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  1. There are a couple of submissions in this forum that touch on this, but I want to address copying ACP settings configurations in its entirety ... a comprehensive XML export / import tool that is available in previous versions and competitor software but not the latest version of IPS. There's something for Themes, but little else is available. The manual labor of upgrading is pretty unnecessary given the lack of this simple solution. Rationale Would allow the admin to export every ACP setting and configuration (some may need to be separate import/export utilities, due to storage diff
  2. Here's the thing though ... he is correct. One should not need to 'disable' a feature that is technically not compliant with the new world order, nor should one need to be polite about sharing the frustration of the experience described. Jan was venting in frustration, and it wound up prospectively solving the problem. Thus, indeed it was "smart feedback". I for one am quite tired of those "in the know" replying to valid queries in an ambiguous manner and with an air of superiority to boot. I have to agree with @Jan Krohn and @desti ^ Either fix this issue or prominently warn cl
  3. I'm looking for a plugin to allow XML backup of my ACP settings along with an import feature ... somehow this is missing from IPS4 and this package as far as I can tell. I posted about doing this manually, but no bites. Am I the only person that sees any value here?
  4. "This file is not currently available for purchase" ... I assume it's because you have indicated that you will no longer support IPS upgrades moving forward?
  5. I guess I assumed that my credit card would be billed automatically each year on the due date ... just one more subscription I need to prevent from billing me recurrently. If that is not the case, then I guess I wonder what the point is. I can't imagine you won't answer questions on this forum, regardless if you get them from someone who has renewed or not. Either way, you do good work, and the extension is worth $42 (to me if not my other site admins), but I might wait until this version matures and gets any potential bugs worked out though larger community use as IP v4 matures. Thanks
  6. Your capitalistic prerogative, but ... You are going to lose at least one customer with unreasonable pricing like this ... and subscription-based to boot ... and I cannot even try before I buy ... and it 'feels' to me like you are counting on current-user dependency on your plugin to get them past the inner conflict of justifying the subscription-based pricing. This is price gouging in my book. You really think that this software is as essential as antivirus protection? You are pricing it like that. This extension is a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have (unless you are counting on existing custo
  7. Do you have any tips for us moving to 4.0? We are really tired of dealing with some of the bugs in 3.4.x and plan on switching immediately after release of first stable 4.0. We are concerned about the AT&P data and how to manage that by either saving the data or tables somehow or by moving it into IPB's new tables (I assume there will be new tables to accommodate the new tag functionality). I assume that you will be building a conversion utility for your next release, but assuming also that release of stable AT&P for IPB 4.0 may lag by weeks or months.
  8. Hi Ryan, Any plans for IPB4, given their proposed tagging enhancements? My guess is that they will still leave some voids to be filled in terms of AT&P functionality, but I am not sure. I am hoping that you know much more about that development than me and that you are either planning to support your current users in moving to IPB4 from IPB3.4.x with AT&P, or that you are not but can offer some advice for doing so. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the info. Any improvement will be very welcome.
  10. Problem resolved in 4.0 then. thanks!
  11. How about a response to my previous ... ? TIA
  12. Indeed. Warning removal is a no-brainer option that your free competitors like MyBB include. Their warning system is far superior to IPB's. Simpling issuing a warning in IPB is convoluted as can be, much less removing it. A plugin is available, but i am not paying for a simple feature that should be included in the core software. Please fix this system (see your competitors for viable solutions).
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