the background processes still running or have they finished? If they're still running, I would suggest to activate the cron feature ( ACP => System => Advanced Configuration ) which will speed this up
  17. I would suggest to submit a ticket if it is still gone
  18. There was a bug in in previous version which resulted in a huge cache table. I would suggest to upgrade to
  19. Nah, it was COOKIE_PATH as described in https://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/administration/pages/using-pages-under-your-community-root-r100/ Too many people miss the last part of the article:(
  20. Are they now able to post or not? You've said that they are:D It is because of the cache. The cached page will be returned to guests, before the ban check happens.
  21. Yea, this was changed for the next release. We have removed the ability to edit a record from wiki style databases for guests.
  22. ​You can find this in your ACP => System => Login Handlers
  23. Thats probably an issue with the database connection. Verify that the SQL credentials in the conf_ file are correct and that the db server is running
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