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  1. "This file is not currently available for purchase" ... I assume it's because you have indicated that you will no longer support IPS upgrades moving forward?
  2. I guess I assumed that my credit card would be billed automatically each year on the due date ... just one more subscription I need to prevent from billing me recurrently. If that is not the case, then I guess I wonder what the point is. I can't imagine you won't answer questions on this forum, regardless if you get them from someone who has renewed or not. Either way, you do good work, and the extension is worth $42 (to me if not my other site admins), but I might wait until this version matures and gets any potential bugs worked out though larger community use as IP v4 matures. Thanks
  3. Your capitalistic prerogative, but ... You are going to lose at least one customer with unreasonable pricing like this ... and subscription-based to boot ... and I cannot even try before I buy ... and it 'feels' to me like you are counting on current-user dependency on your plugin to get them past the inner conflict of justifying the subscription-based pricing. This is price gouging in my book. You really think that this software is as essential as antivirus protection? You are pricing it like that. This extension is a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have (unless you are counting on existing customers not being able to live without it). It's a plugin. A good one, but still ... I use your extension in v3, and it works quite well (with some minor issues/limitations). When I move to IPB v4, I will happily return as a paying customer if you ever decide to price your extension more reasonably. You want 42 bucks? Fine. It hurts, but fine. You want $14/year? No way! I will learn to live without this one under the current conditions. :/ PS: Price increase increases likelihood of piracy, especially when people think the price is unreasonable. IMO, you are effectively making it more of a target for piracy with subscription-based pricing.
  4. Do you have any tips for us moving to 4.0? We are really tired of dealing with some of the bugs in 3.4.x and plan on switching immediately after release of first stable 4.0. We are concerned about the AT&P data and how to manage that by either saving the data or tables somehow or by moving it into IPB's new tables (I assume there will be new tables to accommodate the new tag functionality). I assume that you will be building a conversion utility for your next release, but assuming also that release of stable AT&P for IPB 4.0 may lag by weeks or months.
  5. Hi Ryan, Any plans for IPB4, given their proposed tagging enhancements? My guess is that they will still leave some voids to be filled in terms of AT&P functionality, but I am not sure. I am hoping that you know much more about that development than me and that you are either planning to support your current users in moving to IPB4 from IPB3.4.x with AT&P, or that you are not but can offer some advice for doing so. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info. Any improvement will be very welcome.
  7. How about a response to my previous ... ? TIA
  8. Indeed. Warning removal is a no-brainer option that your free competitors like MyBB include. Their warning system is far superior to IPB's. Simpling issuing a warning in IPB is convoluted as can be, much less removing it. A plugin is available, but i am not paying for a simple feature that should be included in the core software. Please fix this system (see your competitors for viable solutions).
  9. All I have to say is that this thread should not even exist. The warning system in IPB is ridiculously limited, and free alternatives are far more evolved in this area. Restoring a member to a warning status that preceded an accidental warning is unbelievably convoluted and incomplete. I have spent 30 minutes looking for a solution only to find a pay-for plugin that does what the software should do inherently. That is nonsense. how can I expect my moderators to use this warning system? The answer is that I cannot really. This is an admin-maintenance nightmare.
  10. Great mod ... I bought it ;) The only feature that is still needed in the IPB tagging system that this mod may be able to augment: Search/filter by tag or tag combinations with AND functionality by forum IMO, the most powerful aspect of topic tags is the ability to use that metadata to filter one's search results. For example, I have some tags used within a particular forum (or even across forums) ... lets call them tag1, tag2, and tag3. In the present IPB system, I can click on tag1 and get a nice list of all topics using tag1. Very nice, very expected. However, I cannot search or filter by forum tag in the following ways: search by tag ONLY within a specific forum search by tag1 AND tag2 AND tag3, displaying only topics having ALL tags Tags are meta-topic data, but their use as such is bafflingly limited. I should be able to enter terms in the top search bar (or AT&P custom search bar) either separated by commas, '+', '!' or whatever and have an option to select 'tags (this forum)' or 'tags (all forums)' in addition to 'this forum' or 'all forums' (the latter search all terms, and there is no tag-only specification). I know that one can use Advanced Search and search for multiple tags, but the multiples (must be separated by commas) use 'OR' implicitly. There is no 'AND' functionality. Furthermore, there is no way to click on a single tag and then search that result subset explicitly for a second tag (clunky AND functionality). If you could help to add this missing "no-brainer" functionality, the tag system could be drastically enhanced as a meta-info search system. This plugin already drastically enhances the IPB tagging system, but the added tag-meta-filter functionality is sorely missing still. thanks for the great work!
  11. Agree emphatically with the OP. Too many features of IPB (that are standard offerings of other free boards software) are only accessible via community plug-ins. Plug-ins are just bad from a maintenance standpoint. Start taking note of the popularity of certain plugins and community feedback and begin integrating these features please. Certain features should be bundled with IPB, and this is one of them : EDIT: Could the OP-er please add a poll to present IPS admin with a better account of the desirability of this feature?
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