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  1. As i said in the ticket, this is a bug, which was resolved in 4.1 if you don't want / can't upgrade, open applications/core/modules/front/search/search.php search for if ( isset( \IPS\Request::i()->$key ) ) replace it with if ( isset( \IPS\Request::i()->$key ) AND \IPS\Request::i()->$key != 'any' ) (this should be line 114)
  2. Please check your folder permissions. Another common issue here is, that the applications folder is set to 777. If this is the case for you, please change it to 755.
  3. That's caused by your custom theme! I would suggest to contact the designer to make it compatible with 4.1
  4. It seems that one of your applications isn't compatible with 4.1
  5. No, RFD feeds won't work ( http://www.w3schools.com/xml/xml_rdf.asp )
  6. Yes, you have to redownload the package. You don#t have to reupload everything. It will also work if you reupload only the applications/nexus directory to your ftp. Once the upload finished, go to your ACP => System => Applications, where "Commerce" should be shown in the " Applications not currently installed" area
  7. This is handled via the core.front.core.instantNotifications js controller
  8. @Mike John couldn't you hook IPS\Member::save and run your code there if member_group_id or mgroup_others changed?
  9. I'm not aware of a way to remove only the topic title but You could disable the friendly urls, which would remove all the titles.
  10. The functionality is already here, but called hide and not soft delete;) you could change the langstring to soft delete if you prefer this term;)
  11. Are you using mod_security? We had several tickets, where this issue was caused by mod security. If not, pls try to run the support tools in your acp. If it still doesn't work, submit a ticket.
  12. I think he included the css and js files into a static file and compared the speed...
  13. Is the Forum Archive feature enabled or are you using the topic synchronications in a pages database ? If yes, please rebuild your search index ( acp > system> search) which should resolve your issue. both bugs will be fixed in 4.1 If it didn't resolve your issue, please submit a ticket for further investigations.
  14. To be honest, i hadn't time to check anything except the lang.xml file. I only verified that you changed the lang key
  15. Pages and Commerce have also hooks, so if you use one of this app, the file would have some content.
  16. It was encrypted because of security reasons. Since it is a txt file, everybody could access it via the web if you don't disallow the access via htaccess But this will be changed in IPS 4.1. The hooks.txt was renamed to hooks.php and it won't be encrypted anymore.
  17. There's some code missing in your 2x2 category template "recordRow" template src="{file="$record-> should be src="{file="$record->record_image" extension="cms_Records"}"> also your record template is wrong <img class="ipsImage" src="{$record->record_image}"> should be <img class="ipsImage" src="{file="$record->record_image" extension="cms_Records"}">
  18. Yes he fixed it, but you had still the old lang strings in your database. I have removed the old strings and reinstalled the new version, pls check your ticket:) @-RAW- i hope it's ok that i downloaded your app to check the lang strings?;)
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