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  1. z929669

    Radical Tags

    Hey @Makoto, Thanks for providing the 4.4-compliant version for me. Will you still be able to fix the "copy settings" functionality in the ACP for this app? We have hundreds of forums requiring various combinations of styled tags and prefixes. Without this function, it would take hundreds of hours adding it all, and it would no doubt be inconsistent. I'm dead in the water without this functionality. Also, there seems to be no permissions for restricting use of prefixes independent of tags and neither can be restricted to use by specific groups ... unless I'm missing something?
  2. z929669

    Radical Tags

    I would absolutely LOVE the 4.4 version please. No refund necessary if that's the case! I will upgrade to 4.5 eventually, but 4.4 will be just fine if Radical Tags for that version has all of the most meaningful features. Can you PM me a link?
  3. z929669

    Radical Tags

    Thanks for confirming ... I suspected. It looks like we are changing our entire maintenance strategy and forum structure when we move, so I think it works out fine to start from scratch. Will purchase shortly and get back with Qs and feedback if I have any. Thanks again! EDIT: Just purchased and am only seeing a web install option through my ACP. Is it possible for me to obtain the installation package outside of the IPS web install? I prefer to extract the files manually for the upgrade if possible. I need to install this on both my prod and dev instances, so not sure how that is going to work with their licensing scheme. I do not want to have this active in only a single env. EDIT2: I just found that IPS in all of their wisdom made theme-breaking changes to 4.5.x ... why?!?!? I assume that you do not have a 4.4.x compatible version of Radical tags? Any advice on reverting the latest theme-breaking changes? looks like they changed to header elements and added their own themes to the ACP. Anyway, I will not be able to use this plugin until I put in the hundreds of hours required to revert all of their unnecessary layout changes, so I will need a refund and will re-purchase if I ever upgrade IPS again. If you do know how to reapply the 4.4 friendly and CSS-backward-compatible layouts to 4.5, I'd pay you or anyone else for such services. I just don't have the time to troubleshoot it all myself 😞
  4. z929669

    Radical Tags

    I'm finally upgrading my forums from 3.4.6 to We have used AT&P extensively, but will need to disable and remove it prior to upgrade. Does this solution consider existing AT&P DB data and convert it, or will I need to rebuild from the ground up under this solution?
  5. There are a couple of submissions in this forum that touch on this, but I want to address copying ACP settings configurations in its entirety ... a comprehensive XML export / import tool that is available in previous versions and competitor software but not the latest version of IPS. There's something for Themes, but little else is available. The manual labor of upgrading is pretty unnecessary given the lack of this simple solution. Rationale Would allow the admin to export every ACP setting and configuration (some may need to be separate import/export utilities, due to storage diffs, e.g., Menu Manager) Would allow import into another instance Restore settings after messing something up and forgetting how it happened Easily copy settings from TESTINSTALL instance after an upgrade Pretty fundamental IMO, so I hope this gets addressed soon. Thanks
  6. Here's the thing though ... he is correct. One should not need to 'disable' a feature that is technically not compliant with the new world order, nor should one need to be polite about sharing the frustration of the experience described. Jan was venting in frustration, and it wound up prospectively solving the problem. Thus, indeed it was "smart feedback". I for one am quite tired of those "in the know" replying to valid queries in an ambiguous manner and with an air of superiority to boot. I have to agree with @Jan Krohn and @desti ^ Either fix this issue or prominently warn clients so that they can avoid legal non-compliance --and responsibility for which the 'smart' client would ultimately place onto IPS
  7. It's a shame, but it is what it is. Can you or I add formally as a feature request, or is that process just informal via forum post? Thanks for the suggestions. I will probably do #1, but that may require an effective production downgrade and re-upgrade in some situations down the road. Very doable though if the software and license policy will let me do that. EDIT: actually, I will try to update some individual tables controlling the ACP and post back results.
  8. I'm looking for a plugin to allow XML backup of my ACP settings along with an import feature ... somehow this is missing from IPS4 and this package as far as I can tell. I posted about doing this manually, but no bites. Am I the only person that sees any value here?
  9. I have a TESTINSTALL instance of IPS 4.x.x Forums upgraded from my previous IPB 3.4.6 forums and have made many changes to the ACP in terms of almost every setting, including building out new forums labels/structure/mods/perms, Menu Manager, etc. I will be upgrading my production IPB3 instance soon and want to overwrite my ACP settings from TESTINSTALL if possible to avoid the repeat work. Using UPDATE on the core_sys_conf_settings table seems obvious and relatively risk-free ... any gotchas here? What about other settings that likely require additional tables and meta-info like Menu Manager, Forum labels/structure, Member-Forum-Mod perms, Block config, etc? Perhaps it is safer to manually handle all of this, but wondering if anyone has devised a best practice(s) for this piece. Thanks in advance. ------ Edit: The following can possibly be updated using UPDATE ... SET from other instance core_sys_conf_settings core_menu
  10. @beats23 No resolution yet, sorry. I will post back if I do though
  11. "This file is not currently available for purchase" ... I assume it's because you have indicated that you will no longer support IPS upgrades moving forward?
  12. So no way at all to obtain this now?
  13. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I was able to download and install a Webstorm trial, which should be similar to PHPstorm and RubyMine. Next question: I'd like to work on my test server files directly by syncing to a remote folder rather than download and upload in bulk to test each small change. I've been finding that this is not so easy for some reason, but it makes perfect sense to me and shouldn't require that I configure a bunch of other software to facilitate (i.e., hack). I'd rather not set up a local server or create a Git to sync with my IDE and my server, as that will take more time and pain to configure than just getting into the theme directly without the IDE. Any thoughts?
  14. Thanks ... yes. 4.10 is listed in Credits.txt as well, so I'm not sure why the Enhanced Images plugin isn't working with respect to that version ... and I've confirmed that "ckeditor_extraPlugins":"youtube, images2", breaks everything, and "ckeditor_extraPlugins":"youtube", fixes. The "Add Button" installer deposits the files into plugins and modifies /datastore/settings.dfb3467fc1.php but the editor breaks due to that single bit of code. EDIT: but the images2 plugin install does not add anything to *.json files in /applications/core/interface/ckeditor/ckeditor/plugins ... and the Youtube plugin does.
  15. Thanks @Aiwa I am using jetbrains for RoR stuff as well and wasn't sure if there was a better 'free' option. But I will check it out.
  16. Can anyone recommend an open source IDE that works well for theming IPS? I want to work directly on my "Designer's Mode" files on my test server. I'd rather not work on the files directly, but that's what I will be doing if I can't find a free (or cheap) IDE that will allow me to connect to my server env and modify files directly via remote IDE. Thanks in advance
  17. Yes, mine want's 4.10, and that's what I tried for the Ehnahced Images plugin to no avail:
  18. I have played around a bit with customizing the editor layout using the default plugins provided by IPS. The list is fairly extensive, but I still need a couple of functions not provided by default (YouTube embed and Image manipulation). I was able to download and "Add Button" for YouTube plugin, and it worked flawlessly. However, "Enhanced Images" (image2) broke the editor and the forums by proxy. I tried installing the two latest versions (one for CKeditor v 4.10 and the other for 4.11) to no avail. It was easy enough to fix the editor by removing ",images2" from "ckeditor_extraPlugins":"youtube", inside of /datastore/settings.dfb3467fc1.php ... but it would be nice to know what to look for in available add-on plugins in order to determine if they are compatible. Anybody have any rules of thumb to distinguish what won't work with the IPS implementation? PS: I also need an inline code (<>) format tool so that I can format as code small snippets and file paths without using an entire block as you can see above in this post (very wasteful of horizontal space for a single line of code). For example, from my wiki:
  19. Thanks @Pete T ... I will check out that Advanced Theming guide, and yes, I was planning on using the @font-face css method you posted via custom.css.
  20. Ahh, OK. I just stumbled across custom.css the other day ... haven't found any good references to customization in the doc, so I will scour these forums more in the future. I will assume that custom.css takes priority where there are conflicts in the system templates (like Mediawiki paradigm, fe). Thanks for your response. PS: I'm a IPS 4 n00b ... been on IPS 3.4.2 since 2014 and finally upgrading. Lots of theming UI work to do, so I will be lurking here often I suspect
  21. The IPS AdminCP infers that I can use Google Fonts or @font-face to use a custom font not available in IPS natively; however, I am unable to determine if the custom font can be injected into the software in a seamless way (i.e., added to the list of available fonts shown below?): I see that @font-face is in injected via css according to these choices and understand that 'default' will use the font as defined in the native css (i.e., HelveticaNeue), but I cannot see the stylesheets so assume that is all in the DB. How should I inject my custom font installed locally on the server using @font-face css? I can load my custom css by editing the global template header, but it does not load on all pages, and it also has no impact. I haven't found any clues on the forums of Google with respect to IPS 4, so I'm hoping to get answers on how to do this properly in a 'good' way that the IPS software expects. Thanks
  22. I guess I assumed that my credit card would be billed automatically each year on the due date ... just one more subscription I need to prevent from billing me recurrently. If that is not the case, then I guess I wonder what the point is. I can't imagine you won't answer questions on this forum, regardless if you get them from someone who has renewed or not. Either way, you do good work, and the extension is worth $42 (to me if not my other site admins), but I might wait until this version matures and gets any potential bugs worked out though larger community use as IP v4 matures. Thanks
  23. Your capitalistic prerogative, but ... You are going to lose at least one customer with unreasonable pricing like this ... and subscription-based to boot ... and I cannot even try before I buy ... and it 'feels' to me like you are counting on current-user dependency on your plugin to get them past the inner conflict of justifying the subscription-based pricing. This is price gouging in my book. You really think that this software is as essential as antivirus protection? You are pricing it like that. This extension is a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have (unless you are counting on existing customers not being able to live without it). It's a plugin. A good one, but still ... I use your extension in v3, and it works quite well (with some minor issues/limitations). When I move to IPB v4, I will happily return as a paying customer if you ever decide to price your extension more reasonably. You want 42 bucks? Fine. It hurts, but fine. You want $14/year? No way! I will learn to live without this one under the current conditions. :/ PS: Price increase increases likelihood of piracy, especially when people think the price is unreasonable. IMO, you are effectively making it more of a target for piracy with subscription-based pricing.
  24. Do you have any tips for us moving to 4.0? We are really tired of dealing with some of the bugs in 3.4.x and plan on switching immediately after release of first stable 4.0. We are concerned about the AT&P data and how to manage that by either saving the data or tables somehow or by moving it into IPB's new tables (I assume there will be new tables to accommodate the new tag functionality). I assume that you will be building a conversion utility for your next release, but assuming also that release of stable AT&P for IPB 4.0 may lag by weeks or months.
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